The team had gotten back to Quantico late Friday afternoon. JJ had spent the morning before they left and the entire flight studying, making use of her living reference guides whenever she had a question. Now with their reports able to wait until Monday, the team just quickly checks their desks for messages.

"JJ, don't worry about anything except the test," Hotch orders. "God knows anything on our desks can wait until Monday."

JJ nods nervously. "Right. Sure. But maybe I should—"

"Jennifer," he interrupts. "Go. You'll do fine. See you Monday…profiler."

She smiles at his confidence even though inside she is terrified. She heads to Emily's desk.

"Hotch ordered me home. But if you need to stay we can—"

"Nope. Just getting things set so they'll be ready for me Monday," Emily states standing. "We can leave now."

JJ pales. "Are you sure? I mean if we need to—"

Hotch is behind her. "Prentiss, get Jareau out of here now. That's an order."

Emily chuckles. "Yes, sir. Very good, sir!"

He grins and continues on to his office. Emily grabs her briefcase and takes JJ's hand. "Let's go before Hotch has me cuff you and drag you out." She leans in and whispers. "I prefer to do that in private."

JJ blushes and lets Emily lead her out. Reid and Morgan exchange a look, guessing that Emily had said something less than professional to make JJ turn that red at work.

On the drive home, JJ bites at her nails, her left leg jumping with nervous energy. Emily steals a glance at her.

"This isn't all about the test, is it? What's going on with you, Jen?"

JJ glances at her watch. "It's 3:30, Em. Will should be at the house around 5. I want to throttle him," she says viciously.

"Jen, you can't—"

"DON'T tell me what I can't do! You had your chance to confront him. I want mine! God, Em, I still have nightmares that we lost Henry to that fucking aunt of his. How the hell did he think he had a right to do that? Without talking to us? I get that he was pissed but he kidnapped my son! And I would think you'd be a little more upset about it than you are!"

JJ crosses her arms in front of her chest and stares out the window. Emily just sighs. JJ was beyond reason. Emily knew Will had been trying to get away early. She hopes he was able to. Maybe once JJ is done with the test her stress levels will reduce enough the brunette won't be tempted to change the combination to the gun safe.

When they walk in the door they find a note to them on the foyer table.


Daddy came early. Aunty Francesca said I could go ahead and go play with him. I will see you Sunday. I love you!


Emily breathes a sigh of relief. She looks at her wife. "Ever notice how Henry's writing looks like Francesca's?"

JJ forces a smile to her face. "Yeah. I see that." She runs a hand over her face. "I'm sorry, Em. I didn't mean to be such a shit."

Emily pulls her into a hug. "I know, honey. You've got too much stress going on right now. How about we go upstairs, crawl into bed and watch a movie. Clear your mind a bit. Then I can help you study some more if you want. Or I can just be at your beck and call while you study."

JJ smiles for real this time. "Sounds like a good idea." She leans into Emily, giving and receiving a big hug. "Thank you for taking care of me…even when I'm being a shit."

Emily chuckles and kisses her forehead. "Always my pleasure, Jennifer. Always."

The two women head upstairs. The change into sweats and tee shirts. Emily holds up a movie and JJ smiles, nodding.

"Surely you know I'll love that one," JJ says.

"Of course I know. And don't call me Shirley," Emily jokes as she pops in the original "Airplane!" movie.

For almost 2 hours, the women laugh and relax. When the movie ends, JJ rolls to her side and strokes a hand down her wife's cheek.

"I love you, Emily. Thank you for this. And for everything."

"I love you, Jen. I am at your beck and call this evening. Starting with making you dinner." She gives her wife a kiss. "Burgers, fries and a shake?"

JJ smiles. "Ah, the Comfort Special. Even better than normal since it will be homemade."

They share one more kiss then Emily heads off to make dinner for them. As JJ spreads her books across the bed Sergio jumps up and starts to sniff them.

"Here to help me, Serg?" JJ asks him. He walks over and curls up in her lap, purring. She chuckles. "I'll take that as a yes."

She starts to scratch his head as she reviews the psychological markers than can be observed in incestuous rapists. She shakes her head.

"Gee, it's no wonder no one ever wants to talk work with us," she thinks to herself.