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Chapter ?: A Torturous Stay

Day 1

Harry groaned as he slowly came awake. He tried to move but realized his wrists were chained to the wall above him. He blinked, noticing that somehow he had managed to keep his glasses. He heard a moan and looked across the room. Chained to the opposite wall was Ed. He was still unconscious and was chained in the same way as Harry, his mismatched arms bound above his head. He was missing his shirt so Harry had a clear view of his many scars. There was also blood running down from the connection between his flesh and the metal on his right shoulder. 'But why?' Harry wondered. 'Oh. Right, Bellatrix hit Ed with a Stunning spell that didn't quite work, but it looked like it hurt.' Ed groaned and slowly blinked awake.

"Harry?" Ed's voice was dry and cracking. Harry smiled weakly.

"So Ed, still alive?"

"Yeah…" Ed looked at his restraints and frowned. He yanked his metal arm away from the wall, grimacing but still successfully ripping the shackle out of the stone wall. He reached towards the manacle on his left hand when the dungeon door banged open. Harry caught a brief glance of a man with long spiky green hair and a weird outfit dashing past him. He grabbed Ed's metal arm and hissed at him,

"Not today, pipsqueak!" as he ripped the arm out of its metal socket. Harry saw Ed's face whiten before he let out a howl of pain. The green-haired man giggled as he watched Ed pass out. He threw Ed's arm to the corner of the room while continuing to chuckle. A woman's voice came from the doorway.

"Aww come on Envy, did you have to make little Eddy pass out? Now I can't have any fun!" Harry snarled when Bellatrix Lestrange strolled into the room. "Hey, baby Harry. Nice to see you again." She smirked sadistically before turning to Edward. "Now, I think it's time for little Eddy to wake up don't you? Crucio." Ed came awake screaming.

"Stop it!" Harry yelled hoarsely. Bellatrix frowned at him.

"Oh come on baby Harry, don't you get it? The only reason little Eddy is here is for entertainment! If Envy here didn't want to have a little fun then Eddy would already be dead!" Luckily, Harry had distracted Bellatrix from her curse on Ed, but now he was quite confused.

"What the hell do you mean?" Bellatrix laughed.

"Well you see, the Dark Lord wants to kill you personally. But he said I could have little Eddy for some fun before we let Envy here kill him." She smirked. "You on the other hand…. Well, I only get to torture you a little bit. Crucio!" Harry screamed and screamed until he passed out from the pain.


Harry groaned as he came awake. He felt like crap.

"Bloody hell…" he whispered. He looked across at Ed and gasped. Ed looked even worse than he did. He looked as if he was fighting to stay conscious and Harry could see he was covered in sweat. There was blood running down his face from a cut over his eye and he was having muscles spasms every few seconds. Ed smirked weakly at Harry.

"Looks like you're not dead yet either." He started to cough, causing something dark to trickle from the corner of his mouth.

"Ed…. What the hell did they do to you?" Ed coughed again.

"They let that crazy bitch have some fun. Course Envy sat there laughing his ass off. Damn bastard." Harry grunted in sympathy.

"How long did they let her torture you?"

Ed shrugged as best he could with one arm chained to a wall. "About three hours, give or take a few." He sighed and rested his head against the wall. "Crazy bitch only let up cause she said she was getting bored."

Harry was rather shocked. 'Bellatrix Lestrange… getting bored while torturing someone? That's not normal.' he thought. "Why'd she get bored?" Harry asked, curious.

Ed did his weird little shrug thing again, grimacing in pain. "Might have been cause I didn't scream." He snorted. "Psychopath." The door creaked open and none other than Bellatrix Lestrange walked in.

"Hey little Eddy! Looks like we get to play again!" Ed snarled and tried to kill her for calling him short. Bellatrix turned and leered at Harry. "Ooh look! Baby Harry is awake too!" She grinned sadistically, turning back to Ed. "So, little Eddy, I got permission to make our playtime a little more fun!" She pulled a gleaming knife from a sheath on her leg. She lifted it and pressed it against Ed's cheek, whispering in his ear as she did so. He looked disgusted and tried to pull away but only succeeded in managing to get a deep cut down his cheek. Bellatrix pulled away and laughed madly. She turned towards Harry, giggling crazily. "And baby Harry gets to watch our playtime this time! Isn't that great!" She turned back to Ed and placed the knife against his chest. She was murmuring to him as she made cuts in his skin.

