Chapter 9: Really Useful Cybertronian

Autobot Base...

"Ratchet can I go now? I'm sure Optimus needs me!" Diesel 10 said walking over to Ratchet who was on the computer.

"Optimus hasn't required your assistance at the moment!" Ratchet said optics locked on the screen.

Diesel 10 sighs and walks away looking at a stasis Barricade. Just then, his luck comes back.

"Ratchet, bring Diesel 10. I believe we may need some back up!" Optimus' voice boomed on the monitor.

Diesel 10 grinned at Ratchet who slightly smiled.

"Go ahead Diesel 10!" Ratchet said opening the groundbridge.

Diesel 10 eagerly ran through just as Barricade woke up.

"Huh what? What happened?" Barricade asked looking around.

"You lost to Shockwave...but James took care of him!" Ratchet said. "How are you feeling?"

"Fine, just light-headed at the moment." Barricade said.

Back on the Island...

The Dieselworks made Optimus worried if Megatron could easily pop out anywhere. He hid in a shed waiting for Diesel 10 to show up. Thomas and Percy arrived creeping over towards the shed. Once the coast was clear they ran for it and successfully made it.

"Good thing you're here on time!" Optimus whispered.

"Why is Megatron here? And where is Sir Topham Hatt?" Thomas asked.

"I fear Megatron is keeping him prisoner. Probably close by!" Optimus said.

"Thomas, where's Annie and Clarabel?" Percy asked.

"I don't know!"

Just then, Bulkhead com. linked Optimus.

"Optimus, Lady Hatt is safe, she was hiding inside Knatford Station. No sign of the boss." Bulkhead said.

"Thanks for the update, we are trying to find Megatron!" Optimus said.

"Understood!" Bulkhead said before hanging up.

Just then, they heard a voice!

"COME OUT OPTIMUS OR THOMAS! I'M SURE THESE PRISONERS WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU! AND SO WOULD I!" Megatron said as his voice echoed throughout the abandoned Dieselworks.

"Prisoners, then he has STH and my coaches!" Thomas snarled.

"Thomas remain calm, we must be careful of what Megatron may be planning when we meet!" Optimus said.

"I'm scared!" Percy shuttered.

"Don't be, we'll get through this!" Thomas said resting a servo on Percy's shoulder.

This made Percy feel a bit more powerful! He smiled.

"Let's do it!" Percy smirked.

"Megatron, we are here, but where are your prisoners?" Optimus yelled out hoping Megatron would hear it.

"Right where I am, come on out frodm hiding or else they will be terminated!" Megatron laughed.

Optimus, Thomas and Percy come out of the shed and follow the tracks towards the inside of the Dieselworks. There in the center, was Megatron evily grinning at them.

"MEGATRON!" Thomas growled.

"Let the prisoners go!" Optimus demanded.

"You mean these prisoners?" Megatron asked moving aside to show Sir Topham Hatt, Annie and Clarabel. The coaches were hanging on cranes that were holding them high in the air. STH was being trapped by 2 drones.

"OH NO SIR TOPHAM HATT!" Percy yelled.


"We're fine Thomas!" Annie said.

"Just get us down!" Clarabel said.

"MEGATRON DROP THEM!" Thomas snarled.

"Oh really, and why should I do that?" Megatron asked.

"THOMAS? PERCY? IS THAT REALLY YOU?" STH said not believing what he was seeing!

"Yes sir, we will explain later-"

"There will be no later!" Megatron said butting in.

The drones turned around and aimed their guns at Thomas and Percy. Optimus and Megatron were staring down each other.

"Megatron, you're outnumbered. Shockwave, Dreadwing and all the other drones have been defeated. Give up while you can!" Optimus said.

"Not until I blast these two runts into oblivion!" Megatron said.

Optimus charged Megatron and the two start fighting. The drones throw fists at Thomas and Percy who return them. STH wishes he could help now that no one was paying him no mind. He saw that the drones were standing under both Annie and Clarabel. STH had a plan, he ran for the stairs to get up the top platform and went to the closest crane controls. He waited for Thomas to get the first drone under Annie. Thomas quickly looked up and saw STH was lowering Annie a bit so she didn't damage herself too bad when she fell. Thomas punched the drone into the shadow and STH pulled the lever releasing Annie causing her to crush the drone to death. Optimus and Megatron didn't notice a thing. STH was surprised that he was able to do what he just did. He stumbled a few times as he reached the other crane panel and waited for Percy's move. Percy was having a hard time fighting the drone so he kept moving around.

"HOLD STILL AUTOBOT!" The drone snarled.

"No way!" Percy said slightly looking where STH was lowering Clarabel a bit.

Percy led the drone under Clarabel's shadow and STH pulled the lever crushing the drone under Clarabel. This time, the leaders noticed.

