Evil Goku

By: Son Bianca

Chapter five: Vegeta Kidnapped and love?!

"Oh, that's just grate; now we have an evil Kakarot and it's gonna be alright." Said Vegeta sarcastically

"Hello? Are you all just gonna stand there or are you going to fight me?" Said Goku

"Oh no! Dad what are we going to do now? Grandpa is really strong and I don't think we can beat him." Said Pan

"I don't know Panny, but we are gonna have to do our best and beat dad. We can't let Ladon keep my dad's body so we are gonna fight and see if we can get dad back!" Said Gohan as he rose

"Well seems like I don't have to wait here for you simpleton's to get ready to fight. Good now who would like to go first?" Said Goku with a little chuckle after it

"Well bro, do you want to fight brother and brother vs. father?" Said Goten

"Sure, it'll feel like old times only we actually get to beat our father without feeling bad."

"Well let's begin pipsqueaks!"

Goku (Ladon) took his stance and so did the brothers. Then they shot forward and started their fight. The brothers were having a difficult time trying to fight their child-like evil dad and Goku wasn't have any luck either but both sides held up against the punches and kicks thrown at each other. Both sides powered up to ssj1 then to ssj2. The brothers had the advantage because they got to land a few punches here and there, along with some kicks in between. The Goku (Ladon) powered up to ssj3 and managed to kick Goten towards Trunks but Gohan dodged the kick coming towards his way. Her then powered up to Mystic Gohan. The battle was intense and Goten laid in Trunks arms unconscious and was trying to be woken up by Pan and Trunks. Mean While Vegeta was watching the fight and happen to notice that Goku was looking at him for a while then going back to fighting, then to him and again when he had time to look at Vegeta. Vegeta was getting a weird feeling. He felt that Goku was eyeing him and was about to pounce on him and kiss him. Little did Vegeta know, that was exactly what he was planning. Then all of a sudden Goku transformed in to ssj4 and knocked Gohan in to a mountain of buildings. Then IT' over to Vegeta and grabbed him. He smiled and kissed Vegeta on the lips and that startled Vegeta and the other (besides Goten and Gohan because they didn't get to see it). After Vegeta was back from spacing out, he yelled at him.

"What the hell Kakarot! Why did you ki…" (Lips smashed up against his once more but with the tongue coming into action).

Goku pulled back and said "Well at least I know how to make my love to be quiet."

"You're WHAT?! I will not be you're love and let go of me!"

"Hehehe, well to bad 'cause you're the only one stronger than these weaklings and I can't date my 'son'. So you are the next choice."

"Let go of me Ladon and I am NO one's love!" Said Vegeta while struggling to get out of Goku's/Ladon's grasp.

"Who said that I'm Ladon? He was only a mere decoy and help me get out of the trap that 'Goku' but me in. Know I'm free and you are going to be my mate. To hell with my 'wife', she only satisfied his needs but deep down he really loved you more." Said Kakarot with a smirk

"…." Vegeta said nothing do to what he just heard.

Everyone was quiet and slowly Goku lifted into the air along with Vegeta. After snapping back to reality, Vegeta was yelling, punching, kicking, and even pushing Goku in order for him to break loose of the hold around him. It didn't work so well and then Goku blasted somewhere far away leaving the group behind either hurt or dazed.

A/N: Ahhh1 Cleft hanger again. Man was that weird?! What will Goku do to Vegeta and what will the group do when the have to tell the others and try to get them back? And what's up with Goku treating Vegeta kindly and doing almost everything he wants? Does Vegeta start to have feelings for Goku know? Find out in the next chapter of Evil Goku!