"You… are a filthy little mudblood BRAT." Harry watched in horror as Bellatrix sliced the word MUDBLOOD across Ed's chest. Ed hissed in pain, but did not scream. Bellatrix looked disappointed and turned away with a sigh. "Oh well… looks like we'll have to call in the dementors." She said as she stabbed the knife right in between the metal port of Ed's automail and his flesh. As the cold feeling and dread of the dementors forced Harry into unconsciousness, he heard a terrible scream from Ed mixing with the sound of his mother's sobs and shrieks.


Time was unraveling. It was such a strange feeling to suddenly go from the present time to the past with a sudden flash of pain and a deep, bone-numbing coldness. Over and over, the worst mistakes of his life were playing in his head, tormenting him. He would remember the squelch of being speared through the chest and then the pain of dying, and then he would be back, holding his mother's hand as she slowly faded away, taking her last breaths as she smiled up at him. He had seen the transmutation hundreds of times, been dragged into the Gate hundreds of times, face Barry the Chopper hundreds of times, relived every horrible thing he'd ever experienced hundreds of times, and it seemed like it would never end. Just as Ed began to lose hope of ever escaping, the chill that had accompanied him the whole time he was trapped began to fade, and he felt himself rising out of the deep well that was his mind.

The days inched by slowly, at least he thought they were days. It could have been hours or minutes but it felt like years. Every so often one of Voldemort's underlings would bring some stale, moldy bread accompanied by a jug of warm, stagnant water. It wasn't much, but it kept them alive. Every day Ed's body became more battered as Bellatrix's sadistic "playtimes" continued.

Ed woke from his Dementor-induced sleep slowly and painfully. He glanced around the room, surveying the surroundings. Harry had yet to awaken, it seemed. As the door began to open Ed considered that this probably was a good thing as Bellatrix and Envy entered the room. Envy sneered at Ed.

"Hey there, Little Bro, I get to join in the playtime today! Isn't this fun?"

"Don't call me little!" Ed snarled.

Envy just laughed. "That wasn't even frightening when you weren't chained to a wall! Ha!"

Ed lunged away from the wall, trying to reach Envy and rip his heart out.

"Now now you two, if you keep this fighting up playtime won't be any fun! After all, siblings are supposed to get along, right?" Bellatrix walked up and laid her hand on Envy's arm. "Now Envy, be a dear and pull little Eddy away from the wall for me would you? I need to get to his back." She smirked sadistically at Ed. "Hey Eddy, we're going to play the Picture Back Game! I burn something into your back and you try to guess what it is, okay?"

Ed glared vehemently at her. "Go to hell, you crazy bitch."

Bellatrix's smirk turned nasty. "All right then, let's get started. Envy!"

Envy grabbed Ed's waist and jerked him away from the wall, straining his arm. Ed went pale as he felt his shoulder give way and shift, the pain rushing through it like fire. He vaguely registered Envy's laughter as he tried to get his reactions under control. Of course, that was before the wand tip touched his skin. The pain was horrible; horrible enough to cause him to jerk away and hiss through gritted teeth as the wand drew patterns on his skin. He could feel his back muscles bunching and writhing, trying to escape the burning agony. Ed floated on the verge of unconsciousness, barely sensing his surroundings. After a while though, a voice reached him through the haze.


'Harry…' Ed wanted to respond so badly but he knew if he unlocked his teeth he would not be able to stop from screaming. Thankfully, the burning wand tip was soon removed from his back, and the agony dulled just a bit. Enough that he could unclench his teeth and take the first proper breath he'd had since the torment had begun. Envy's hands released his waist and he swung back into the wall, jarring his dislocated shoulder. The pain was dull compared to the agony of his back, but it was different enough to break Ed out of his stupor. He heard the cell door slam shut and slowly registered the fact that his tormentors were gone.