"WHAT THE SLAG?" Megatron snarled. Then saw STH running back down the stairs.

"YOU FILTHY INSECT!" Megatron snarled catching Optimus by surprise as he rammed a fist into Optimus' face knocking him into a wall.

Megatron charged STH who tried to run. Megatron was cut off by a hard punch to the face by Thomas. Megatron smashes into a crane that fell over. Percy evacuated Annie and Clarabel.


Megatron was now enraged. Percy and Optimus came up beside Thomas ready to join in. But then...something bashed through the doors in the back. A big monster like mech walked through growling. Megatron was confused as he had never seen this mech before.

"Oh you're in trouble now!" Thomas smirked.

" Diesel 10!" Percy said.

Megatron was actually surprised. Diesel 10 smirked as he got right in front of Megatron.

"Hello Megatron! What are you doing in MY DIESELWORKS?" Diesel 10 snarled.

Despite Diesel 10 being only the size of Bulkhead, the extra modifications made him seem bigger. Megatron growled.

"Do you really think you have a chance against me?" Megatron sneered.

"Let's find out!" Diesel 10 said as he shot fire from the palm of his hands blasting Megatron back in a fiery blaze.

Diesel 10 than stretched his claw and blasted a beam knocking Megatron out the Dieselworks making him land in a pile of scrap. Megatron recovered and charged him. But Diesel 10 easily punched him back sending the mech spinning. Megatron couldn't believe he was losing. But before he could retailiate, Diesel 10 pounced on him pinning him down. Megatron was now shocked that he didn't have the strength to get up...Diesel 10 seemed to be able to take over the decepticons if he wanted to.

"You plan on terminating me?" Megatron growled.

"No, that Optimus' job!" Diesel 10 snarled. "Give up Megatron, you are defeated. DON'T YOU EVER COME BACK TO THIS ISLAND! BECAUSE IF YOU DO, I CAN EASILY RIP YOU APART, OR GET RATCHET TO TURN EVERY ONE OF MY FRIENDS INTO AUTOBOTS. STEAMIES, DIESELS, VEHICHLES, EVEN HUMANS! YOU DON'T HAVE A CHANCE! SO WHY DON'T YOU TAKE SHOCKWAVE AND DREADWING AND GET OFF SODOR!" Diesel 10 yelled loudly surprising Megatron who looked like he just embarrased himself in front of all the decepticons.

Thomas, Percy, Optimus and STH just watched. Annie and Clarabel were too scared to watch. Megatron was trying to collect himself after the loud outburst that could be heard all over sodor!

"Fine...I'll leave! You win!" Megatron mumbled actually admitting defeat knowing how much farther this could've gone.

Diesel 10 got off of Megatron who had trouble getting up at first. He was severely injured.

"Next time we meet Optimus, we will be back in our regular demension!" Megatron snarled.

"Soundwave bring Shockwave and Dreadwing to the Dieselworks." Optimus comm. linked.

Soon Soundwave, Starscream, Steve and James delivered the battered 'cons. When the others saw Shockwave they couldn't help but laugh. Megatron actually smirked.

"NOT FRAGGING FUNNY!" Shockwave snarled as the chocolate nearly had him completely brown. "DIESEL 10?"

"Ah Shockwave, we meet yet again! So nice to see you!" Diesel 10 said flexing his claws.


A groundbridge opened up and Megatron dragged himself and the cuffed 'cons through, but looked back first. The Autobots stared at him. Megatron squinted his optics and turned back as he disappeared through the vortex.

"Wait what about this?" James said holding Dreadwing's detonator!

"...give it to them!" Optimus said hoping he did not just make the wrong choice.

So James just tossed it into the vortex. Not knowing he threw it hard enough so that when it hit the Nemesis floor is broke, much to Dreadwing's anger. The Autobots cheered.

"Thank you Thomas, Percy, James, Diesel 10 and Optimus Prime! You were all brave!" STH said.

"Thank you sir, would you like a ride?" Thomas offered putting down one of his hands.

"I would like that!" STH said stepping on to it.

"That was great!" Annie said.

"Like we were part of the action!" Clarabel said.

"And now we will repair every single damage the Decepticons have caused!" Optimus said.

On the way back, Diesel 10 and James carried Annie and Clarabel while Thomas, Percy and Optimus talked with STH.

"You know, I still can't believe it's actually you guys!" STH said as he sat on Thomas' left shoulder.

"Well believe sir, but...I don't think we will have these bodies for long!" Percy said.

"We have to go back right Optimus?" Thomas asked.

"No friends, you all earned those bodies and may use them however you like!" Optimus smiled.

"Thank you Optimus!" Percy said.

"My pleasure, thank you for helping out!" Optimus said.

