He looks at the wiring, the phone, the explosives. He knows the outcome is grim, and just as he makes his first move, the phone rings, displaying a single message. For Evan. The man sits back on his heels and waits. But he doesn't have wait long. The explosives detonate, and he knows nothing more.

She clears out the hallways, briskly telling everyone to get out while they can. Behind her mask of indifference, though, is fear. Crippling fear. Her sister died in a bombing and it is not her intention to perish in the same manner. Tony comes her beside her, and then they are entering the elevator. Before she can even question why they are there, the building trembles. Out of habit, she blindly dives for him. He wraps his arms around around her waist in a vain attempt to shield her from the inevitable. As the structure collapses around them, they slide into the soft darkness that comes with unconsciousness.

She is rushing, her mind racing as she tries to grab anything that is necessary. Burt! She grabs her favorite hippo and is making he way out the door as a figure comes in and tackles her. The glass shatters as an inferno rushes around her, licking the walls and ceiling of her beloved lab. She wants to scream but nothing comes out. She can hear nothing, nor can she see all to well. But an outsider may see that as a blessing, for she is surrounded by chaos. Her thoughts turn to McGee, and little does she he had been pleading with computer, "faster move faster!" Bent on catching this terrorist. Now he lays, hands gripping the precious jumpdrive, balancing on the thin line of life and death.

And all is still...