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Theresa stood outside her house, a SWAT team spread out all around, out in the open. For Brian to see. She pulled out her cell phone and called Brian, her sister standing next to her. It was about noon, and they planned to bring him in alive.

"Therese?" Brian asked over the phone. "Why are their guys with guns all over your lawn?"

"Turn yourself in," she sighed sadly, running a hand through her unwashed hair. "Please."

"You're joking."

"I'm not laughing, Brian! I don't want you getting shot again! I don't want you being hunted all the time! Can you please just come here and let them arrest you? You're welcome to pull a disappearing act in prison, but please!"

"Why are you...?"

"Because I'm sick of this, Brian! I just don't want your grave to be filled!"

"Wow, thought you didn't care."

"Well, I happen to, so please get your ass out here! Now!"



Tears were streaming from her eyes. The police hadn't told her what to say: she'd decided to do this herself.


She whirled around to see Brian standing in front of her, grinning, his hands behind his head. She gasped as officers tackled him to the ground, handcuffed him. People began to shout and scream and cheer, but she knelt and smiled at him.

"I owe you," she said.

"You do," he told her, still grinning. "I'll be seeing you about that when I get out of jail."

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