Okay so here it is! The sequel to Not the Normal Fairy Tale and I'm very hopeful that this would be just as good as its predecessor. I still have a lot of stories that I need to finish, hoping on getting back to some stories that went into hiatus so I don't know how frequent this will be updated but hopefully I will be able to keep up with constant updates. Well, I hope you all enjoy the beginning of 'Ever Ever After'.

When Carlos was a little child, the boy always dreamed of having a prince to call his own, to have a prince to love and care for him. Course, the child always believed it was wishful thinking, wishes to be made in his jar of paper stars that he only hoped would come true. Yet, here he was at seventeen almost eighteen years old, no longer that little child but a young man. A young man who still had that same wishful heart and loving kindness his mother and father raised him to give. A young man that was given the greatest wish of all after all of the losses he was given with his parents' deaths, the treatment of his stepfather and stepsister, the fear of losing his love forever.

The young man who would soon be known as Prince Carlos Roberto Garcia-Knight, Prince Consort of Westoria to His Majesty Kendall Donald Francis Knight, King of Westoria, Rush and the Commonwealth Isles. And that sentence always sent a chill down Carlos' spine.

The sun shone bright through the window of the suite, glass making the stream of lights intensify and heat on Carlos' bare skin. Though the young man was positive the heat was also coming from his fiancé's heat radiating off from him. And Carlos had to smile at that, not wanting to stir and wake the sleeping prince currently snuggling into his back, chest bare and arms wrapped tight around Carlos' figure. He could feel Kendall's chin rested in the crook of his neck, could hear Kendall lightly snoring in his ear before his nose would graze against Carlos' cheek.

All was quiet, all was peaceful that morning with the two soon to be wed couple lying there side by side and warmth from their embrace.

Knock! Knock!

"Your Highnesses!"

Knock! Knock!

"Your Highnesses!"

Carlos hummed, slightly moving in Kendall's grasp but only felt Kendall hold him down tighter. He crooked his head, seeing a lazy bottle-green eye looking at him.

"If we pretend we're asleep, he'll go away," Kendall whispered and Carlos smiled. Kendall smiled right back, tugging the covers over both of their heads as he turned Carlos over and landed a good morning kiss on Carlos' lips. That was one of the things Carlos loved, these little kisses they shared and the sparks Carlos would feel in his heart as his fiancé kissed him. How soft Kendall's lips would be on his own, how his fingers would either thread through his own or through his hair in such want and desire to be closer, the taste of Kendall's tongue on his own always drove Carlos crazy.

Carlos giggled against Kendall's lips, the blond hooking arms around Carlos' small frame and rolled the both of them around in the bed. The prince hummed against Carlos' lips, his eyes sparkling every time they fluttered just as Carlos' did. And just as Carlos was letting his hands drift up into Kendall's hair, the bed sheet was pulled off and Carlos broke away to give a surprised squeak. Above the both of them was Jett Stetson, the advisor looking away with flushed face and gave a small cough to clear his throat.

"I understand that you two are fiancées now but you both still have duties as our future King and Prince Consort," the man said and Kendall gave a small scoff, sitting up in the bed and placing arms behind the back of his head.

"There's nothing planned for today. So if you please Jett, I'd like to get back to what I was doing with my fiancé," Kendall said, reaching over and yanking the bed sheet over the both of their heads once more. Jett gave a scowl and pulled the bed sheet off again.

"First thing, it's already breaking tradition for you to be sleeping in the same bed together. After all, you're not supposed to consummate your relationship till after you're married," Jett said and Kendall gave a chuckle.

"A little bit too late for that," he said with a cheeky little smile and Carlos blushed, hitting Kendall in the side. Jett quirked an eyebrow, giving suspicious glances over at both Carlos and Kendall.

"And just what do you mean by that?" Jett asked and Carlos bit his lower lip nervously.

"U-Uh, Jett? What are we supposed to be doing today? I don't remember anything," Carlos said, trying to change the subject and the advisor glanced over at him.

"Think hard, we have a special event for people close to you two. Involves dressing nicely? And a cameraman?"

Kendall scratched his head, dumbfounded. "Posing for the paparazzi? I'd rather roll around with Carlos," the blond said simply and Carlos gave him another hit in the side, Jett's cheeks flushing red.

