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Danny walked out of his third college class. Today had been his first day of attending the University of Wisconsin and overall, it was going well. He only had one more class to attend. His classes seemed a bit hard but definitely worthwhile. He's already made a few friends. They planned to hang out over the weekend. It was kind of fun meeting knew people, especially ones with similar interests as him. The campus was significantly big but nice. He was glad he went to several of the orientations so that he could become familiar with the campus ground. Going ghost and flying around helped a lot, too.

Speaking of which, he looked around the campus. It was crowded with students. He went inside the building and looked for an open room that was empty. Finding one, he made sure no one was paying attention to him before he went in and switched to his ghost form. Grinning, he went invisible and flew out of the room. He hovered over the school, looking for the room he wanted to go to. Spotting it, he jetted towards it, making himself intangible and flying in. He remained invisible so the students below him, who were taking notes or listening to their professor give his lecture, wouldn't notice him.

A student raised her hand and the professor called on her. "Mr. Masters, are any of the topics we went over in high school going to be brought up again?"

Mr. Masters scoffed. "No. You're all adults now. If you need a reminder of what was spoken about in your previous year, I suggest you hit the books tonight. Otherwise, you will be lost starting tomorrow."

The students looked weary but knew there was no sense in arguing. Danny continued to hover over, watching Vlad finish his lecture and dismiss the students only 10 minutes later. It took a while for the students to file out. Danny was glad and lucky that no one stayed behind. When the last student left, Danny used his ghost powers to shut the doors and made himself visible. Vlad looked up, a little surprised to see his lover. The teen ghost descended, hovering in front of Vlad to wrap his spectral tail around the man.

"Hey V-man," Danny greeted with a grin.

Vlad rolled his eyes. "Don't call me that atrocious nickname." He made a face. "It reminds me of your father."

"It should, that's where I got it from." He laughed at Vlad's sour expression. "Do you prefer Mr. Masters? Or Professor?"

"When we're in the bedroom and playing…" Vlad purred suggestively, kissing the young halfa. He pulled away, pleased when he saw his lover still get flustered at any implication towards sex. "What are you doing here? I thought you have a class right now?"

"It ended early. Actually, my next class isn't until four. I have a two hour gap right now."

Vlad smirked. "Is that so? Well, that works in my favor since I also have a two hour break until my next class."

"Really?" Danny smiled happily, pleased that he now had something to do on Monday's. Now that he thought about it, his schedule sort of matched Vlad's. He wondered how that was even possible?

"Mhm. Do you work tonight?"

"No, I'm off tonight. I work tomorrow morning though." He had been lucky that Vlad was able to get him a job on campus. It was a little boring working in a book store but it was a job and it paid decently well so that Danny can pay for his cell phone bill and whatever else he needed. Vlad had insisted Danny let him pay for those things but Danny wanted some independency.

Vlad pulled the young halfa close to him, feeling more than just content that he had his lover with him. It worried him a bit that perhaps Danny would get sick of seeing him so often. After all, they attended the same University and went home together. He was lucky, then, that Danny refused to take his classes. Although Vlad did sulk for about a week when his Little Badger told him he would not take any business courses for college. Then became furious when Danny said he would, but not with him. There were other professors Danny could 'choose' from. Vlad had made it clear: it was him or nothing. Danny happily chose nothing, considering he didn't want to take it in the first place.

Danny switched back to his human form and walked out of the classroom with Vlad. The minute they were in the hallway, Vlad held Danny's hand and led him to his personal office. They were given strange looks by the students, who were not used to seeing a Professor openly show he was in a relationship with a student on campus. It was something normally looked down on, but when said professor was a significant donor to the University, sometimes it was necessary to turn a blind eye. Even though it was Danny's first day of college, he already knew he couldn't care less what others thought about him. He had to hide his relationship with Vlad for a year before. He wasn't about to do it again.

They climbed up a flight of stairs, past a double door and into an office that was located on the right side of the hallway. Once in, Vlad took a seat in his chair and Danny sat on top of his desk. Vlad raised a brow, giving Danny a look of disapproval that the college student was all too happy to ignore. In fact, he placed himself in the center so Vlad would be between his legs. Huffing in pretend annoyance, Vlad wrapped his arms around the young halfa's waist and pulled him forward onto his lap. Smiling, Danny leaned forward and nuzzled their noses together. Vlad couldn't help but think his lover was so cute.

"Do you have much to do tonight?" Vlad asked curiously.

Danny thought about any assignments he might have been given today. "I have a few, but nothing that'll take long."

