Previously on Avengers in Sunnydale:
Tony ignored Giles and jerked his thumb at the guy with the long, blond hair. "And the male model over there is the Norse god, Thor Odinson," he said, letting the simple statement stun the Scoobies. Tony stepped back into line next to Thor. "We're the Avengers," he said proudly.

Anya had been stunned for a moment, but as soon as she regained her senses, she let out a loud, ear splitting squeal. "Oh my gods, oh my gods, oh my gods," she repeated as she ran up to Thor. "It's really you! You're even more handsome in person. Of course you are, you're you," she babbled. Thor looked sideways at Tony who just shrugged, not knowing what was up with Anya. Anya noticed the look and decided she needed to explain. "I used be known as Aud Emmasdaughter. I ran the Brownshold's chapter of your fan club. I had every wood carving they made of you," she gushed.

"Aud Emmasdaughter?" Thor repeated, the name teasing at the back of his memory. "Were you the one who kept sending me your undergarments at every winter solstice celebration?" he inquired.

Anya let out another deafening squeal. "Oh my gods, Thor Odinson remembers me," she shouted happily.

Giles took off his glasses and cleaned them again. "Good lord, Anya may have possibly been the world's first fangirl," he muttered to no one in particular.

Chapter 6

Giles was desperately thinking of anything he could do to help extricate the Norse god from the clutches of the rabid fangirl when his cell-phone rang. He looked down at his phone curiously before answering it. It was a few minutes before 7 in the morning and the only people who might call that early were all standing on the lawn near him. A quick glance at the caller id showed it was an unlisted number. "Hello," Giles said hesitantly after accepting the call.

Buffy's and Spike's supernatural hearing were able to pickup both sides of the conversation. The Slayer recognized the other voice as belonging to the head of the Watcher's Council, Quentin Travers. "Giles, I expect you to bring the Slayer and her… friends to your pathetic excuse for a shop at precisely 1100 hrs," Travers said arrogantly.

"The meeting was supposed to take place next week. I'm not sure Buffy can alter her schedule at such a late notice," Giles replied tersely.

Travers let out a snort of displeasure. "The Slayer is our tool and will do what she is ordered to, or we can arrange for a new Slayer to be called," he threatened. "We will interview her so called friends and William the Bloody in order to make our determination if she is worthy of our help in defeating Glory," he stated. "We will also discuss whether or not your deportation hearing will be taking place," Travers said, his voice dripping with malice.

Giles sighed deeply, forcing his anger under layers of British civility. "I understand," he stated. "We will be there at 11 o'clock," he promised. Without saying anything more, he hung up on his old boss. Giles put his phone back in his pocket and looked over at Buffy. "Did you hear all of that?" he inquired.

Buffy nodded in response. "Why did travers move up the meeting?" she asked.

Giles took off his glasses and cleaned them with a cloth before answering. "I believe he wishes to keep you off balance and assumes that forcing the meeting so soon after your mother's death will give him an advantage," he replied. Giles noticed that Tony's jaw clenched and Thor's fingers unconsciously started to curl around the shaft of his legendary hammer. Giles felt much better knowing that there were other adults to share in the task of looking out for his "daughter".

Tony forced himself to relax and think like a CEO instead of a protective uncle. His sharp mind snapped to the problem at hand and he looked at his teammates. "Clint, this is going to sound crazy, but Sunnydale is crawling with real vampires and a few demons. There's also some sort of super demon named Glory out there that could probably squash my suit like a tin can," he said, knowing how that sounded. Trusting that Hawkeye was not only the best archer alive, but was also unequalled when it came to doing recon on the enemy he added, "I need you to head out and scout the town. Figure out the best places for us to force confrontations and see if you can find where the bitch stays."

Clint rubbed his jaw as he thought for a moment. He turned to look at his partner. "Hum… what do you think, Natasha? Plan Victor 8 or Victor 10?" he asked her, trusting her judgment.

After only a brief moment, Natasha replied, "Victor 10 of course. That plans not only covers a town full of vampires but also gives leeway for other, larger threats."

Bruce frowned at the SHIELD agents. "You guys actually planned on facing a town full of vampires someday?" he asked incredulously.

Clint shrugged his shoulders before answering. "We work for SHIELD. We have a plan for everything," he said as if everyone knew that.

Natasha chuckled. "My favorite supernatural plan is Delta William 7," she said. When she was sure everyone was looking at her, she continued. "The plan is a 'what-if' scenario where all of the characters at Disney World are secretly replaced by zombies in disguise and have taken control of the theme park for an entire week," she explained. "All of the senior agents manage to go on a training mission covering DW-7 once a year," she stated.

