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"You know, if times now were like when Kellan was King, you'd be executed too for flirting with other men when you're engaged."

"If times were like they were then, there wouldn't be an engagement between us to begin with," Carlos said sharply, glaring at Kendall as the guards escorted them to the suites. Kendall crossed his arms, grumpily pouting as the guard got the card key out and unlocked the door. He opened it, allowing Carlos and Kendall to step inside first before he closed it shut behind them. Jett and Wesley were up on their feet, James and Logan on the couch with the television turned on the news.

"Oh thank goodness you two are okay!" Wesley breathed with a sigh of relief, rushing over to hug Carlos and Kendall tight. Carlos hugged Wesley back, feeling comforted and relieved to be somewhere safe from Beau and the paparazzi. Once Wesley released them, Jett came up from behind with a furious expression.

"Your Highnesses-"

"Can we please save the scolding until after dinner, I'm starving," Kendall said with a sigh and Jett raised a cell phone, frown dark.

"Parliament would like to have a word with you, Prince Kendall," Jett said and Carlos looked up at his fiancé worried. Kendall raised an eyebrow, taking the phone and walked down the hall with Jett following closely behind. Carlos turned to James and Logan, scared.

"Parliament called?"

"They got word of you two escaping and going missing for a couple of hours," Logan said and Carlos bit his lower lip.

"They won't do anything serious, will they?" Because regardless if they voted on it, and that everything was set in stone, Carlos still had nightmares that Parliament won't allow Kendall and Carlos to marry. Logan shook his head.

"I'm sure they won't do anything brash."

Carlos nodded, holding himself. Suddenly, he heard Kendall shout and his head whirled to look down the hall. He ran down to the bedroom, heart beating frantically as he jiggled the doorknob opened and rushed inside. Jett held him back, Carlos watching Kendall pace back and forth trying to work something out with Parliament and obviously losing the conversation.

"What's going on? What's wrong? What are they saying? I can still marry Kendall, can't I?"

"Hush," Jett murmured and Carlos watched his fiancé run a hand through his hair.

"You can't do this. . .this isn't fair! We went to his parents' grave, why punish him for. . .look, we didn't get hurt and Westoria didn't get shamed so stop acting like we're criminals!" Kendall seethed and paused before he took the phone away and handed it to Jett. "Talk to him, I'm done with this," he grumbled, grabbing Carlos' hand and stepped out of the bedroom. Kendall walked them both into the bedroom next door, closing the door shut behind them. Kendall released Carlos' hand and moved to the bed to sit on. Carlos figured who slept where, since the side Kendall slept on was rather unkempt and with combs and brushes while the other half of the bed had books on the medical system of the United States.

Carlos sat down beside Kendall, gently rubbing his leg. "Kendall. . .Kendall, honey, please tell me what's wrong," Carlos said quietly and took Kendall's face in his hands. Kendall sighed, leaning into Carlos' touch before he rubbed Carlos' knee.

"Parliament wants to cut our vacation short. . .and they want me to leave to England as soon as possible," Kendall murmured and Carlos' eyes widened. He could understand wanting to cut the vacation short. . .but why would they want to separate Kendall and him faster? Kendall scoffed, "I'm sorry, this is all my fault. I didn't think they'd react like this-"

Carlos silenced him with a soft kiss and Kendall only hummed against his lips. The two pulled away only a bit, resting their foreheads against each other. "What are we going to do, lover?" Kendall asked sadly and Carlos pulled Kendall down. Kendall tucked his forehead into the crook of Carlos' neck, placing his hands on Carlos' waist as Carlos rested his fingers at the nape of Kendall's neck.

"I don't know. . .how long are they giving us in America?"

"Two more days."

Carlos closed his eyes. Then today was the last day in his hometown. There's still California, which would most likely only be one day. Then the announcement, which would be the other day. He sighed, kissing Kendall's head. "Everything will be okay. . .make a wish on it."

Kendall chuckled lightly, looking up and kissed Carlos softly. "I love you so much."

"I love you too."

"More than Mr. Charmant?"

"Honestly, Kendall?" Carlos asked with an exhausted sigh and Kendall chuckled. Carlos smiled a bit too, pushing Kendall down and crawled up the taller boy's frame to straddle his waist.

"Definitely more than Mr. Charmant," Carlos breathed, leaning down to kiss Kendall strong and firm. Kendall allowed Carlos to take control, letting his lips part and for the tips of their tongues to touch. He allowed for Carlos to tease his teeth over his lower lip and bite him just how he likes it, just as Carlos allowed for Kendall's hands to roam down the curve of Carlos' spine and to hold him by his behind.

