Violet is now at an age that she can do just about anything she wants. Violet is independent and living alone, that means no annoying brothers…sometimes. The family has the tendency to pop up now and then when they have time or in the area. Violet thought it would be nice to join a team, though she became part of one of the government's teams that was formed latter when the Underminer almost took over the second time with other villains that came together making it over whelming for the government and heroes everywhere. Thanks to Bobs' older Government buddy-old-pal Violet could get in with some ease. It's not fun being in the government. After the few years with the government, there were some days more interesting with new technology that could be used and tested that seemed more fun then using Violets powers. Yet, she's not happy about the new outfits, and someone that should not be there. That would be best left out, for now. Did I forget to Mention that mirage is apart of the government know. She's still beautiful and yet no one trusts her...can't blame him or her.


"I NOT COMING OUT!" Violet yelled out trying to hide. "I'm sure you look just fine Vi. We must be going or you'll be late on your first day of work." Mirage sat on the bed trying not to laugh at how childish Violet was behaving. Mirage sounded like a mother taking her kid to her first day of school. Violet looked over to see Mirage, who was now looking at Violet. "Are you ready?" Violet just glared at Mirage. "Do you need some assistants?" Violet went wide eye and went back to what she was doing. "I suppose that is a no" Mirage thought to herself. She leans back some with her palms on both sides of herself on the bed to keep her up. Mirage is feeling something is wrong, but can't put her finger on it. They needed to leave or they will be late for work. Mirage knew to never keep the boss waiting. Violet finely came out with a frown, "I can't go out looking like this..." Mirage stud up "Those are the rules, I'm sorry. Though if Mr. Incredible had seen this he probably would have a heart-attack or try to kill who made the uniform". Violet turned pale at the thought.

Edna had not made the uniforms for the government heroes, but was instead made by someone that Violet had never heard about. It was tight like her old hero uniform, but it was white and violet. Seems someone thought it would be funny to have the color violet on it, or something like it. The other reason why she didn't like the new uniform was the fact that it was too showy. It was like moms' old hero uniform. It had thy high boots, and elbow high gloves like Violets old uniform. Even the part that looked like underwear looked similar as well. Violet had what looked like a two-peace suit. The suit had no sleeves. The length of the top was from the under of the breast line that had a small band to keep the outfit down, and it went up to the caller making it look like an upside down "V". The bottoms look like something off of a bathing suit. It to had a small band to keep it up. It looked like a cheerleaders outfit.

Walking down the halls you can see a few of the workers looking at violet. A sound was heard by Violet's ears, it was do to someone hitting a wall. There was a thunk sound and some people yelling. It's not like everyone was paying attention to what has happened. A few people were shocked to see a hero in front of them. Some looked like drooling morons. Most others weren't shocked to see a hero. It didn't matter to Violet if some people wanted to look like morons because Violet was not happy about the uniform she had to wear and was trying to focus on not looking like a idiot in front of the boss that she is about to meet. Even when Mirage was talking to her, Violet did not noticed. Violet was thinking about the new job. Her father (Bob Parr) and mother (Helen Parr) helped her to get.

This job that her father helped get her into was not the first job, somehow something happens to her job. For example one of her jobs she was someone that delvers mail to people. It shut down because the mail came in late and then the bathrooms were out-of order it had to be shut down (that was not because of Violet), Violet was there for just a week. Violet's next job was to be a pilot at the airport, because she had lessons from one of her mom's friends that knew a lot about planes. Don't ask what happen there, but everyone is fine, well as fine as you can be. After that she became a teacher that lasted a few days till a villain paid a friendly little visit to the school and blow it up. Good thing everyone got out in time. Though Violet had to use her powers in front of everyone. The government fixed the memory of the ones that saw what happened. After all that, her father and a friend of her father were talking and so they asked violet to work for the government. Violet said yes, and so that is why she's working at the government.

Back to Violet and Mirage. They stopped at door; the guard at the door opens it after checking them. They walk into a somewhat dark room. You can see so many computer monitors on the wall that are in use giving light in the room. With some light you can see that the room is huge. Violet and Mirage walk up to the biggest monitor of them all. It was like the monitors you see in New York or the stadium.

Violet could see light a round the figure not showing the figure's face, yet, resembles a man. Violet could also feel his eyes looking down at Mirage and herself. To Violet it was like some kind of horror movie she might of seen on T.V.

Then the male spoke. "Hello Violet, how have you been how's you father? Surprised I know your name, Miss Parr?" The male said in a calm voice looking down on Violet. The male then looks to Mirage. "Hello Mirage, how are you? It has been a while hasn't it?" The male paused to look at them. Both mirage and Violet look shocked when they found out who the male was. "I mean really, to have hired you they must be nuts...yet again they did after all hirer me as well." He bent his head down slightly to the light to give Violet and Mirage a better view of his grinning face.

"Syndrome" Violet said in a low voice, as she looked dark and menacing. The male known as Syndrome spoke again with a grin in place and with a sarcastic tone "oh, did you miss me?" "WHO WOULD MISS YOU?!" Violet yelled. When Violet was yelling at him about her dad and the past Mirage was trying to calm Violet down. Mirage felt like the guards would come in at anytime.