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-Title: For Love Alone

-Chapter 1: Let's Catch Up!

-Author's POV

If you remember, after the events of the chocolate tour, and finding Willy's father, our friend Isabella left. That was two years ago.

None too surprising, to the ones who understood, the chocolate maker's candy continued to taste bad. Not as bad as before…but still had a nasty aftertaste.

"I know you're heartbroken, I understand, but it's your job as a chocolatier to create great candy." Those were the words of his father. It was surprising to hear that from someone so against candy, but he was trying to make just one exception. And that was his son.

After a while, the symptoms of Willy's heartbreak vanished. It even looked like he got over his affections for Isabella. But only he really knew what he felt….

Now, with Isabella, she was a bit calmer with the whole leaving situation and the Willy situation. Yes, she did realize what she felt for the man; she just couldn't do anything about it at the time.

Even though she was more down than usually, she still went on with her daily life and tried not to let it affect other people or her friends. If they commented on it, or asked why she was so down, then she'd come up with an excuse. She only told three people what was really going on, and those were the people she grew up with.

And then it happened….

What is it, you ask? Well let's just say that it's something that may have permanently turned her smile upside down. Isabella wasn't always smiles and kindness you know ;) Something happened to change her into the person she is today, and it's not a good thing…not a good thing at all…

Anyways, other than that, there's no other news besides all that and Isabella returning. And don't be shocked that she is, she has to, there would be no Willy romance like you want if she didn't. And I'd have a bunch of angry Willy/Isabella fans….

Nevertheless, this is the end of the chapter, and I hope you enjoyed it. See you later!

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