"Ed! Are you all right?"

Ed glanced up at Harry and grinned lopsidedly. "Yeah….Harry…..I just….need a little….rest…..

The cell and the agony fell away as Ed slipped into unconsciousness.


Harry stared worriedly at his friend across the room. Four meals had been delivered since the last time Bellatrix had been there, the time when she burned the Dark Mark into Edward's back. Ed had only woken up long enough to eat and ask Harry what exactly had been drawn upon his back. As soon as he was finished Ed would simply pass out again, until he was woken to eat. It made Harry anxious for his friend to be sleeping so much but he assumed it was a good thing because rest heals. Harry sighed.

"I hope those two stay away for a while longer…."

The moment he finished that statement the door creaked open.


Ed immediately jerked awake. His wary eyes instantly focused in on Bellatrix as she prowled towards him. She sidled up next to the injured teen, running her fingers down his cheek. "Aw Eddy, you've got this adorable little face don't you?" Ed, obviously not liking this, bared his teeth and attempted to bite into Bellatrix's hand. The evil woman jerked her hand back, pure fury blackening her features. "You little brat!" Ed's head snapped sideways as the hand he had attempted to bite slammed into his face. Silence filled the room as Ed's cheek burned bright red and blood began to trickle down from his chin from the split made in his lip.

Bellatrix continued to glare at him. "Well now, Eddy-boy, it seems this playtime will be a bit rougher than usual! Reducto!"

The spell hit Ed in the ribs and he jerked forward, coughing as the air was knocked out of him.

"Reducto! Reducto! Reducto!"

A crack echoed through the as Ed vomited blood onto the floor.

"Reducto! Reducto!"

Two more snaps were heard and more blood dripped from Ed's mouth.

Bellatrix sniffed at Ed's bent forwards body. "I hope you're not done, little Eddy, playtime isn't over just yet."

Harry jerked against his chains. "Stop it, you're killing him!"

Bellatrix did not even register that she heard Harry's protests. She lifted her wand, the tip crackling with electricity. "Just half an hour with this and then we'll let the dementors go at you for a day or two. After that I'll be back and we can play some more!" She pressed her sparking wand tip into the empty port on his right shoulder. Ed let out a strangled scream as he tried to escape from the current running through his metal port. Harry strained away from the wall, trying to reach his friend.

"Stop! Please! STOP!"

Bellatrix sighed as she pulled away from Ed. "I suppose….. but only because you screamed loud enough for both of you. Plus," she patted Ed's cheek. "Envy doesn't want Eddy-boy to be too damaged, otherwise he won't be any fun to kill. He wants to murder the smarmy little brat who defies him rather than some broken little child. No fun. No fun at all." She strolled out of the cell but left the door open. The dementors flooded in, dragging Ed and Harry out of the cell and into their darkest memories.


It had been eight meals since the torturer had come. Ed was thankful for the reprieve, but the suspense was killing him. It didn't help that Harry was so worried about him; Ed could handle the pain. Most of it was nothing compared to the automail surgery. It would be a pain in the ass to heal all the wounds he had accumulated and he doubted he could repair his automail on his own. Of course, escaping would be a project all on its own. Ed estimated they had been there about eight days and no rescue had come yet, so they would probably have to escape on their own. If he had both his arms then it wouldn't be a problem. Hell, even if he could get his other arm free it would be a piece of pie! Ed sighed. What a dilemma. This can't get any worse! The door to the cell creaked open and Bellatrix Lestrange walked in, an insane grin on her face. 'Oh wait, yes it can.'

"Hey there Eddy-boy! I brought a new toy today!" From inside her robes she pulled a pistol, a revolver to be more accurate.

Ed raised an eyebrow at her. "Where'd you get that? Isn't that a 'Muggle' thing?"

Bellatrix cackled as she wielded the gun. "Muggles are so brutish and disgusting but I can't say they aren't creative!" With a sick giggle she pointed the gun at Ed and pulled the trigger. Ed flinched back waiting for the painful impact. The gun clicked. "Haha! Looks like that was an empty one! Oh well!" She spun the cylinder and pointed the gun at Ed's left shoulder. "Let's see if I'm lucky this time!" She pulled the trigger and the gun discharged, a bullet slamming into Ed's shoulder, throwing his body back into the wall.

