Hewwo, everybody. Here's an idea Numbuh 227 had. Figured I'd experiment pairings for Chris before I reached a conclusion. Here we go.

It was just a normal day up on Moonbase. Normal as it gets, anyway. The place seemed packed with benders/metahumans today. The werecats, Lilac and Berry were joyfully scampering around the bridge, tackling Rupert Dickson as he tried to get away. Sheila Frantic and Fybi Fulbright were soaring around the air and tossing a Whisby, along with the shadowbenders, Dillon, Lee, and Leanne, who popped and flew out of the shadows to take the Whisby. While all the superhumans had their fun, the decommissioning officer, Maddy Murphy, walked into the cafeteria with a frustrated look on her face as she got a soda from the vending machine. "Stupid metahumans…" the girl mumbled. "YOW!" she yelped and gripped her bottom when a flame hit her from behind.

"What was that?" Maddy turned and found Christopher Uno, who smirked as he blew smoke away from his fingertip.

"Uugh. Whaddyou want, Chris?" she angrily asked, taking the soda from the machine.

"Can't blame a kid for being curious. What do you have against metahumans?"

"What wouldn't I have?" she asked, cracking open her soda as she faced away. "What're they even good for? All they like to do is show off their powers and act better than everyone- YOW!" Chris burned her butt again.

He blew the smoke away and said, "Well, you can't blame us for wanting to express ourselves. And when was the last time we said we were better than any of you?"

"Well, you sure act like it. For all we know, you all are gonna take over the world someday, and- YOOW!" he burned her butt again. "Seriously! You're ruining my pants!"

"If we wanted to take over the world, we all probably wouldn't be here right now. But we are. Honestly, Maddy, I think you're just jealous."

"Jealous? Of what? That I can't have cat ears and a tail, or fly like a flying raccoon, or an angel? And why do you care anyway, Chris? Is it because of what we say about Dillon?"

"Well, he is one of my best friends. But I just want you to know, you and Zach don't need to hate on us like you do. Just because you're a regular human, you don't need to feel jealous."

"I said I wasn't jealous! I just don't think it's right to have them around."

"Maddy, everyone says that. But I've seen the way you act. You feel weak. You feel powerless compared to them. But you don't really have to. Metahumans are just the same as regular humans. Just… with powers."

"Yeah, yeah, I know the whole story, my mom keeps trying to tell me. But why shouldn't I? Almost every bad guy in KND history was some kind of bender or metahuman, even the GUN Commander. Why shouldn't I hate them?"

"Well, because that hate might actually drive them to become evil. But not all of us think we're better than you. And frankly, I'm the blood Prince of Demons, and I actually think you're kinda cool."

Maddy turned and faced him with a slight blush. "What does that mean?"

"I dunno. You're tough, I guess. You really put those rogues in their place. Anyway… I need to go." Chris said as he walked off. "But listen, remember what I said. And you might wanna get those pants fixed…"

"Hmm." Maddy only stood there in thought, still holding onto her soda. Maybe he has a point. Maybe I should give them a chance.

Her thoughts were interrupted when her brother, Zach came up from behind, snickering as he pointed at her rear. "Didn't our parents teach you not to sit on an oven?"

"Grrr! Zaach!" Maddy hightailed after her laughing brother as she splashed the soda at him.

Ay, this was bloody awful. I mean, it feels like a pairing that might work, I just need to find the right place. Oh well, I need to keep experimenting. Later.