"Your Highnes-oh my!"

Carlos instantly shoved off of Kendall and accidentally rolled himself off the bed, peering up to see Wesley covering his eyes. James and Logan were behind them, Logan's face beet red while James was only crossing his arms.

"If we haven't done anything in that bed, we expect you to not do anything either," James said and Logan quickly hit his fiancé in the stomach the same time Kendall laughed. Carlos felt Logan's embarrassment for him, rising onto his feet with hot cheeks. Wesley uncovered his eyes and cleared his throat.

"Well, I'm glad you two are handling this news. . .well," Wesley said and Carlos wanted to fall into a deep dark hole. "Regardless, you two have some business to attend to before we head off to California early in the morning."

"Business like what?"

"Your egg donor, of course," Wesley said and Carlos' eyes widened. He turned to Kendall with an eager expression, Kendall looking between the two confused.

"What about the egg donor, I though you and Jett were handing this whole surrogate business."

"Well, we already decided on who will be your surrogate. It's up to you to decide who will be the mother of your child, Your Highness. I figured that you and Prince Carlos would come a little bit closer together as responsible parents if you picked out the mother. Would you like me to fetch you the files?"

Kendall rose to his feet, walking over to help his fiancé up as well. "No, we'll come out and take a look at them," Kendall said, wrapping an arm around Carlos' waist. He escorted his fiancé out, Logan and James moving inside their own room as the Royal Couple followed Wesley into the living room. He gestured for them to sit down before he handed them a couple of manila folders. "Here are the prospective egg donors that Parliament has chosen. They each have their own biographies, strengths and weaknesses, beauty information, IQ tests and any family abnormalities we should be concerned about."

"What about the surrogate? What is she like?" Carlos asked and Wesley bit his lower lip.

"I'm afraid Honey Bunny said the surrogate's information is to remain between me and him. You know we can't allow her to know that she's birthing the heir of Westoria, we don't want to run into complications," Wesley said quietly and Carlos looked down at the folders.

"If she's carrying mine and Kendall's child, shouldn't we get to meet her at least once?"

"Yeah, what if she's a psychopath or something?" Kendall said suddenly and Wesley shook his head.

"She checks out alright, Your Highnesses. She was a concert violinist in London and is very musically cultured. She's well educated, very beautiful from her picture, doesn't smoke or drink and is looking for a modest compensation."

"Can we at least know her name?" Carlos asked and Wesley gave a sad shake of his head. Carlos sighed.

"I'm sorry, Your Highness."

". . .It's alright. . .I suppose. . .we should just get started on finding the egg so we can get to having our baby," Carlos said with an uneasy smile. Wesley gave a bow before he moved out of the living room, leaving Kendall and Carlos alone with the folders. Kendall raised a folder up to open, pulling out a woman's profile and turned it sideways.

"Hmm. . .if we're going to have a kid, what do you want them to look like? I mean, I don't really care." Kendall slouched in his spot. "I don't even want to become a father this young."

"But it would be nice for us, wouldn't it?" Carlos asked, rubbing Kendall's knee. "Taking care of a baby?"

"I loved my father very much, Carlos. But he couldn't be a father while running the country. I don't know. . .if I became a father, I want to dedicate more time to them than he did with me and Katie. It isn't fair because he died so young, but I want to play with my child. Teach them how to climb a tree and get dirty and play sports, I want to do all those things with my child, but Parliament won't let me."

"Who's to say that they won't, Kendall? And who's to say that you can't do those things with our baby?" Carlos took Kendall's face into his hands, smiling kindly at his fiancé. "We're young, but we're not going into this alone. We have Jett and Wesley, and your mother. We have James and Logan and I'm sure Dottie could help us too. And we have each other, we'll learn and make mistakes. It's all trial and error, as long as our baby knows we love them, that's all that should matter, right?"

Kendall smiled. "God, I really do love you."

Carlos pulled Kendall in to kiss him softly on the lips. "Ditto, honey," he murmured against Kendall's mouth before he took the profile and read over the information. The woman was blond with blue eyes, Carlos trying to imagine a giggling blond haired baby with sea-green eyes. He tapped a finger on her picture. "She might be a good contender."

Kendall looked over the profile himself before he shook his head. "'Talents are modeling, hair styling, wardrobe styling'. She sounds like a female version of James. . .and she has a rather low IQ so maybe she is a female version of James," Kendall replied and Carlos shot him a look. Kendall smiled and nudged the boy. "Just kidding, just kidding. . .I want a woman that looks like you. And that she'll have traits that'll be passed down to our baby."