"First word rhymes with 'bedding'? And Your Highness, just what are you talking about all of these lewd things with Carlos!" Jett asked and Carlos rested his chin on the back of his hand, trying to think long and hard. Dressing nicely, cameramen, people close to us. . .rhymes with 'bedding'. . .Carlos' eyes widened in shock.

"The wedding pictures! James and Logan's wedding pictures!" Carlos exclaimed, his legs tangling in the sheets until he managed to jump out of the bed and stumble over to the doors leading to the living room of Kendall's suite. Jett gave a yelp. "Your Highness! Why is Carlos naked! Why are you naked!? You two always-" Carlos jumped back in surprise, the three women strolling into the bedroom with giggling mouths and happy eyes. Carlos grabbed the bed sheet to yank around and cover his lower half, Jett pinching the bridge of his nose before letting out a small sigh.

"Carlos, let one of the stylists take you down to the Baths to get you cleaned and dressed. As for you, Your Highness." Jett looked between Carlos and then Kendall before rubbing his face. "Goodness gracious I can't believe you two would-"

"Well what would you expect? We're not children or anything and he is my fiancé-"

"Doesn't mean you two should be doing such a thing till you're married!"

"Aw, don't be such a stick in the mud," Kendall said with a sigh and Jett looked between the two again, cheeks starting to grow a little bit more red.

"Have. . .are you two. . .using protecti-"

"Oh come along! Time to get me clean, ha ha!" Carlos shouted in embarrassment, tugging on the woman with the red ribbon around her neck. She gave a little giggle as Carlos grabbed his underwear to shimmy onto his hips and his bathrobe.

"Encore tellement mignon après tout ce temps," she cooed and Carlos only nodded his head as he ushered her out the room from any more embarrassment.

"We're late, we're so late!" Carlos said in worry, adjusting the white peaked cap on his head and pulled on the white satin gloves slipped on his hands. He quickly rushed down the stairs, Kendall strolling down after him with Jett and right after the advisor was Claude, the large guard moving to step in front and hold the door open for the limousine. Carlos paused in front of the man, looking up at him with worried eyes. "It's not crooked, is it? I look fine?" Carlos asked and Claude reached up. His large hand straighter Carlos' cap, brushing off anything on the deep blue shoulder pads attached to his double breasted jacket before giving the Latino a thumbs up.

Carlos gave a smile, Kendall giving him a gentle nudge inside the limo with Jett following inside and shortly after that, Claude. Carlos sucked in a breath, knocking his knees together and Kendall looked over at him, gloved hands adjusting the golden cuffs of his sleeve.

"You're acting like it's the actual wedding, calm down lover," Kendall said with a small smile and Carlos took in another breath.

"I know, I know. Just. . .well, it's exciting, isn't it?" Carlos asked with a big smile, feeling the limo begin to move and take off down the driveway. "I mean, first they're getting married and moving off to England and then we're getting married in a big garden and then you'll be invested as King and-"

"Slow down, slow down," Kendall said with a smile, rubbing Carlos' leg and Carlos only smiled at him. Wouldn't be long at all, them being married just they way it was meant to be, in a garden filled with beautiful flowers of bright colors and Kendall looking oh so dashing in his Royal Dress. Carlos gave a delighted little gasp at the thought, hands going to his face and knees bouncing excitedly in the car while Jett watched him with a smile.

"Well, it's Parliament that sets the date for the wedding. So that way you would have enough time to learn the ways of being a proper Prince Consort before taking the throne. And there's still the fact that His Highness still has to go on military duty-" At that, Carlos' face fell. He forgotten all about that and Jett bit his lower lip. "And you two need to start looking into surrogates so by your wedding there will be an heir." And at that, Kendall groaned.

"Way to make us excited about the new year, Jett," Kendall said sarcastically and the brunette man gave a frown.

"Well sorry but we need to think about these things. This year is the first year of the rest of your lives and everything must be executed perfectly and without any problems. We can't have another crisis that we went through last year."
Carlos looked up at Kendall with worried eyes. "You'll be okay, won't you? All the way in England?"

