Looking into the dark room with no windows. There are a few monitors in use in front of two people. One of them appears to look like a woman, the other looks to be male. You can just tell who he is. He has long blown/orange hair tied back with a few hairs sticking out in front of his face. He has blue eyes, a strong jaw line, and a button nose. It's the same guy that Violet was talking to. If you guessed buddy, you are correct. Buddy is what most of everyone calls "The Mystery Boss". Buddy was not warring his Hero/Villain costume that he did in the past. When Buddy is at work he would ware a suit. The suit he likes to ware the most is a "Boss Black 'Jam/Sharp' Trim Fit Grey Virgin Wool Suit".

They have been looking at the monitors for a while, before the women spoke. "So, what do you have planed for them?" Buddy looks up to the women with a grin "nothing". The woman gives a pout "why not?" Buddy folds his hands on the desk looking at the monitors. "Well, for starters. I don't want to rush it like last time and have something unexpected happen to mess it up. The other reason would be that they might expect me to do something." The women just terns, crossed her arms, and pouted. "How boring." Buddies' eyes look to her. " If you want to see your sister that much, then go see her. I have a feeling she would love to see you." The women turned to Buddy. "Oh, may I?" Buddy turns his head to her. " Yes you may, Phantasm" With a big grin she walked of into the darkness but was stopped. "Oh, and one more thing before you go, could you stop messing with those idiots by the testation with that form of yours?" Phantasm grins, "Yes sir, it will not happen again" then left.

It was getting dark and Mirage was looking into her files. She was already in her nice silk nightgown. The nightgown was a baby blue with white thin lace on the edge of it. Mirage thought it would be best is to see what Buddy said was true about them giving him a job. Mirage wanted to see if he was also the reason for Violet and herself for being there as well.

Mirage was so occupied she didn't see someone come up be hind her. The person grabbed her. Mirage quickly went into a defense mode. Something she learned latter after the whole Syndrome thing. With both hands she raised her arms while bending both knees, and just as quickly she jabbed her elbow into the persons ribs. The person let go. Mirage turned to throw a punch at the person, but stopped. The person was holding his ribs with one hand and the other in front of him tilling Mirage to stop. "Phantasm, Is that you?" The male looks up "yep, it's me" he said with a pain grin. "Nice hit, sis."

While Mirage was having a family feud, Violet was in prison. Someone at work called her and asked Violet to come down and watch some of the prisoners that were too dangerous to be in a regular prison.

Dering the years the new government has been thinking of new ways to keep people safe; even the villains need safety from all kinds of people. The villains that have a prison cell there at the new government have cells that look to pamper the prisoner. Thanks to Buddies technology prisoners can't pick the locks, dig out, harm the guards, and no one can hurt or help them. Not even the guards. Yes, thanks to buddy even transporting poisoners is an easy and safe way.

When Violet got there she seems bored, tired, and grumpy. The only thing that made her nerviest was the fact that they seemed to flirt with her and giving lame cheesy remarks to her. They even commented her new uniform. They said something about being her villain, become a villain, or prisoner. What ever they said didn't matter to her, it just creeps her out, and it made Violet hate her new uniform even more. All Violet wanted to do was go home and sleep. Not babysit some villains. Violet still loves being a super, being a superhero to the people made her come out of her shell, just not enough as to show too much skin. Who do you think she is, Cat woman?

Violet was stuck there all night with the prisoners. At leas Violet was not to board, because one of the female villains was complaining about her cell, and life. The women looked like she was a model but her face made her look like a nerd. The woman was so winey. Yet Violet could not help as to talk to her. It did help her from going to sleep and getting in trouble. It didn't mean that she still wanted something to happen. Violet even wished for Syndrome to come out and fight. Then she thought of Buddy. Why did he agree to work for them? Would he want to be Syndrome again? Violet also thought of Buddy. He failed just about everything. Buddies revenge failed, his hero gig failed, his technology attracted him, and he can't even kidnap a baby. Violet laughed at the thought of buddy getting hit with a purse because he can't steel a candy from a baby.

In the corner of her eye she saw one of the prisoners flagging her over. Violet got up and walked over to him. When she stopped in front of his cell. Violet thought right away that it was Bomb Voyage without makeup. Even his voice sounded like him, but he looks a lot younger then he would know even his head is more rounded then Bomb Voyage's head. "Bonjour mademoiselle" said the male that looked like Bomb Voyage. "What do you want?" Trying to look like she's not mad or annoyed.

The male villain grins. He leans on the wall of his cell close to her. The only thing separates them is one of Buddies force field windows. "I know what you're thinking, and non I'm not Bomb Voyage." He gave a chuckle while looking at Violet. Violet's face always gives her away. So she repeats herself. "What do you want?" The male looks like something from a comic or a manga or something. He's young, kind of cute to her, with sharp villain eyes, medium belt body, and short hair like Bomb Voyage or any guy now and days.

"So, Est-ce que vous etes married?" Violet felt like smacking him. "No! I mean, wait no. Ah. Shut up! " She was so flustered. It was hard to hide it. "It is not of any of your business!" Looking embarrass. The male could not help but laugh. "That's it, I'm leaving." The male stopped her. "Wait mademoiselle, I did have something important to tell you. Please here me out?" Violet was thinking it over. "Trust me, you a hero and daughter of monsieur incredible would want to know or would you like me to call you Violet parr." He looks stern and focused on Violet. Violet looked shocked. Then looks at him with her head slightly down. Her hands clutched tight. "How did you know, and who else knows." He gets closer to the force field. "Now will you lesson to what I have to say?"