Tony smiled in appreciation of the agents giving "the man" the finger. "I love that you guys manage to get SHIELD to pay for a week's vacation at Disney World out of their training budget," he said with a smile.

Clint smiled back. "We actually do get some training in to ease our consciences," he admitted. "We use our stealth and infiltration skills and see who can get the highest number of photo bombs in during the week," he said.

Steve looked appalled. "You smuggle bombs into a theme park?!" he asked in a disgusted voice.

Everyone but Thor and Giles chuckled at Steve's misconception. Tony put an affectionate arm around the Super Soldier's shoulders. "Steve, do remember that photo those co-eds from New York University asked to take with you?" he inquired.

Steve glared at Tony. "Yes, it would have been a lovely photo if you hadn't been making those ridiculous gestures in the background," he replied.

Tony smiled while he nodded. Steve's expression had been priceless when the co-eds sent him a copy of the photo and asked if Tony was seeing anyone. "I photo bombed you," he explained. Before Steve could complain more, Tony turned back to face Clint. "The garage is on the other side of the castle. Take whatever car or motorcycle you want. Keys are in a box on the North wall," he told Hawkeye. Clint nodded, picked up his duffle bag, and trotted off towards the garage to pick out a ride.

Tony gestured towards the house. "Natasha, we have less than four hours to get all the information we can from a spy we captured last night," he told the Black Widow. "Buffy, take Natasha and Spike down to the dungeon. I want you to watch how Natasha interrogates our guest," he ordered. "Whether it's on the battlefield or in the boardroom, information is the most powerful weapon you can get your hands on," he said, trying to sound wise.

"That's quite insightful and something I have been trying to get across to Buffy for several years now," Giles said, looking at Buffy pointedly.

Tony blushed and looked down at the ground in embarrassment when Pepper cleared her throat. "It… um… took someone very close to me several years to beat it into my head as well," Tony admitted. He looked up at Buffy, winked, and muttered, "Must be genetic." Buffy winked back and led Natasha into the castle.

Once Buffy was inside, Tony turned to look at the other Avengers. "I'm going to let the Scoobies bring you guys up to speed," he said, gesturing towards Buffy's friends. "Pepper and I have some business to take care of," he added.

"Wow! You two have sex more often than Xander and I do," Anya remarked, causing Steve to blush and Bruce to chuckle. Anya let go of Thor and scowled at Xander. "How come we only sex three times a day?" she pouted.

Tony shook his head in amusement. "As much as the thought of driving my beautiful girlfriend to orgasmic bliss appeals to me, I was being literal," he said, causing Steve to blush even more. "Pepper is the CEO of my company and we have work to do," he stated. Tony paused as new plans sprang into his head. "Dawn, I want you to join us. It's time you started to learn the family business," he suggested. "Giles, we're going to need your help as well," he added.

Two hours later, the Avengers and the Scoobies met up in the large drawing room. Bruce looked like a kid in a candy store. He had dismissed the concept of magic at first but after Willow and Tara demonstrated it to him and explained it was an energy field, he started adjusting the equipment in his new lab to try and learn everything he could about it. Thor on the other hand wasn't as happy. At that moment, the god of thunder was standing behind a couch, trying to keep at least one piece of furniture between him and Anya at all times.

Giles and Dawn had very self-satisfied smirks on their faces after their session with Pepper and Tony. It was obvious to Giles why Stark Industries had risen to become the world's fifth largest corporation. On their own, either Pepper or Tony would be formidable, but as a pair, they were unstoppable. Tony and Pepper had taken turns teaching Dawn things and the young woman took to it like a fish to water. The addition of a third, strong mind to the team was going to leave the business world struggling to just keep up. Giles' smirk also stemmed from the generous job offer Tony had made him.

Buffy, Spike, and Natasha were the last three to arrive and they all looked a little disturbed. Tony noticed their expressions. "Judging from the looks on your faces, I take it we're in for a rough ride?" he inquired.

Natasha nodded in agreement. "Oh yeah, plus that was the creepiest interrogation I have ever conducted," she replied.

Spike shuddered as he thought about the chat they had with Glory's minion. "Every time one of us would threaten the bugger with violence, the creepy little guy started sporting some goblin wood," he explained while holding up the pinky on his right hand to indicate the size of said wood.