"Like what?"

"Well. . .cuteness, kindness. . .great storytelling abilities-"

"We nurture that, Kendall. A baby isn't born with it. How about we search for a woman who looks like me and is just as intelligent as you."

Kendall smiled. "'Intelligent as me'? You're too kind, lover."

Carlos smiled, reaching over to grab another file and open it. "Come on, we don't have much time before bed."

The couple spent the night on the couch, shifting through files after files. A couple of hours later, Westorian guards came in to gather up their things for the flight to California. Carlos chewed on his lower lip, closing a file on a redhaired woman Kendall deemed to be 'too funny looking', before he opened a file on a woman from Spain. Her eyes were bright and brown, a beauty mark right above her lips. Her hair was long and dark, curling at her shoulders before continuing down her back. Carlos felt his jaw drop at the sight of her, rapidly tapping her face with his finger.

"Her! Her!" Carlos shouted and Kendall looked over his fiancé's shoulder. "She's beautiful. . .Selana Castenellos. . .she can sing, our baby would have such a beautiful voice Kendall!"

"That's nice, lover, but Parliament would be more concerned about their intelligence or sickness than our child being able to summon woodland creatures with their beautiful voice," Kendall said with a wry smile and Carlos poked his tongue out at him.

"Cheeky. . .she's very intelligent and there doesn't appear to be a background of any family illnesses. . .and she's so beautiful Kendall-"

"So you want it to be my genes and hers to implant in the surrogate?" Kendall asked and Carlos closed the file, giving an eager nod. Kendall sighed, rising up to his feet and taking Carlos' hand within his own. "We'll give the folder to Jett and Wesley on the plane, right now let's begin to pack up," Kendall said and Carlos nodded, tucking the folder underneath his arm. The two walked hand in hand, guards and assistants bowing to them as they passed with their luggage. Carlos looked over at Logan and James' bedroom door that was closed and he raised an eyebrow.

"Hold on, let me tell them to get ready," Carlos said and pulled away from Kendall to walk down the hall. But as he was about to knock on the door once he reached it, he paused and listened to a loud and pleasured moan from behind it. Carlos lowered his hand, blush spreading hot on his cheeks as it seemed the moaning (that Carlos couldn't even who it belonged to) grew louder and louder and the 'yes, yes, yes!'s were practically being screamed. He noticed Kendall move behind him, a crooked smile on his face.

"Wish I was smart enough to think about a quickie before we leave," Kendall said and Carlos blushed.

"You're such a pervert," he murmured and Kendall spun him around, letting his hands move up to hold Carlos by his shoulders.

"Actually, I believe perverts to be much older than I am. I consider myself a filthy, young man and you my filthy, young husband," Kendall corrected and Carlos quirked an eyebrow.

"Me filthy? Never."

Kendall chuckled, nuzzling the tip of his nose against Carlos' cheekbone and Carlos smiled. "Come on, let's hurry and get ready. I'm sure they'll be out eventually," Kendall said with a roll of his eyes, pulling Carlos away from the bedroom door to leave James and Logan alone to their 'business'. They walked into their room, watching the last of the guards take out their luggage before they moved to grab their coats and hats.

"We'll only be in California for a day, what are we going to even do?"

"Well I'm not sure. I believe we're supposed to be going to Hollywood for a small benefit some hot shot celebrity is throwing. Said that they invited us specifically."

"Really? Who is it?" Carlos asked with curious eyes and Kendall shrugged.

"Not sure. Jett told me her name, but it didn't sound familiar and I didn't really care."

"Oh you're awful."

"You still love me though," Kendall said with a grin and Carlos sighed. "We go to New York the next day and you make your announcement and then. . .we return home and wait for when I'm supposed to leave. Which, knowing Parliament, would be soon as possible."

"I don't like how they're trying to separate us."

"To be honest, they haven't been liking my behavior. . .I suppose I'm partially to blame."

"But it was only one time-"

"I didn't mean just that. They know how I acted with that 'Duke' at the banquet. . .and I suppose I didn't look really nice ditching school and in front of those paparazzi dealing with that 'Duke' either." Carlos bit his lower lip as Kendall buttoned his coat. "The good thing about leaving here is that I don't have to see him trying to flirt with my fiancé again."