"Of course I will be. And I'll write to you every day," Kendall said, throwing his arm around Carlos' shoulders and pulled his fiancé into his arms. He kissed Carlos' forehead, the peaked cap going lightly askew as he did so. "I'll write to you, understand? And I promise that we'll be back together soon."

Carlos only sighed and went down to hold Kendall's hand. "Not my way I'd like to start the new year," he murmured and then glanced out over his shoulder at the streets of Westoria thriving and bustling with people and cars. People would be out on the corners selling bread and special little crafts, walking up and down the streets laughing and smiling and some waving at the limo that held the Royal Couple. Carlos could always smile at their faces, the faces of the citizens that took him in and accepted him, could always find happiness in their smiles just as he always found happiness in Kendall's eyes and his heart.
The younger of the two snuggled into Kendall's shoulder, Kendall giving a small smile before looking over at Jett.

"When are we suppose to meet with Parliament about everything?" Kendall asked and Jett shrugged.

"Perhaps Saturday. After all, we still need to wait for the Jeweler-"

"Shh!" Kendall shushed the advisor, Jett at first beginning to scowl but a smile came to his lips. Carlos looked up at the blond with curious eyes.

"What about the Jeweler?" Carlos asked and Kendall shook his head.

"Nothing, nothing for you to think about. . .I think we're here," Kendall said and Carlos turned, looking out the window to see an old theater with many, many cars parked out in front and along the side of the building. It had a large dome top, golden tiles along the roof that made it sparkle in the sun and Carlos could only look at it in amazement. He glanced over at Kendall, the boy beginning to smile.

"Where we'll take pictures will be just as amazing as this, right?" Carlos asked and Kendall nodded his head.

"A true fairy tale," Kendall said and took Carlos' hand to give a soft kiss to the back of it. Claude moved, opening the door and Jett gotten out follows by Carlos and Kendall. The air was still rather chilly but sun was bright and high in the sky for January. Clouds were in the sky, little puffs of grey in the big blue. Carlos looked around, thankfully no paparazzi here to swamp them with photos or video or interviews of the Royal Couple. Ever since the wedding attempt by the Duchess of Vennies, the press has been dying to capture a picture of them sharing a clear kiss. But of course, Parliament and Jett wish for them to be a little bit conservative about their relationship. In their words, 'future rulers aren't out snogging each other'.

Kendall hook his arm around Carlos', escorting his fiancé down the pathway and up the steps with Claude following close behind them. Every so often as they walked down the hallway with walls of amber stretching towards the sky, Kendall would look over his shoulder at the guard behind them. He leaned down a bit, his lips close to Carlos' ear. "I never would have believed him to have become the head of security after all that happened with Victoria," the prince whispered and Carlos sighed.

"He's good, you know that."

"Frightening too. . .sure he won't decide to just pick you up and have you as a snack?" Kendall asked and Carlos nudged the blond in the side, giving him a stern glare as Kendall laughed. "Only joking, lover."

"Well no more jokes for now, we have to hurry down there before we're anymore late than we already are!"

"First of all, royalty is never late. Everyone else is just early," Kendall said with a toothy grin and Jett cleared his throat.

"Doesn't mean to make a habit of it," Jett said with a stern look and the group rounded the corner, Carlos starting to hear the sound of calming and soft music playing. He gulped, grabbing hold of Kendall's hand and began to tug the blond quickly down the hall to the large door where the music was playing. Carlos opened it and his eyes fell on Logan and James dancing in the middle of a circular grand hall with people lined up along the maroon walls. They were dressed so elegant, in silky black tuxedoes with a grey vest for James and a white vest for Logan, twirling around the floor until the two stopped in their place. Logan's head looked over to them followed by James and then everyone else. Everyone else that could see they were late.

But yet, they all bowed or curtsied, a perfect sounding of 'Your Highnesses' echoing in the large hall. Kendall gave them a bow as well, Carlos quickly doing one after before the two of them slowly approached James and Logan. The two brunette's smiled kindly at them, Logan crossing his arms and shaking his head.

"You're late," Logan said and Carlos sighed.

"I know, we're very very sorry," he apologized and James gave a wry little smile.