"Good. Work on them now so you and I can have some time to spend with you tonight." He leaned forward and began to place butterfly kisses on Danny's neck. He found a particular spot he knew Danny was fond of and began to suck on it, smirking when the teen gasped in surprise.

Danny let out a low groan as Vlad continued to suck. "O-Or, we could spend some time now." He pushed Vlad away and began to loosen the man's tie, a seductive smirk on his lips. Well, he hoped it was seductive. He wasn't too sure; all he was sure about was that Vlad's clothing was in the way of what he wanted and he needed to fix that.

"I believe I created a monster," Vlad joked, allowing the teen to do what he wanted. "I'm not sure about having sex in my office." He wrinkled his nose. After all, sometimes his students would come in here to hand him an assignment or staff members would walk in for a chat. He paused as he thought of his colleges who weren't too far from his office. "These walls are pretty thin, Little Badger…" he warned.

Danny scoffed, unbuttoning the man's shirt. "We'll just have to be quiet. Besides, isn't it a fantasy to fuck over the professor's desk?"

"In a classroom setting, if I'm not mistaken. I can't say it's been a fantasy of mine. I don't make it a habit to think about students that way."

Danny finished unbuttoning the shirt and was now phasing it off the man. "I was your student."

Vlad smirked and pulled the teen into a heated kiss. "You, my dear boy, are an exception." He thoroughly enjoyed feeling Danny's hands roaming around his body. "And you are being a naughty boy…" He purred, placing his hands on the slim waist.

"I think I need to be punished, professor." Danny played along, enjoying the surprised look that came across Vlad's face. They never really talked like this. It was pretty fun.

Shooting up from his seat, Vlad ignored the startled yelp from his lover and pinned him to the desk, knocking down several papers as he did so. Smirking down at the teen, he placed his hands underneath the shirt and stroked the toned stomach. "I know you do."

Vlad winced as sat down in his car seat. His lover chuckled beside him. Glaring at him, Vlad put the key in the ignition, his annoyance radiating off him like waves. "I still don't know how you ended up toping me. The fantasy is to have the professor top, not the student," Vlad grumbled as he drove off the parking lot.

Danny burst into laughter. "You enjoyed it." He smirked smugly when he didn't hear any protests. "Besides, you're a professor. You had to stand for your next class. I would have to sit. Do you know how uncomfortable it is to sit in one of those hard seats after you've just had sex? You did me a favor."

"Oh I'm thrilled to hear I made it more convenient for you." Vlad rolled his eyes.

Danny ignored the sarcasm. "That you did. Anyway, I'm hungry. Can we go to the burger joint up ahead?"

"No. We're going home and having the dinner I went through the trouble of having prepared for you. Although, now that I think about it, you probably don't deserve it."

"You're such a baby. I was gentle!"

Vlad continued to pout. "Regardless, I wasn't planning on you somehow taking the upper edge on me."

"That's what you get for doubting me."

Danny waited until Vlad stopped at a red light before placing a kiss on the man's cheek. Vlad smiled a little at the gesture. It still made him feel extremely happy when Danny would openly be affectionate with him. He supposed he couldn't be too mad about what happened; he did enjoy himself after all. His Little Badger was a very good student. The drive home was only 20 minutes. When they got there, Danny was happy to have dinner and then start on his homework. He and Vlad went to the man's private study room where Vlad worked on some paper work and Danny worked on his assignments.

It was a peaceful and comfortable silence as the two halfas did what they needed to do. Danny had no doubt that he would be finished within another hour. After, he would just have to wait for Vlad and then they would go through the ghost zone to patrol Amity Park. Even though he lived in Wisconsin with Vlad, Danny still tried to pop in every now and again and make sure his old hometown was safe. Thinking about his hometown reminded him that he needed to make plans to visit his mother and father soon. It's been a while since he's seen them. He spent most of his summer with his friends, Jazz and Vlad. Mostly Vlad. Still, Danny was very content with how his life is turning out so far. Happily in love with Vlad and living with him, a better half ghost and student, a decent job at the University he's attending and great friends and family who kept in contact with him. His future looked bright.

"Daniel?" Vlad's voice snapped Danny out of his muse.

"Hm?" He looked up to acknowledge the man. Vlad was gazing at him with love and affection that still made the teen's heart beat faster.

"You dazed off on me there and by the looks of it, you didn't hear what I was talking about." Vlad gave him a scolding look before smiling fondly at him. "Anything in particular you were thinking about?"

Danny thought of sharing his sentimental thoughts with Vlad before he smirked and shook his head. "Not really, Mr. Masters."