"ED!" Harry shouted, distraught.

Bellatrix giggled madly, spinning the cylinder once again. "Let's have another go, shall we!" She pointed the gun at Ed's right shoulder and pulled the trigger. The gun clicked. "Looks like you got lucky that time!" She pointed the gun at Ed's left thigh. "Are you gonna get lucky again?" The gun clicked but did not fire. "Would you look at that! I think it's my turn to get lucky now!" She spun the cylinder and aimed the revolver at Ed's right knee. Bellatrix pulled the trigger and Ed's leg collapsed under him as the bullet shattered his knee cap. A grunt of pain escaped his clenched teeth. Bellatrix peered into the cylinder of the gun, spinning it again just to check. "Sorry Eddy, I'm out of bullets. Don't worry though, I'll be back soon and we can play some more!" Bellatrix swept out of the room with an evil laugh.

Blood dripped from Ed's wounded shoulder and knee. He collapsed back against the wall, breathing heavily as white spots danced in front of his eyes. "Hey Harry… I think I'm gonna take a little nap." And Ed passed out.


Ed woke up in time for the next meal. Another meal passed before Bellatrix came back. "Playtime" didn't last as long and only consisted of the removal and reattachment of Ed's automail leg before the dementors were called in a Harry and Ed descended into their worst memories once again.


Harry blinked open his eyes, his head shooting up as he gasped sharply. Panting heavily, he peered around, trying to figure out where he was. His eyes landed on Ed, bruised and battered, and his shoulder slumped in horror as the memories came rushing back.

"Ed….." he called out, his voice hoarse and cracking. "Ed… Ed, answer me, please!"

Ed hung still against the wall.


A cough racked Ed's body and his breath came in rattling gasps as his head snapped up. With a quick glance around, recognition dawned in Ed's eyes as he seemed to remember their situation. He looked up at Harry.

"You okay?"

Harry nodded. "Yeah. I'm good."

Ed nodded. "Alright then." He wriggled slightly, trying to get his shoulder into a more comfortable position. "If only I could get my arm free I could probably get us out of here, but Envy already destroyed my automail so that's a hopeless idea." Ed sighed disappointedly.

Harry stared at him incredulously. "How? How could you get us out of here?!"

Ed shrugged awkwardly. "It wouldn't help much to tell you because it wouldn't work without a way to get free. Just forget about it."

"Ed, I-" Just as Harry was about to say something, Bellatrix burst back into the room.

"Hey boys, how was your dementor playtime? Fun right? Oh, I knew it would be!" She clapped her hands together happily with a sick grin on her face before sauntering over to Ed. "Hello Eddy-boy! How are you feeling?" Bellatrix spotted the knife still stabbed into the area right between Ed's skin and his automail port. "Oh how silly of me! Forgot my knife!" She grasped it tightly and yanked it out of Ed's shoulder. Ed stifled a shout of pain as the movement yanked on the irritated skin. Blood began to pour out of the wound. Too much blood in Harry's opinion.

"Hey, what are you doing! He's going to bleed to death!"

Bellatrix pouted at Harry. "Oh, baby Harry, you think you're so smart." She lifted the knife to her lips and slid her tongue out, tasting the blood covering the blade. With a horrific smile on her face she said, "We don't need to worry about that now, cause Envy gets to kill him soon! A little blood loss won't be much compared to what Envy has planned!" She giggled crazily, spinning the knife as she strutted over to the cell door and yanked it open to let in the man with the spiky green hair in. As she strolled out, she called back, "Play nice you two!"

Harry stared warily at the man named Envy before glancing over to Ed. The blood was still running down from the wound in his shoulder as he panted for breath. His head was up, his gold eyes attempting to burn a hole through Envy's head.

Envy looked over at Ed and smirked. "Hey there pipsqueak! Anything I can do to make you stay more comfortable?"

"Yeah, you can die. That would make this so much nicer." Ed growled.