"His Highness wanted to keep you in bed all day?" the Marquess asked and Kendall nodded his head, Carlos blushing bright before giving his fiancé a nudge in the side. Logan gave a little sigh.

"Well, we couldn't do the photos today because you both were late and we just couldn't go on without our supposed to be best men in photos," Logan said and Carlos' eyes grew even more sorry and sad.

"We're so sorry! And you're already dressed-" Logan gave a gentle laugh, shaking his hands.

"This is fine, it's only for photos. It's not what we're wearing at the wedding," Logan explained and Carlos looked up at him confused. Kendall gave a small hum, scratching the back of his neck.

"Well, when are you planning on doing the photos again?" he asked.

"That depends, are you going to make it on time to this one?" Logan asked and Carlos nodded his head intently. He smiled. "Maybe towards the end of January. We have to get them done before His Highness has to leave to England," Logan said and Kendall pinched the bridge of his nose at the sound of that. Logan then bit his lower lip, looking between the two of them in slight worry. "Not happy about that, huh?"

"Wouldn't want to think about it right now. . .you both are practicing your first dance?" Kendall asked and Logan gave a shy nod, looking over to his own fiancé with light blush on his cheeks that the taller of the two noticed and blushed right back.

"My Darling has never done a nice and simple waltz before, I'm teaching him," Logan said and Kendall smiled.

"Romantics the both of you," the blond commented and James smiled.

"And what about you? The fairy tale come true?" James asked and Kendall grinned. He placed arms around Carlos' waist, holding his fiancé tight to his body and leaned forward to kiss the tip of the tan nose.

"A fairy tale and more," Kendall replied and Carlos smiled. Logan looked over his shoulder at their guests for the photos still standing along the walls before back to James and took his hand.

"We'll only be practicing our dancing. You can leave if you like," Logan suggested and Carlos shook his head, grabbing Kendall's hands tight.

"Oh no! It's fine! Actually," Carlos looked up at Kendall with loving eyes. "I was thinking that maybe we could practice our own first dance when we have our wedding."

"Aw, Carlos. We could do that at the palace," Kendall groaned and Carlos gave a small pout. His lower lip jutted out, his chocolate brown eyes looking up sad and Kendall gave a scowl. "I hate it when you do that," the prince said with a pout of his own that Carlos kissed away. He smiled against Kendall's lips.

"I love you."

"Love you more," Kendall said and kissed Carlos' lips once more before Carlos turned to Logan and James' smiles. Logan turned around, gesturing over to the man standing by a set of speakers and he nodded his head. He pressed a button, the music once again flowing loud and beautifully into Carlos' ears. Logan took James' hand, leading the brunette over back to the middle of the floor while Kendall tucked Carlos' arm around his own. He gave the smaller male's hand a little pat, turning Carlos around to face him as he rested one hand on Carlos' waist and the other taking Carlos' hand.

The two began to step all along and around, small steps, large strides and a twirl here or there. "Don't you think this is nice?" Carlos asked and Kendall only hummed.

"I think you're getting ahead of yourself with this wedding," Kendall said and Carlos scoffed.

"Nonsense. I have it all planned. As soon as you come back from England, it'll be towards the middle of May. James and Logan have their wedding a week after and then we get married the second week of June. And then is our coronation and we become King and Prince Consort. We find a beautiful, kind woman to surrogate and by the end of the year, we'll be expecting our baby. And I'm positive that everything will go just according to plan!" Carlos said with the biggest smile on his face as Kendall gave a twirl. . .

. . .That was wiped off when the summons to Parliament occurred.

Carlos never liked having to stand in the halls of the Parliament, all of the justices' eyes on him and the members of the gallery watching him closely. Even though he was sure that a majority of the Parliament like him as a person, he was still very very nervous about having to deal with them on princely matters. That was more of their territory and Carlos hadn't a clue as to what he was supposed to do. Though for this meeting, it felt a little bit more informal and simple. Kendall and he both were sitting down at one of the tables with only a few of the justices at the stands, the first one of them elderly and shifting through the paperwork.

"December?" Carlos asked and the judges nodded their heads.