"Sorry, but we went through way too much for some random guy to just waltz in like this and try to steal you. Plus. . .I don't know, there's something untrustworthy about that guy. And I didn't want you getting buttered up by him and get hurt," Kendall said and turned to look at him. "I love you. Call me obsessive for not wanting to see another guy talking to you, but just because Victoria is gone doesn't mean another wolf in sheep's clothing won't take her place."

Carlos swallowed. "I love you too. . .but I want you to trust that I can take care of myself. I'm not a damsel in distress."

"But you still need to be watched and protected."

"No I don't."

"Carlos, I just want to take care of you-"

"But I can take care of myself, I'm almost eighteen!"

"And I'm nineteen!"

"Oh! A two year difference! That doesn't mean I need to be watched or treated like I'm going to run off any second! I'm responsible, I can take care of myself, I'm a prince."

"And I'm a king," Kendall said in a low voice and Carlos frowned.

"You're not a king yet."

"You're not a prince yet," Kendall said and Carlos opened his mouth to retort, but there was a knock on the door. The two boys turned to see Wesley standing there, wrapped up tight in his own coat.

"Ready, Your Highnesses?" he asked and Carlos huffed, nodding his head as he stormed away and out the bedroom without giving Kendall a second glance. James and Logan were pulling on their coats, their hair mused up and skin slightly sweaty. Logan looked up, automatically seeing Carlos' expression and his face faltered.

"Carlos? What's wrong?" Logan quickly asked, moving to walk with the boy out the suite and down the steps.

"We're fighting again," Carlos said and Logan sighed.

"It's going to be alright, everything's going to-"

"But this is the second time! We never fought before, I don't understand why we're doing so much fighting now," Carlos said hurt, the guards opening the doors outside and the night air hit Carlos' face. The two were escorted promptly into the black vehicle awaiting them, James and Kendall coming down a few moments later along with Jett and Wesley. Carlos pursed his lips tight as James slowly got in, tired from his and Logan's activities. "I'll talk to you later," Carlos murmured, Kendall climbing in afterwards and wearing a displeased expression himself. Jett and Wesley came in last, the advisors not noticing the tension between the Royal Couple as the car engine started up. Carlos leaned back into the cushion of his seat, sighing as he closed his eyes.

His fingers folded an invisible star, wishing that he and Kendall would stop fighting.

"We'll be landing in LAX in the morning, so try and get some sleep now," Wesley said with a smile and clicked off the light over a sleeping James and Logan cuddled together on their side of the jet. Carlos nodded, handing his advisor one folder as he passed by the prince.

"Her. She's the egg donor we want," Carlos said and Wesley took the folder, opening it up to look at the woman's photo. He smiled kindly, closing the folder and tucked it underneath his arm.

"She's very beautiful."

"Do you think Parliament would approve of her?"

"Of course. Parliament will have me and Jett get in touch with her so that way we can find a way to receive fertile eggs for our surrogate. And then, we just hope we get it right on the first try and go off from there."

"I wish I could be able to meet them both. Or at least the surrogate, she is carrying our baby."

Wesley hummed, adjusting the folders underneath his arm. "Maybe we can have a meeting with Parliament to discuss this. But I highly doubt that you will ever get the chance to meet her, Your Highness. She just cannot know and her identity as the carrier of the Heir to Westoria can't be released to the public."

Carlos slumped in his seat with a sad sigh. "Yes, I understand. . .I think I'll go to sleep now." He looked over to his right where Kendall should have been seated, the blond must have been inside the small kitchenette area to get a midnight snack. Or avoiding Carlos, whichever came first. He sighed and pulled the blanket into his grasp. "Goodnight, Wesley."

"Goodnight, Your Highness," Wesley said, turning and walking down the aisle, dropping a folder in the process. Carlos leaned back up and grabbed the folder.

"Wesley, you dropped this!" he called out and the advisor turned. He only smiled at Carlos before continuing on towards the back of the plane, not bothering to go back. Carlos paused and looked at the folder he was holding. It looked similar to the folder he gave Wesley, but instead of reading 'Selana Castenellos' on the tab, 'Lucille Stone' was written in cursive handwriting. His eyebrows furrowed, he didn't remember looking over a folder with this person's name, opening the folder to look at the photographed picture.

She had dark brown hair and her eyes were stern. Yet, she was gorgeous, with pale skin and the faintest hint of rose red in her cheeks. Next to her name was a stamp bearing the Westorian seal and a green checkmark in each of the little boxes. It only confused Carlos more, reading the information closely to try and make sense of it all.

