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I can't believe I let this happen. I can't believe that Tris, my Tris, the best thing that ever happened to me is... is gone! And all because I was acting like a dick and ruined everything and then scared her and now... now I'd consider it a step forward if she just looked at me.

I sigh and stare up at my ceiling. What I wouldn't do for my Tris back. That won't happen with Uriah still in the way. But then how do I get him out of my way?

And then there's my problem with Will. I doubt he just randomly came to me asking about where the cameras are. I mean, come on. I was confused then, but when he asked me where Tris was, then it was obvious that she was really what he was looking for.

"Why did this have to happen?" I ask myself.

Just then someone knocks on the door. I get up and walk over to see Christina standing at the door. I lean against the doorframe and raise an eyebrow at her. I really doubt she came here just to stand there. She crosses her arms and marches right past me into my apartment. "Of course you can come into my apartment. Thanks for asking." I say sarcastically, closing the door and turning around to face her.

"Is everything seriously a joke to you?" She asks.

I laugh at that, which is really just proving her point. "Christina, you saw me during initiation. Do you think I take everything as a joke?" I ask her.

"Then why. Why the hell would you do that to Tris?" Christina asks me and now I can see how pissed she is.

I sigh and drag my hand through my hair. "It's complicated." I settle with.

"Well I have all the time in the world since Tris is off being actually happy with Uriah." She says which makes me feel even worse. "A guy who doesn't freaking assault her!"

That makes me snap. "I'm sorry, okay!? I already told Tris that, but she doesn't want to listen to me! So I'm sorry! Now could you be oh so kind as to get the hell out of my apartment!" I yell.

Her expression softens a little. Not much though, she's still pissed. And it looks like she has no intention of leaving anytime soon. I sigh again. "What would you do if someone was trying to take Will away from you?" I ask her going to sit down on one of my chairs. "What would you do if someone was slowly taking him away from you, and then you say the wrong thing at the wrong time and he hates you?"

She looks shocked for a second before slowly sitting down at the edge of my bed so she can still watch me. "I would do anything to get him back."

I nod. "That was exactly what was going through my mind when all this shit happened. I wasn't thinking straight and then Will came and Tris sprinted out of my apartment with him and... Everything fell apart."

"Really? Because I think everything fell apart when beat the crap out of Uriah." She says.

I laugh again. "You're probably right. But what I guess I meant was that everything just fell in place." She opens her mouth to say something, but I hold my hand up to stop her. "I know, I know. I'm a really confusing guy. But what I mean is that... I finally realized what I had done. I realized that I'm the reason Tris is gone. Not just because Uriah kissed her, but because of how I dealt with it. I maybe could still have her if I hadn't done what I did."

Christina seems shocked by how much I just told her. Actually, I'm pretty shocked by it too, I only ever opened up to Tris. "I'm not sure about that. After Uriah kissed her and a little before you beat him up, Tris came to talk to me and told me that she was really confused and that she didn't think she loved you."

I give her a small, sad, smile. "I figured." I tell her.

"But." She starts hesitantly. "Don't you... you want her to be happy, right?"

"More than anything." I say right away because, well, I do.

"Then... shouldn't you be okay with her being with Uriah if she's happy with him?" She asks.

I give a small laugh. "See, that's the hard part. How do you let go of the one person who lit up a world of misery and pain? Letting go... it's the hardest thing there is."

Again, I'm shocked by my confession. The only person I've ever told anything like this was Tris. And never once did I think I'd sit here talking to her best friend about it.

After a minute, she nods. "I can understand that. But then, you need someone to help you move on." She says.

"Well, I'm pretty sure a lot of the girl in Dauntless would be happy to help," I say sarcastically. "But for me, Tris was it. She was my one and only. And... I'm not sure I want to move on."

Christina frowns like I said something to upset her. "Well I'm pretty sure not moving on isn't very healthy or helpful." She says.

"Why do you keep insisting on this Christina?" I ask her confused.

"Because I'm afraid you'll do something to try to ruin their relationship." She says.

She's biting the inside of her cheek and the statement sounded more like a question to me. "You were Candor. You can't lie." I tell her, narrowing my eyes at her and walking over to where she's sitting on the edge of my bed. "Tell the truth."

The truth, as it turns out, isn't something she's about to say. When I kneel down in front of her to get to eye-level, she kisses me full-force on the lips before jumping up and sprinting out of my apartment.

"What the hell?" I ask myself.

I lay back on my bed and stare at the ceiling. These have been some messed up few days. My eyes are drawn to the three words painted on my wall. 'Fear God Alone'.

I get up and go to my closet where I keep some black paint. I have no clue why I do; I guess I just thought if I ever needed it.

I take it and walk over to the words and stare at them. I take out the brush and I cross out 'God' and replace it with 'Girls'. They are way scarier then God, as well as confusing.

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