"It was only after Natasha threatened not to beat him senseless that 'Susan' started spilling everything he knew," Buffy added.

Steve's eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "I thought you said it was he," he said, stuck on the goblin being called Susan.

Spike stalked over to the liquor cabinet, opened a bottle of whiskey, and drank straight from the bottle. "It is male. He said his name was Susan and he asked us to respect his life choices," he choked out, not sure if he wanted to laugh or drink away those memories.

Tony shook his head to clear it. "Riiiiight," he muttered. "So um… what did 'Susan' have to tell us?" he inquired.

Buffy looked at Dawn, sadness casting a shadow over her face. She took a deep breath and put on a brave expression. "Turns out Glory isn't a demon, she's actually a hell goddess," she replied.

"Dear lord," Giles swore softly. He sagged and eased himself into one of the large, overstuffed chairs. "A demon we could deal with, but a god…" he stammered, not able to finish his sentence.

Tony cleared his throat, smiling at Giles. "Hey Giles, cheer up. Our side has a god too," he said, pointing towards Thor. The Norse god gave Giles a predatory smile and ran his hand over his hammer.

Giles perked up almost instantly. "Good point," he conceded. He focused on Buffy again. "What other information did Susan give us?" he asked.

Spike chuckled softly. "We found out Susan likes purple lingerie and is a size 10," he replied.

Giles moaned and rubbed the spot between his eyebrows. "What useful information was provided during the interrogation?" he rephrased.

Natasha stepped forward, stopping the exchange between Spike and Giles. "Glory is looking for something called the Key that she believes will let her get back to her own dimension," she stated. "According to Susan, Glory expects the gateway created would literally cause Hell on Earth as the opening would allow a large portion of the hell dimension to flood into ours," she explained.

"Well, that... sucks," Tony commented dryly.

The group nodded their heads in agreement. Natasha went on. "We also learned that Glory is having problems maintaining her form and sanity in our world and is draining the mental essence out of random people around Sunnydale. By sucking out their minds, she leaves roaming mental patients in her wake," she told them. "I was also able to get Glory's real name out of Susan so we can do more research on her. Turns out Glory is short for Glorificus," she stated.

"GLORIFICUS!" Thor bellowed, smashing an end table next to the couch he was standing behind. He immediately started shouting out curses in a language Giles identified as a variation of ancient Norse.

Tony shook his head and pulled out his smartphone and quickly opened his custom app that translated spoken Norse to written English. Buffy and Dawn crowded around their uncle to see what he was reading. Dawn pointed at the screen and said, "Dibs on that one. I want to use that phrase the next time my math teacher starts being a jerk."

Buffy rolled her eyes and then she pointed at the screen. "Fine, but I get to use that one on Faith if she ever gets out prison," she countered.

Thor continued to rant in his native language causing Tony, Buffy, and Dawn to chuckle at some of his more colorful phrases. Eventually, Thor said something that caused the three of them to cock their heads to the right in confusion in exactly the same way. Pepper recognized the motion in her boyfriend and realized the girls must have learned it from their mother. She smiled as the image drove home the fact that these girls were Tony's family.

Dawn looked at first Buffy and then Tony. "Does that last one make any sense to either of you?" she inquired. Tony and Buffy both shook their heads no.

Thor stopped ranting and looked over at the confused family. "The device Tony has probably had a difficult time translating that last word," he said. "It refers to a badger with a bad case of the mange," he explained.

Tony and his nieces looked back down at the phone and reread it. Dawn was the first to chuckle. She looked up at Thor and told him, "Here in the U.S., they call it a 'beaver' instead of a badger." Buffy shot her sister a dark look for even knowing that type of language. This only caused Dawn to roll her eyes.

Tony put away his phone and tried to give Thor a stern look, but the corners of his mouth kept turning up in an attempt at a smile. "Do you kiss Freya with that mouth?" he joked.

Thor took a deep breath to calm himself. "Forgive me, friend Tony, for spouting such filth in the presence of your nieces. It was unbecoming of a Prince of Asgard," he apologized. "Any time I think of that… mangy badger… my blood boils," he said, winking at Dawn and earning him a dirty look from Buffy. "Many eons ago, Glory and Loki dated and it did not end well. I spent many days consoling my brother," Thor stated. Even after the battle of New York, the Avengers could still hear the affection in their friend's voice we he spoke of his adopted brother.

Tony rubbed his chin in thought. "Ok, so we're dealing with a skanky hell-bitch with terrible taste in men," he summed up. "What can she do that us normal folks can't?" he inquired.