"I think we should all thank STH, if it wasn't for him, Annie and Clarabel would still be hanging." Thomas said.

"Aw it was nothing!" STH said.

At Tidmoth Sheds, the engines and Autobots were having a celebration. No more would they see the Decepticons on Sodor. All the drone bodies were crushed into little pieces and used as parts to rebuild a few buildings. All the Autobots worked hard to reapir everything. Cranky was relieved to have his arm fixed back on. He felt a lot better. Ratchet had fixed Barricade who came back to the island wanting to ask a question to Optimus.

The Nemesis...

Knock Out and Breakdown were trying hard not to laugh at the angry Decepticons who were going to their own rooms. Megatron was too tired and weak to get them so he went to his room to rest. He was still surprised about the previous events he was involved in. Dreadwing was helping Shockwave get the now hardend chocolate off of him. Dreadwing wasn't thinking of how funny it was because he too was now getting covered in it.

"HAHA!" Breakdown laughed. "You two look like slag!"

"Sucks to be you!" Knock Out laughed.

A few drones nearbye were also laughing. This made Shockwave and Dreadwing enraged. As a response, Shockwave charged Knock out who got scared and ran off.


At that, the drones ended up fighting Shockwave while Dreadwing charged Breakdown who brought out his hammer.

"Bring it Dreadwing!" Breakdown snarled right before he was tackled.

Megatron groaned as he listened to the sounds of a huge brawl near his room. He would deal with them later.

On the Island...

"So Autobots, I guess this is goodbye...forever?" Thomas said as he, James, Percy and Diesel 10 were back in engine mode.

"No Thomas my friend! I promise we will visit as often as we can. I hope you all can forgive us for bringing the war to this island!" Optimus said.

"It's okay! It was fun trying new things!" Percy said.

"Yeah, I loved it!" James said.

"I feel like this is a new beginning!" Diesel 10 said.

"I believe so too, it's been an honor fighting by your side!" Optimus said.

The engines blew their whistles and the Diesels blew their horns. But then, they noticed Barricade who was looking confused.

"Barricade you okay?" Bumblebee beeped.

"Well, I wanted to ask Optimus something, but he will probably disagree!" Barricade said.

"What is it Barricade, don't be afraid to ask." Optimus said.

"Well, I was wondering if I could...stay here! I know you need as many Autobots as you can find...but I feel I belong here...with them!" Barricade said looking at the engines who smiled. "But, you know I will always be available when you need some more firepower."

The other Autobots smiled.

"Barricade, you are welcome to stay here as long as you like! We will not disagree with your choices." Optimus said. Barricade smiled.

"So, I guess we are on our way again!" Soundwave said to Starscream and Steve.

"Seems like it!" Steve said.

"Well, we'll be around...don't think you're alone Barricade!" Starscream said.

"See ya...oh and Breakaway, good look with Arcee!" Soundwave said.

Breakaway growled. Arcee walked over as the seekers took off.

"What about me?" Arcee said.

"Uh...I was...uh...oh scrap! Remember when I asked about if you had any plans?" Breakaway asked.

"Yes!" Arcee said.

"Well, I know we're all busy with the war but...I was just..."

"Asking me on a date?"

Breakaway was glad he couldn't blush. The engines looked on with interest. The Autobots snickered.

"Y-y-yes, but it doesn't have to be a date, it could a night out...or something!" Breakaway studdered as his legs weakened.

Arcee smirked.

"Come on...Breaky! Let's enjoy a night out!" Arcee said.

Breakaway's optics beamed at this!

"WOW! I mean, okay sure. Lets!" Breakaway said. "Eat your spark out Soundwave!"

As the Autobots gave their farewells, Optimus called Ratchet to activate the groundbridge. The engines and Barricade watched as the Autobots walked through and disappeared. A tear came into Thomas' eye knowing they wouldn't be around for awhile. Barricade leaned down and patted his side. Sir Topham Hatt and Lady Hatt smiled.

Autobot Base...

Ratchet noticed the Autobots returning looking rather upset. Ratchet was expecting to see smiles.

"Optimus, what happened?" Ratchet asked.

"Nothing bad, just the fact that...with the war going may be a much longer time till we see them again! Megatron will probably be more aggressive in his next attack in this demension." Optimus said.

"But we will be ready!" Bulkhead said.

"Always will!" Arcee said.

"Autobots never lose!" Bumblebee and Breakaway said at the same time.

"And neither will the Island of Sodor!" Optimus added.

Then, the Autobots could've sworn they heard the sound of Thomas' whistle in the distance...just as the groundbridge closed...

The End...

I hope you all enjoyed the sequel crossover. I thought it was pretty good myself. Please let me know of what you thought and hopefully that satisfied ya! Until next time...Kingstriker out!