It was the night before the last day of training camp; I was trying to drift off but I kept feeling this empty feeling within my stomach, like I was forgetting something. Something important. I decided to take a walk around to make sure everyone was alright. I began walking by everyone's team rooms, Ryūmonbuchi...Tsuruga…and...Kiyosumi. There…my heart ached and I couldn't get myself to pass that room…Kiyosumi.

I slowly walked inside. I see Yuuki sprawled on the floor with her yukata…barely covering her body…, Haramura and Miyanaga-san so close together you could consider them snuggling like lovers, Mako-san…thank goodness seeing someone in this group sleep NORMALLY compared to the rest, and…and Ueno-san?

She's not here. I carefully and silently look around with caution. And suddenly two hands grab me by my stomach and pull me down. I look around and find out it's…its Ueno-san?!

I quickly say "Wha-what are you doing Ueno-san?!" she simply responds with a jokey smile, "I wanted to see that beautiful eye pop in horror." I look down quickly. My face must be as red as a beet right now.

And I hear Ueno-san laugh quietly and say "Finally!" I look up and she says, "I finally get to see that amazing eye of yours." And I suddenly feel two incredibly soft hands cradle my face. "You know, to have two rare and beautiful jewels are a gift and should be shown only by a beautiful face." I look at her confused "And you Mihoko have that perfect, beautiful face." My eyes pop as I say "U-Ueno-sa-!" I was cut off by an incredibly soft pressure on my lips.

I slowly give in to it. I begin to drift off in this same position. I assume she is also. But no, she stops and I can feel my eyes water but I don't know why. Do I want to stay like this? Am I disappointed that she kissed me? Or Am I extremely happy that she read my feelings for her before I could even begin to grasp them.

I can ask myself these sorts of questions all night but I can't. I start to remember the situation I am in. And out of nowhere Ueno-san curdles me and tangles her legs with mine. I allow her.

We're laying face to face now and I feel dazed by looking at her face. She told me my face was perfect but she clearly doesn't see what I am looking at right now. She begins to smirk. I noticed I accidently opened my eye again.

Why do I always open my eye around her? She always makes me feel so…so I can't even find words. I realize I've been staring at her blankly for a while and she starts to chuckle. I quickly close my eye. Then she does something out of the blue again. She again puts her soft hands around my face and gently kisses my left eye and now she's yelling at me? "Mihoko…MIHOKO WAKE UP!"

~~ I suddenly wake up ~~

"Fukuji-san it's awfully strange for you to be waken up"


"None other!" ….. "Although it's good everyone in your group is still asleep, they would've heard you moaning and calling out my name" *wink*

"This is why I came of course" *smirk "You have an incredibly beautiful eye you know that?"*Walks away*

~Mihoko is left shocked, embarrassed and somewhat really happy while noticing her left eye is open~