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Danny slammed his locker closed when he heard the bell ring, signaling he had five minutes to get to his next class. Being that it was the first day of his senior year of high school, he wasn't particularly worried about getting there late. Most teachers gave slack on the first day, unless you had a real jerk or bitch. Danny put on his headphones and walked to class, blasting his music in his ears. He saw the disapproving looks from his teachers but didn't pay mind to it. They didn't stop him and frankly, unless someone really made a fuss about it he wasn't going to remove them. It was just a two minute walk. He went into his classroom, placing the headphones around his neck and scanned the room. He noticed some familiar faces, but didn't care much for them. He was delighted, however, when he saw his best friend Tucker sitting on the second to last seat in the first row and immediately went over to him. Tucker looked up from his PDA and grinned like a fool when he noticed who was hovering over his desk.

"Danny! You have business class too?"

"Yeah. We signed up for it together, remember?"

"Oh. No wonder! I was wondering why I had this stupid class on my schedule."

Danny chuckled and slid into the seat behind Tucker. "Yeah. Super lame, but it was the only one we were able to weasel in so we could have a class together." Danny reminded, placing his backpack on the side. "Who's the teacher anyway? Lancer?"

"Nah, someone named Masters."

"Masters? Haven't heard of him or her before."

"He or she is probably new." Tucker typed away on his PDA. "Hopefully they won't be as boring as the last teachers for this class." He then grinned. "If we're really lucky, Masters might be a really hot chick."

Danny rolled his eyes but grinned. "Yeah right. So what if she is? It's not like you can get in there."

"You never know. I might get lucky and she'll fall for my charms."

"Yeah and rainbows and monkeys will shoot out of my ass."

"Cold, dude."

"You love me anyways."

"Only when you're not being a pain."

Danny chuckled. "That's true. So, let me see your schedule."

Danny and Tucker exchanged schedules and looked to see when they had free time to spend together. The last few students filed in and found seats. The class room buzzed with students talking. The bell went off again, signaling the start of class, but no one paid mind to it. Everyone spoke of how their first day back was going and how excited or dreadful they felt for their upcoming classes. However, they were forced to be quiet when a man with silver hair stormed in, effectively silencing the room.

"Settle down." The man said as he put his suitcase on the desk, even though no one had said a word. He faced the class. Casually crossing his arms and leaning back against the desk, he addressed the students. "Welcome to business 101. You are here to learn what it takes to succeed in life and I will not tolerate nonsense. I expect work to be handed in on time. If I must make the effort to keep my own appointments, so should you. Don't give me lame excuses if you have trouble understanding something. I explain things thoroughly and if you can't handle it tough cookies. The door is right there." He pointed to the door with his finger.

Danny, who couldn't take his eyes off the man once he had entered the room, immediately felt his mood sink. Ah, great. He got the strict ass of a teacher whose sole purpose in life was to make students as miserable as he was. Tucker spared Danny a glance and Danny immediately knew Tucker had the same thoughts as he. Well, maybe not the initial ones of how Mr. Masters looked hot, but the latter of it. He was surprised to see Mr. Masters staring intently at him. He blinked in surprise and resisted the urge to shuffle in his seat.

"You, young man. No headphones in my class. Remove them."

Oh. Without a care, Danny casually took off the headphones and put them in his backpack to keep them out of sight.

"That being said, if I so much as see a hint of one your electronic devices from this point on, I am retrieving it and you'll be lucky if you ever see it again." He stared pointedly at Tucker, who gulped and put his PDA away. "If you sleep in my class and are late, you will fail. If you do poorly and do not listen, or participate you will fail. If you do not hand in assignments or think you can just cruise by, you will fail. Have I made myself clear?"

There were murmurs of "yes" around. Danny glared at his teacher, already hating him. Ugh, and he was going to have to deal with him for an entire year? Danny watched dully as Mr. Masters spoke about what they would be focusing on throughout the year. As much as Danny tried to be annoyed and angry, he still couldn't help but admire his teacher. He looked suave and ridiculously handsome. The silver hair made him look mature and unique, instead of old. His teacher told them the books they would need for their next class and dismissed them the second the bell went off.

Danny and Tucker groaned when they left their class. "What a jerk!" Danny said immediately.