"For you to have all the time possible in order to be trained for being a proper prince consort. It isn't all just waving at parades and sitting on a throne you know," the stout judge said to him, his nose cherry red and small like. Carlos blinked, looking at Kendall before looking back at the judges all watching him closely in poised and dignified manners.

"But that's eleven months from now, a year. I-I wanted a wedding during the spring time right after Kendall comes back home from England."

"But you must understand, Your Highness-" Carlos' mind had to click to remember oh yeah, that was him. "You are going to have to learn how to take care of your country when His Future Majesty is on business. Not to mention that you might be. . .distraught at his leaving and could spend your time in lessons and visits to preoccupy your mind."

"B-But the spring wedding-"

"It isn't such a bad idea," Kendall said and Carlos looked at his fiancé with wide and surprised eyes. The blond gave a sigh, placing a hand on Carlos' back and gave it a few gentle rubs. "Now listen, there are a lot of things that are happening and I want you to be ready to take them on. Besides. . .I'm going to have to do some last minute training on how to be a king as well."

". . .But we won't have our spring wedding with all of the flowers. . .and I wanted our wedding to be right with James and Logan's," Carlos said and Kendall hummed. He took Carlos' hand, letting his thumb run over Carlos' knuckles.

"It will still be wonderful, we'll just have to see what Tremaine comes up with for the wedding. . .how about we have our honeymoon in the spring time?"

"See? A good compromise," one of the justices said with a hand gesture to the Royal Couple. Carlos only sighed, Kendall leaning over and gave a small kiss to his forehead. Carlos gave him a small pat, looking up at him and shaking his head 'okay' before glancing back at the justices. The young one raised an eyebrow before folding his hands. "So it's settled? A winter wedding with a spring honeymoon?"

"I suppose."

"Good! Now we move on to the next order of business which will be Guinevere Palace," the woman justice replied and gestured over two men rushing with their large poster boards and stand. They quickly gave a bow while setting up their things, Carlos now seeing a hand drawing of a beautiful palace with topiary gardens and a large fountain out front. One of the men straightened their tie, giving a smile before taking a pointer and gestured to the picture.

"Here after several years of hard work, dedication and perseverance is the Guinevere Palace or in other words, the future home of the future rulers," he said with a little laugh and Carlos looked at Kendall confused.

"You mean we're not staying at the original palace?" Carlos asked and Kendall opened his mouth to speak before a justice answered first.

"No, you need to live on your own now. The palace could be a second home to you on business but Guinevere will be your home for the rest of your life."

"And we made sure we took extra care to make sure it is cozy and can withstand the test of time," the other man said, removing one of the picture cards to show the interior of a hall with tall white walls and creamy marble tiles. The walls had golden accents all along them, pictures of past rulers sketched in for decoration as he gestured to the picture once more. "Here is the Italian Hall which will be the first interior room you go through after walking down the main hallway-" he then moved the picture to show a grand looking ballroom with turquoise marble columns along the light blue walls. "Here is the Greek Hall where you shall hold any receptions or balls."

Carlos just nodded his head, watching as the two architects went through their presentation. Guinevere would have a few drawing rooms for Carlos and Kendall to entertain guests, a library that was even more bigger than the one at the palace and that got Carlos to smile. They breezed over that there were few nurseries already built and furnished in the palace for the future heirs to the throne, Kendall just barely catching that with a blush on his face and slight grumble at the thought of a baby when they both were so young. All Carlos could do was try and tell Kendall about all of the good things a baby will bring, bring them closer and how adorable they will be.

Course Kendall would be just as fast to say how babies cry and poop and slobber with a pout and and groan.

The palace would have an indoor swimming pool, around 23 state bedrooms, a billiard room, several dining halls and a beautiful English garden. All of it sounded heavenly and Carlos was only looking at the pictures of his future home with wide eyes and dreamy smile. It sounded just like a palace a prince and princess would live in and have their children running all around the halls.

"And of course the time for you to start living in this beautiful palace of your own will be January 27th," one of the men said with a grin and Kendall paused, crossing his arms and looking at the justices before the architects.

"The 27th? But that's the day after I'm supposed to be leaving for England, Carlos will be moving into a brand new palace all by himself," Kendall said and the justices glanced around at each other. "Can't it be moved a little bit earlier so we have time together in the new palace?"