"She's as strong as the finest warriors Asgard can muster," Thor replied. "Unfortunately even though our physical strength is about even, Glory's speed is far superior to mine," he admitted. "I also remember her mentioning something about being invulnerable to physical attacks while she is on Midgard," he added.

Xander wasn't happy with what he heard. "Tony was right, this sucks!" he exclaimed. "We have a super powered hell-bitch wanting to turn our little part of the world into New Jersey and nothing we do can hurt her!" he complained.

Tara raised her hand as if she were in a classroom. Tony nodded at her to go ahead and speak. "My Willow was able to hurt her with magic," she said proudly and squeezed Willow's hand.

"That is good to hear, Tara," Thor praised. "I know that weapons from my realm can hurt her. My sword sister, Sif, gave Glory a black eye with my father's spear," he stated.

Bruce had a faraway look as he thought about what Tara had said. "Hey Tony, if Glory is affected by magical energy, we can see if we can tweak the frequency of your chest blaster and repulsors to help you pack more of a punch," he suggested. "I'll need Willow and Tara to perform more magic in my lab so I can narrow down the frequency range," he said.

"Just let Jarvis know know what you need and he'll start another armor variant," Tony replied.

Dawn sat through all of the horrifying revelations about the being wanting to control her with a deepening feeling of guilt in the pit of her stomach. Tony and his friends were willing to risk their lives to protect her even when they didn't know the whole truth. She made a decision that had been gnawing at her since Tony had come into their lives. Dawn stood and looked Buffy in the eyes. With a small jerk of her head, Dawn indicated the hallway. Buffy nodded and silently made her way out of the room. Dawn walked over to Tony and put her hand on his arm. "Tony, Buffy and I need to talk to you in private," she told him. The seriousness in her voice had Tony allowing himself to be led out the room.

Once they were in the hallway, Buffy led them into a library she had seen during her first visit to the castle when it had been owned by Dracula. They walked in and Dawn shut the heavy oak door behind them. Intensely curious, Tony broke the silence. "I take it this is an emergency family meeting," he stated needlessly.

Buffy took in a deep breath and said, "We know what the Key is." She looked at Dawn for a split second and then added, "Or more importantly who the Key is."

Dawn took over the explanation. "The Key started out as a big ball of cosmic energy floating through the various dimensions," she said. "A group of monks called the Order of Dagon used magic to make the Key a human body," she stated. "They used Buffy's blood to make that body so she would be willing to protect the Key. They went as far as implanting false memories in everyone connected with Buffy to make them think the Key had been around for years," she explained.

Tony saw a tear slide down Dawn's cheek. Even the emotionally stunted playboy could see the fear of rejection in her eyes. It didn't take his genius part to figure out who they were talking about. "Did Joyce know?" he asked simply. Buffy fought back her own tears and nodded. "Did she still think of Dawn as her daughter?" he inquired. This broke through Buffy's emotional walls and she started to cry as she nodded.

Tony reached over and pulled Dawn into a tight hug. Tony kissed the top of her head and whispered, "You're my neice and nothing is going to change that." The teenage girl sobbed in relief and let her tears flow freely on the front of Tony's shirt. Tony let go with one arm and motioned for Buffy to join them. The Slayer accepted and hugged her uncle and sister.

Pepper opened the door to tell Tony and the girls that they needed to get ready to drive into Sunnydale to set up the special reception they had planned for the Watcher's Council. Her heart caught in her throat when she saw Tony hugging his nieces. She started to walk out the door backwards when Tony looked up and caught her eyes with his. "Excuse me, this is a family moment," he chided her. Pepper was about to flee out of the room when he added, "So get your gorgeous butt over here and join us!" Pepper rushed over and wrapped her arms around the man she loved and two girls who she decided were going to be her nieces as well.

******Avengers in Sunnydale******

Quentin Travers strode into the Magic Shop as if he owned the place. He turned the open sign over to read closed as the rest of his team flowed into the store. He brought along two researchers as well as a mage to force the Slayer back into her proper role as the Council's tool. He glanced around the room and saw that the Slayer's friends - Xander Harris, Willow Rosenberg, and Tara Maclay were sitting on a small couch near the far wall. William the Bloody was standing in the shadows near the couch. The traitor, Rupert Giles, was standing behind the sales counter with a woman the files identified as Anya Jenkins. The Slayer was seated at a table that had three empty chairs. Oddly, the Slayer's sister was not there. "No matter. I'll have the traitor bring her to me later," Travers thought.