Tucker nodded in agreement. "Seriously man, that wasn't cool. He knows we're only taking this class so we have enough credits to pass. Well, most of us are."

"Seriously. I don't know if I can stand a whole year of this."

"Hey, look on the bright side. It's our last year here!"

Danny smiled at the thought. "That's true."

They walked together to their next class, parting but thankfully not too far away since their classes were across from the other. Danny tried not to let Mr. Masters get to him but for some reason, he couldn't keep his mind off him all day. He had no idea what it was about him that just held Danny's attention. He tried not to think about it but found his mind wandering to his sexy new teacher. He was thankful when it was time for lunch and was able to distract himself with Sam and Tucker. They were able to catch up, which felt good to. He spent the summer with his friends but two weeks before the first day of school, Sam and Tucker went on vacation away from Amity Park so contact had been limited.

Danny was in his last class for the day. It was the second to last period but since he was free next period he decided he would just head home. He already invited Sam and Tucker to come over so they would just meet him there. He let out a small smile as he listened to his English professor. She was pretty cool so far. Danny struggled in English class as well the previous years but without Lancer hovering over him, he's been getting better at his essays. The classes on his schedule weren't so bad. Some seemed tougher than others, but for the most part, Danny promised he'd try harder this year.

After class, he walked to his locker, made sure he had all that he needed to take with him, and then slammed it shut while putting his headphones on. He calmly walked down a set of stairs so that he could get to a quicker exit. He was really eager to head home. He was about to push the door open when a firm hand grabbed a hold of his shoulder. Danny looked to see who it was and was surprised to see Mr. Masters glaring down at him. Giving the man an annoyed look, Danny pulled down his headphones, his music still blasting.

"Can I help you?" Danny asked sarcastically, hoping he would get the hint. He jerked his shoulder free from his teacher's grip.

"Just what exactly do you think you're doing cutting class?" Mr. Masters asked with a stern voice.

Danny rolled his eyes. "I have a free period, meaning I don't have a class."

"I know what it means." Mr. Masters snapped. He held out his hand. "Let me see your schedule."

"What? No! What for? Don't believe me?"

"No. I don't."

Danny clenched his teeth and glared heatedly at the man. Mr. Masters' gaze didn't waiver and he gestured impatiently for what he demanded. Growling, Danny opened his backpack and reached for his schedule. Finding it, he took it out and practically threw it into the waiting hand. Mr. Masters took it the folded paper and unfolded it, glancing down at the schedule. Was it just Danny, or was the man examining his schedule as if he was trying to memorize it?

"Hmm. Well next time don't try to sneak off the back door like you're trying to not get caught. Leave through the front door like the rest of the students, especially the ones who can leave early, and turn off your blasted music when you're in here."

"You wouldn't have to hear my music if you didn't sneak up on me." Danny said angrily, snatching back his schedule and shoving it in his pocket.

"Show some manners Mr. Fenton, or I'll give you detention."

"What?! You can't do that, I'm not even scheduled to be here!"

"You're still within the school territory and therefore I can do whatever I want."

They glared at each other. Neither made a move to look away and Danny didn't want to back down. True, Mr. Masters was intimidating but Danny had faced worse people and enemies in his life. Scowling, he changed his mind. He didn't want to stay in school longer than necessary, especially since he had the chance to go home early.

"Whatever." He scoffed, putting his headphones back on and making a move to leave. A hand stopped him again. He yanked down his headphones and angrily faced his teacher. "What now?!"

"Through the front door, Mr. Fenton."

"Are you kidding me? I already proved to you that I can leave!"

"And I already told you students who leave early are to go through the front exit." Groaning, Danny turned around to make his way up the stairs. "And turn off your music!"

Clenching his teeth while his body shook with anger, he yanked out his iPod and turned it off. He stomped up the stairs, missing the satisfied smirk Mr. Masters had. When he was exiting through the front door, a school security guard stopped him. Danny had to explain again why he was leaving early and the man let him go without much fuss. Annoyed, Danny ran to the nearest tree, transformed to his ghost half, and raced home. He needed to blow off some steam. Who did that jerk of a teacher think he is? He walked around like he owned the damn place. Danny couldn't believe his rotten luck to run into the teacher on his way home. Sighing, he took a deep breath to calm himself. When a blue mist left his lips, he smirked, his mood already improving.

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