"I'm afraid not, Your Highness," one of the larger justices said. "You both have business in America next week which will involve of course your fiancé announcing himself as the Prince Consort to the King of Westoria at the Westorian Embassy." He then smiled knowingly at Kendall with a quirked eyebrow. "Have you received them yet?"

"I have," Kendall answered and Carlos gave a small frown.

"Received what?" Carlos asked and Kendall rubbed Carlos' shoulder. "No, received what?"

"You'll find out soon."


"And we need to get started on finding a surrogate. Someone young and in financial standing, perhaps having business done through both of your advisors to keep this a secret."

"You mean. . .the mother won't know that the baby will be going to us? And we won't meet her?" Carlos asked and one of the justices nodded their head 'yes'. "But that can't be fair, wouldn't she like to know what happens to her child?"

"Mr. Stetson and the person we have assigned to be your advisor will pose as a newly wed couple and handle all of the business with the surrogate. We'll pay for her services if she should need them, there should be no problem and she shouldn't need to ask questions. You will also have to learn how to be a well-rounded caregiver while your fiancé is on business. You will need to be nurturing like a mother would."

"O-Of course," Carlos said with a blush and glanced over at Kendall, the blond frowning a bit.

"We'll look them over, right? I want the woman to at least try and resemble Carlos as closely as possible," Kendall said and Carlos gave a little smile at that. One of the justices rubbed his head and sighed.

"We'll try and see. . .other than that, I believe we are done for business. You leave for America first thing Sunday morning. . .and we will allow you each to bring one guest," the elderly justice said, peering over at Carlos and Kendall. Carlos raised an eyebrow at that and he gave a tiny smile. "So you will have someone to accompany the both of you sightseeing."

"Really?" Kendall asked, his eyes wide and excited at the sound of that and the justice nodded his head.

"Of course. That is, if you all remember that you are representatives of Westoria and must behave as such," he said and Kendall nodded his head along with Carlos. The justices all nodded their heads as well, the sounding of the gavel hammering down upon the wood dismissing the princes from the meeting and it wasn't until they stepped out the doors and entered the halls that Kendall wrapped his arms around Carlos and pulled the boy close.

"What they really mean is they don't want us to be making out all over the place like some hormone-crazed teenagers," Kendall said and then gave a sly grin, turning Carlos towards him. "Too bad I am," he whispered and leaned down to capture Carlos' lips, tongue sliding through and mouth sliding with ease over Carlos' wet lips. Carlos gently pushed him away.

"We're princes, Kendall. We can't be doing that, we need to be good representatives of Westoria. . .I can't believe we're not going to meet our surrogate. . ."

"It's for the better, Carlos," Jett replied. "We can't risk people trying to take advantage of the situation if they knew you both were looking for a surrogate. We don't need anyone trying to gain fame or money in the running for surrogacy, nor do we need any con-artist."

"Who is the person that's going to be Carlos' advisor? Do you know?" Kendall asked.

"Not a clue," Jett said, running a hand through his hair. "I just hope their decent to work with."

"I hope they're fun," Kendall said with a smile nice and big as they exited the doors and made their way down the steps to the limousine. The air was nice and fresh, Carlos could see the city fountain a few blocks down and people all swarming around to see it. Mostly American tourists, Westoria gained a lot of popularity after the broadcasting of the wedding/unofficial engagement event last December. Katie was loving it, no doubt the girl will write him what she wants Carlos to say about Westoria once she finds out about them going to America. "Whose your one guest?" Kendall asked as they climbed into the limo and Carlos smiled.

"James. You?"

"Logan," Kendall said with a smile just as big, both of them having the same idea. He placed an arm around Carlos' shoulders, watched as Jett climbed in and closed the limo door shut. "It'll be the lovers in America, I see."

"We still need to behave, Kendall," Carlos said, the limo starting up and beginning to make its way down the street. Kendall grinned. "We will. . .what could go wrong anymore? We're going to be wed soon, all of the difficulties we went through aren't going to happen to us again," Kendall replied. He rubbed Carlos' arm and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek. "From here on out, it'll be smooth sailings."