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This just sucks. I wish I were able to be super happy for Uriah about getting Tris, and don't get me wrong, I am happy for him, just not as much as I could be. And it's all because I can't stand her moping about this. I mean, I knew that she liked Uriah, and I was pretty sure that he liked her too at some point. But then once initiation started he kind of just... lost interest in her like that. She didn't lose interest in him though. No, Marlene took everything to a whole new level of obsessive and it was like she couldn't see that loss of interest. I was really hoping that Uriah finally admitting who he liked, even though I didn't think it was Tris, would knock some sense into her.

But no.

Instead she's locked herself in her room, no doubt scheming something. And the few times I managed to get in she seemed so... I dunno... scary calm. So there's something going on and I can't help but hope it's against Tris.

Well, that's not entirely true. There's still that part of me that doesn't want Tris hurt because, as much as I hate to say it, she's somehow sneaked up on me and wormed her way into my small circle of friends. But stronger than that, is the overwhelming desire that something will hurt her, because it's her fault that Marlene has gotten like this. That she has stooped to scheming. That she has made the only person I will ever love, and made them obsessed over my only other friend.

Ever since Uriah started slowly losing interest, Marlene and I have grown apart somewhat. She's the only one I've told why I shaved my head. She's the one I always went to when being the tough kick-ass girl I am got too hard, when all I wanted to do was break down and cry. She was the one I talked to, but now I doubt she'd even remember that I got a tattoo last week.

I sigh and push my plate of neglected cake away. Somehow, and this is a true sign of depression, I have lost my appetite for cake. And it goes all the way when I look up to see Tris and Uriah sitting in the corner of the dining hall laughing and smooshing cake into the other's face.

"You know," His voice comes out of nowhere and makes me jump a bit. "Wasting Dauntless cake is, like, against the law. Or it should be." He says before sitting down at the seat across from me.

"What do you want Peter?" I sneer at him, turning away from the couple.

He puts on a face of shock and hurt and brings his hand up to his neck. "Lynn, that hurts. You don't remember asking for my help?"

I roll my eyes at him. "No, I remember, I just thought we were going to talk later and in a more... what's the word? ...Oh yeah! Private place."

He just shrugs eyeing my forgotten cake slice hungrily. "Does it really matter?" He asks.

I shake my head before sighing and pushing the plate to him. "Just eat it." I tell him.

He nods before digging into the cake. I sit and watch Tris and Uri a bit longer. They're cleaning up all the cake now and they get up and leave a little bit after. "So you really like him?"

I turn to look at Peter who's also watching the happy, life-destroying couple. I shake my head. "No, my friend Marlene does and she has gotten really scary with her obsession thing and I just want it done with."

He nods like he understands. I doubt he does though. "How did you know?" He asks all of a sudden.

"Know what?"

"That I like her." He says still watching the annoying relationship-wrecking, friend-depressing couple walk out hand in hand.

"You were just kind of obvious to me. You watched her all the time, you mocked and teased her, I dunno, it just... kinda added up." I tell him.

He gives a small laugh. "And yet you didn't notice that Uriah liked her too? Or Four?"

"Well, Uriah's just kind of naturally like that. He's a nice guy and he's just kinda flirty. And Four... well I wasn't really paying him much attention.

He nods before he turns back to me. "Alright then. So we have to break them up. How?"

I think about it for a second. "You aren't going to let me hurt her, are you?"

He shakes his head. "Nope. Just like you won't let me hurt Uriah."

I nod. "Then... we make one of them think the other cheating like you said last night."

"I said that?" I nod. "Cool. Um, yeah alright. Who started the relationship?" He asks.


He nods. "Alright good. That guys way too laidback for us to be able to make him think Tris is cheating on him well anyways. But since he started it, it'd be better for us to have Tris think he's cheating on her. Especially since she's so self-conscious."

I nod. I really didn't think Peter was this clever. "Sooo... what? Get some random girl to kiss him? I can't even get Marlene out of her apartment so she's out of the question."

He shrugs. "Why don't you do it?"

I give him an incredulous look. "Why?! Because Uri's practically my brother! I'm not gonna kiss him." I tell him crossing my arms.

"Then do it for Marlene." He says indifferently.

"Fine." I huff.

We discuss the rest of our plan for the next couple hours until finally, we have our plan set and I'm back in my room lying on my bed.

I have to kiss Uri. I shudder, just thinking about it. But it's for Marlene. I'd rather her be happy though. Her happiness comes first. And with these happy I thoughts I drift off to the nowhere land of sleep.

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