She was a violinist from Britain, with no addictions and no history of birth defects or family abnormalities. She came from a modest home upbringing, neither poor nor rich. And she was supposed to be in Westoria around the same time Kendall was supposed to have been leaving to go to England himself. . .Carlos' eyes widened. Was this the surrogate? And Wesley dropped the folder on purpose so Carlos could see what the woman looked like at least? He clutched the paperwork tight and glanced over his shoulder at the door leading to the back of the plane, knowing that Jett and Wesley were discussing any last minute details before going to bed themselves. He smiled, knowing he'd have to thank him in the morning.

Carlos continued to look over the documents, trying to gather as much information about the woman as he could since he might not meet her. Though, if he knows that she was going to be in Westoria in about two weeks, no doubt she would be close to the palace so Royal Guards could keep an eye on her. Carlos could try to find her himself, Guinevere was situated in a rural and picturesque area of Westoria where it wasn't cluttered with small cities to get lost in. He'd just have to find a way to sneak out and move around the town unnoticed. It was possible. . .maybe. . .

"What are you doing?" Carlos flinched, not wanting to look up and meet his fiancé's eyes at this moment. "It's late. You need to go to bed like everyone else."

"I'm just reading something and then I'll go to bed," Carlos said quietly, Kendall moving to sit in the seat beside him. Carlos clutched the folder tighter, trying to keep his eyes on the text to read.

"Who is this?"

"I think it's our surrogate. Wesley let me see the folder and her information. She's very intelligent and talented in music, she's supposed to be in Westoria around the time you leave for England and I-" Kendall's hand gently took his cheek, turning Carlos to face the blond as he leaned forward and kissed him softly. Carlos blinked, letting Kendall kiss him and tentatively kissed him back before he pulled away and sighed. "What was that for?"

"My father always said it's not good to go to bed angry at someone."

"I'm not angry at you."

"I know that look in your eye," Kendall said and held Carlos' chin. "Whenever you read, you have such a calm and pleased expression in your eyes. But when I spoke and made my presence known, your eyebrows furrowed and your eyes gotten frustrated."

Carlos blinked. "I-I didn't even noticed. . .I'm sorry, I'm not angry with you, Kendall. I mean it."

"I'm the one that should be saying 'sorry'," Kendall said with a sigh. "You're right, you can take care of yourself and I just need to be able to breathe and know you'll make the right choices. Just. . .I don't know." Kendall's hand moved down to squeeze Carlos'. "Parliament wanting me to come home right away just scared me. I don't want to be away from you longer than I have to, I always think about how Victoria forcefully separated us and you wound up kidnapped and dumped in Viridian. What if something worse happens when you can't defend yourself and I can't help you? I wouldn't be able to live with myself if you got hurt."

Carlos moved to pull Kendall into his hold, the blond resting his forehead in the crook of his fiancé's neck.

"I'll be fine, Kendall. Don't worry about me, you're going to make yourself sick. . .it wasn't your fault what happened that time," Carlos said gently and tilted Kendall's head up to look in the eye. "You can't beat yourself up over something that was out of your control. Victoria is gone and I'm stronger than you think I am. I can keep myself safe. . .I just want you to be safe in England."

Kendall chuckled. "Listen to us, talking as if we're already going to be leaving each other." He leaned up and kissed Carlos again, curling his fingers into the fabric of the blanket over Carlos' lap. He pulled back just a bit, his breath still warm over Carlos' mouth. "I love you. . .let's not fight anymore, lover. I really don't want these last few days together to be filled with us bickering over stupid things."

Carlos only nodded his head, letting Kendall caress his cheek softly. "Time for bed," he said and closed the folder on Carlos' lap. Carlos sighed, he'll have to read up more about Lucy Stone later then. After they're done with their business in America. He gave a nod and pulled his blanket over his person, snuggling into the seat as Kendall switched off the light above them. "Goodnight, lover."

"Goodnight, honey," Carlos quietly murmured, feeling Kendall give his cheek a kiss in the dark. Carlos turned, his eyes still open as he tried to get himself settled. How long will they have in America? Only California and then to make the announcement at the Embassy in New York before they head back to Westoria. They really didn't have much time left together, who knows how much of Kendall's time will be occupied at the party or at the announcement. He looked over at the blond boy, his eyes already closed and drifted off into sleep, before Carlos sighed and tried to close his eyes himself. Things will be better, they have to be.

He pushed all the thoughts of crafty handsome dukes and arguing out of his mind, only thinking about holding a beautiful baby dressed in the finest of garbs and richest of fabric, Carlos poised on his throne with Kendall by his side.