Travers took a seat opposite Buffy at the table and waved his team to take their assigned places. The female researcher walked over towards Spike while the mage took up a place to counter the witch Rosenberg if needed. He sneered at the Slayer and wasn't prepared for her to smile back at him and then nod towards Giles. The ex-watcher nodded back and reached below the counter. Giles had a wide smile plastered on his face as he brought a large bowl of popcorn from the lower shelf and put it on the counter between himself and Anya. He grabbed a handful of popcorn and tossed some in his mouth.

Traver's head moved quickly as he looked around the room. Everyone but his team and Spike were smiling. The ancient vampire had a sneer that made Travers very, very worried. The two fingered salute Spike gave him made Travers even more uncomfortable. "What is going on here?!" Travers demanded.

Sounds from the back drew Travers' attention as a dark haired man in a very expensive suit walked out from the back room. He was wearing designer sunglasses and had a glass of bourbon in his hand. The Slayer's sister followed the man out. She was wearing matching sunglasses and was slurping noisily on a milkshake. Tony and Dawn took the two empty seats at the table.

"Glad you asked that. I was wondering the same thing myself," Tony replied as he swirled his liquor around in his glass. "For instance, why does some stuffy bastard think he can come over here and boss around my niece and her friends," he stated conversationally.

Travers glared at the newcomer with utter distaste. "This is a private meeting and you need to leave... now!" he ordered.

Tony tapped his chin with his finger and pretended to think Traver's demand over. "Let's see, this meeting is all about my niece, so how about we ask her if I can stay?" he countered.

"Glad to have you have you here, uncle Tony," Buffy said warmly.

Tony looked over at Giles. "This is your place," he stated. "Do you mind if I stay for the meeting?" he asked.

Giles smiled at his new boss. "You're always welcome in my shop, Mr. Stark," he replied.

Tony shifted in his seat to slouch and drape his arm across the back of the chair to make it look like he hadn't a care in the world. "Looks like you're out voted," he told Travers.

Travers crossed his arms across his chest in a show of arrogance. "I have no intention of discussing anything with you in the room or even on the same block," he spit out.

Buffy stood up from the table, drawing Traver's attention. "Would that be the discussion about Glory being a hell goddess, the one about you threatening to have Giles deported, or the one where you threaten me in an attempt to bring me back under your control?" she inquired coldly. Buffy stalked away from the table to walk behind the sales counter.

Travers had not risen through the ranks of the Watcher's Council to become their leader for nothing. Even though his plans had been dealt a major blow by the Slayer already knowing about Glory, he kept on fighting to regain control of the whole situation. "Do you honestly think you have the resources to fight Glory without our help?" he asked acidly.

Buffy bent down to retrieve something from behind the counter. When she stood back up, she had a red, white, and blue shield in one hand and a heavy hammer made out of an unknown material that resembled that fusion of stone and metal. She walked back to the table and put both items in the center. "Yeah, I think we'll do ok with the resources we have," she replied.

The male researcher for the Council walked over to the table and tapped the shield. The unique sound the vibranium gave off told him the shield was genuine. He was about to ask where she had found Captain America's shield when the mage gasped as he looked at the hammer with his magical sight. "My gods... that's... that's Mjolnir!" the mage swore.

A deep voice called out from the back room. "Buffy, have you seen my hammer?" it inquired.

"It's in here, Thor," Buffy replied. "I borrowed it to show the Council of Impotence why we don't need them," she added.

The group from the Watcher's Council gasped as the god of Thunder walked into the room in his full battle armor. He walked behind Travers and pointed at Mjolnir. "Ponder that, mortal," he commanded.

Travers looked to where Thor was pointing and read the inscription that seemed to be etched inside the metal instead of on the surface. The words read, "Whosoever holds this hammer, if they be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor."

"Pick it up," Thor ordered Travers. The head of the watcher's Council reached forward and was unable to move the legendary hammer at all. It resisted every attempt he made to either lift or push the hammer. "None but those who are truly worthy may even hold Mjolnir," Thor reminded Travers.

Without any sign of strain or effort, Buffy picked up the hammer and handed it back to Thor. "Not only has Thor Odinson vowed to help us fight Glory, but he promised to bring me a case of Asgardian hair conditioner when we're done," she told the group.

"Lucky bitch," the female researcher muttered and then turned red when she realized she had said the words out loud. "Sorry," she apologized.