"Ha!" Envy cackled manically. "You see, Little Bro, this is why I love trying to kill you. It's always so entertaining!"

Harry glanced back and forth between Ed and Envy, coming to a revelation. 'When Ed said his brother thought it would be fun to stick his arm through his chest, this is who he was talking about?!'

Ed snorted. "Yeah, sure. It has nothing to do with your issues about being 'replaced' or some shit, right?"

In a flash, Envy was right up in Ed's face, a sickening grin still adorning his own. "There there little bro, let's not go prodding at old wounds shall we?" A horrible squelch filled the room and Harry saw Ed's eyes widen and blood begin to drip from his mouth. As Envy began to draw back, Harry gasped with horror as he saw what appeared to be Envy's arm stabbed through Ed's stomach. Envy's sickening smile was now replaced with a twisted snarl as he hissed, "Time to die again, you little pipsqueak. I killed you too quickly last time. This time, you'll die NICE AND SLOW." Envy jerked his arm out of Ed's stomach, surveying the blood that coated it. He glanced at Ed, hanging from the wall, blood dripping off his body. Envy sneered. "Look at you, you still think you're so great?" He reached up and ripped through the chain holding Ed's left arm. Ed crumpled down to the floor with a gasp of pain. Envy grinned down at him. "Die in the dirt like you should, you little human worm." He turned and strolled out of the cell, the insane grin remaining on his face the whole time. The slam of the door echoed through the stone room, raising Harry from his shocked stupor.

"ED! ED! Oh god Ed!" Tears began to well in Harry's eyes as he screamed out to his friend, trying desperately to tear free of his chains.

A weak laugh cut through the room. Harry froze, the tears dripping from his eyes. Ed laughed again. "Haha….. I guess my plan will work now. I suppose I should thank Envy for that huh. Haha…." Ed's left hand lifted shakily off the ground before dipping to the hole in his stomach and scooping away some blood. "Suppose I should thank Bellatrix too, it was her 'playtime' with the dementors that helped me to remember….." His blood soaked fingers dropped to the floor and he began to draw something onto the stones.

"Ed…. What are you doing?" Harry's voice shook as he asked hesitantly.

Ed didn't answer; his fingers just kept smearing blood onto the floor. Eventually, though, the movement stopped. "Good…. it's finished." Ed murmured. He pressed his fingers onto the design he drew on the floor and blue light crackled across it before a two stone hands shot out of the ground and climbed up to grasp onto Harry's chains before yanking them away from the wall and crumbling.

Harry fell to the ground and tried to stand but his knees crumpled and he tumbled forward. Barely managing to catch himself, he began to crawl over to Ed.

"Wait…. Harry… I need you to do something for me."

Harry's expression was desperate. "What is it, Ed?"

"Could you…..get my arm…for me? It should…..still be in….the corner…..where Envy threw it…before…"

"Yeah, Ed, sure."

Harry crawled to the corner and grabbed Ed's automail arm, dragging it back over to where Ed was.

"Thanks…. Harry. Could you…help me…reattach it?"


Harry helped Ed sit upright, wincing when Ed coughed and blood spewed out between his lips. He carefully aligned the arm before slowly pushing it in. Ed growled at him. "You can't take it slow, Harry, you have to do it fast! Here, let me!" Ed lifted his left hand and gripped the metal shoulder, shoving the connectors into the port. He choked back a howl of pain as the metal clashed with the sensitive nerves before connecting. He could tell from the moment the two pieces of metal connected that it was wrong. Ed hissed through his teeth at the agony of mismatched points being forced together.

"Ed, are you alright?!"

"Yeah…I'm just fine… you might want to….. move back a bit….. Harry."

Harry blinked uncertainly. "Um….. alright."

Ed closed his eyes, envisioning the circle in his mind. He balanced it perfectly, making sure there were absolutely no mistakes. His eyes shot open and he clapped his hands together, wincing as metal grinded in his shoulder. His fingers touched the wound in his stomach and blue light glowed and wind blew his hair out of what was left of his braid, whipping it around his face. The transmutation finished and Ed collapsed backwards.

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