Travers glared at the female researcher and then at Buffy. "You're making a huge mistake, Ms. Summers," he warned the Slayer. "The Watcher's Council is not something you want as your enemy," he told her.

Dawn slurped loudly on her shake to draw Travers' attention. "Why?" she asked simply.

"Excuse me?" Travers replied, confused.

"Why should we fear the Council?" Dawn repeated. "It's not like you guys have any real power," she said, holding out her hand behind her. Anya came out from behind the counter and gave Dawn the two files Tony and Pepper had put together that morning.

Travers shifted uncomfortably in his seat. "I'll have you know little girl, that the Watcher's Council posses power far beyond what you can imagine," he told her.

Dawn pulled her sunglasses down on her nose a bit so she could look over the top of them at Travers. "Reall? 'Cause I always thought you were just a bunch pervs who got off on watching young girls and controlling their lives," she shot back. "I don't see where a bunch of voyeurs have any real power, and if the power you're talking about is financial... well, I have some bad news for you," she stated as she slid the first folder across the table to Travers.

Travers complexion paled more after each document he looked at. "From what my uncle and his girlfriend told me, the problem with creating shell companies to hide your money is that the farther removed from you the company is, the longer it takes to find out someone bought it out from under you," she told Travers. "As of this morning, Stark Industries owns what used to be the financial base of the Watcher's Council," she said smugly.

Tony sipped his bourbon and then put the glass tumbler down on the table using Captain America's shield as a giant coaster. "Apart from the cash you currently have in your wallet, the Council's liquid assets are somewhere halfway between jack and shit," he explained. Tony motioned with his hand and Dawn slid the other folder to Travers. "As for you threatening Giles with deportation, that folder contains files on all of you operatives and high level Council members worldwide," he said. "You so much as think of screwing around with my family, friends, or employees and I'll have SHIELD round you guys up faster than you can blink and drop you off in some backwoods county jail in Arkansas," he threatened.

The Council's mage turned to look at Giles, the question obvious in his expression. "The residents of that particular state make the Welsh look civilized," Giles told him. Several of the Council team swallowed hard, their mouths suddenly going dry. Giles looked at Travers. "Just so you know, Mr. Stark has offered me the job of being vice-president in charge of paranormal research for Stark Industries and I accepted," he said smugly. "From what my employer has told me, the US State Department has standing orders to not irritate Stark Industries," he added, completely neutering Travers' threats of deportation.

The female researcher walked over to the counter. "Out of curiosity, how much did Stark offer you?" she asked Giles. The ex`watcher wrote down a number on a slip of paper and passed it over to one time colleague. Her eyes widen as she saw the number of zeros involved. "Need any assistants?" she asked sincerely.

Giles made eye contact with Travers and said, "Glad to have you on board, Ms..." he said, realizing he didn't know the woman's name.

"Megan Williams," the woman replied. She turned around and stared at Travers. "You're an arsehole," she told him, glad to finally be able to say what she had been thinking for years.

Travers slid his finger under his shirt collar, suddenly feeling like it was far too tight. Tony saw the tell and moved in for the kill. "What I need from you right now is some glimmer of a reason for thinking you and your council still have relevance here," he stated.

The male researcher blurted out, "Glory isn't the only one looking for the Key."

"Shut up!" Travers commanded.

The male researcher went on like he hadn't heard his boss. "There is a militant religious order known as the Knights of Byzantium," he said. "They have pledged to destroy the Key to keep it out of Glory's hands," he stated.

Giles nodded, processing this new information. "If you can put together everything you know about these knights, I might consider taking you in as another assistant in my department," he said. "I think I can safely say Stark Industries is willing to offer you a tenth of my salary," he told the researcher. The female researcher who had seen how much Giles was going to be making looked at her partner and nodded her head quickly, telling him it was a very good deal.

"Mike Ohnson, Mr. Giles," the male researcher said as he walked over and shook Giles' hand. "Glad to be working with you, sir," he added.

Tony clapped his hands once and said, "And that concludes today's meeting." He looked at Travers and then at the front door. Thor made a fist and then rubbed it with his other hand. Travers took the implied threat for what is was and hurried out of the store with his mage following close behind.

After the door shut and Travers' car sped off, Giles turned back to look at his friends. "I enjoyed that immensely!" he told them.

Steve Rogers walked out from the back room and took one look at his shield on the table. "Damnit, Tony! You know that will leave rings!" he shouted as he grabbed a rag and rushed to move the glass tumbler and wipe away the condensation.