I wrote this as a reader-insert request for Deviantart but I decided to make it third person and post it to fanfiction as well.

If I owned Avengers, do you think I would be here?

"Where did he come from?" she asked.

The raven haired man was sealed tighter than a tomb. He was chained to the wall, with a muzzle around his face. Darkened bruises lined his features. Furious green eyes watched the camera in the corner. He may have been a nice man if he hadn't been sealed away the way he had been. She had been selected by Tony Stark himself to serve as his aid. She was to just take care of him, feed him, and guide him to the showers (where guards would watch at all times. That was an awkward thought), and provide company until the Avengers could decide what to do with him – seeing as he had just tried to take over the world and was banished from his home until he could redeem himself in his father's eyes.

"Well, when mommy and a daddy have marital problems that includes secretive adoption," Tony said, "One of the sons decides to throw himself off a rainbow bridge and tries to take over another planet."

She blinked. Right. Rainbow Bridge meant the Bio-Frost. She swallowed nervously. So she would be living on the floor with this man – this Loki. He only tried to take over the world. She wanted to hit herself. Why? Oh why did she have to agree to this internship? Oh, right. She needed the money. As a poor starving college student, she had jumped at the first opportunity for a job. She had been delighted that it was Tony Stark – Iron Man. Now, she wasn't so sure she was lucky. She was pretty sure that someone up there was laughing. Fate and Irony were toasting wine glasses while they waited for Life to pop the popcorn so they could watch as she tried and failed to… Befriend a God? Yeah, she was screwed.

But, a job was a job. She had to do this. She needed this money and Tony knew it as well as she did so she couldn't exactly say no to the man. So with the best stony face she could muster, she picked up the tray and took a deep breath. Tony watched with amusement dancing in his eyes. At least he thought something was funny. She was pretty sure she was walking into her end by doing this. She straightened her back and stood tall, pretending like everything was okay, when really she felt like she was about to melt under the pressure that she was being forced under. She wanted to go home, crawl under the bed sheets with a tub of ice cream and not come out for a month or so. That would help her forget about the whole ordeal.

"Don't worry, Mia. If anything happens, we'll be there real quick. Just remember, no hickies!"

She rounded on him with a horror-struck look upon her face but before she could say anything, he beamed a million watt smile. With that, he pushed her through the doorway and the next thing she knew, she was in the cell with Loki – God of Mischief. The man looked at her darkly, swearing death to her. She exhaled a shuddery breath. She set the tray down when the doors sealed behind her. She would be locked in from behind, trapped with the mad man until she could get him to talk about why it was that he tried to take over the world. It would be easy – real piece of cake, right? Superheroes were watching over her, right at that moment, ready to jump in if he tried anything to hurt her. Why didn't that thought make her feel any better? Oh, yeah, she was in the room with the psychopath.

Three weeks. She had been going to Loki's floor for three weeks. He had yet to say a word to her, though she chattered incessantly. She had taken the muzzle off of him, after asking Tony if it was okay. All Loki did was glare at her. She followed her orders and tried her best to prove to him that she really was trying to befriend him. Thor said that if Loki wanted her dead, she would have been already so it counted for something. She wasn't sure if that was supposed to soothe her or make her even more anxious. If Loki didn't want her dead, then what did he want from her? She sighed to herself as she walked over to the glass door.

She smiled at the S.H.I.E.L.D agent at the door. He had been so good to her since she had started working for Tony. He had recently been wounded and was now staying with Stark for a little less 'tedious' work under orders of Director Fury himself. He was a pleasant enough man, with patience like the Gods themselves. He had to have patience if he was to work under Tony. There were times when she wanted to throttle the billionaire playboy. Yet, she continued to work for him. Her internship was only so long. She had another two months and one week left before she would go back to her normal life.

"I was unaware that you were on your feet once more, son of Coul."

She jumped in alarm and spun around. Loki was now standing free of all his chains and the muzzle. This was the first thing she had heard him say since she was locked in on his floor. She hadn't even seen him get out of the chains. This only made her more aware of how dangerous the situation was for her. Loki walked over to her, touching her side as if it were his god given right. Seeing as he was a god, he probably gave himself the right. She brought her hand up to her mouth to disguise the squeak of fear that escaped her lips, though the God heard it all the same and smirked. He did love causing mischief, even though this was low-level teasing, but it provided him some form of entertainment as he plotted a way to escape.

"Must have slipped my mind," Coulson admitted.

"Wait, what?" she interrupted, "How would he know you survived?"

Loki leaned close to her ear and she tensed. His lips teased the shell. Could this be considered sexual harassment? He wasn't very well one of her co-workers. What would she say to the therapist that she knew she would need after this job was over? I was harassed by the God of Mischief? Yeah, they would lock her away as soon as the words tumbled out of her mouth. Loki seemed to realize this so he held her closer to his person, her back now pressed against his chest. She could feel his heart pounding underneath his leather outfit and her uniform. Coulson's lips pursed in dislike for the God who held she like a lover.

"I do not miss my target," Loki whispered with a smirk, "If I had meant to see son of Coul dead, he would be dead."

Coulson inclined his head when she looked back at him, frowning. Phil? Dead? The thought sent a pang through her being. The agent merely shrugged, as if this sort of thing occurred on a regular basis. These agents were insane. How was almost dying something they could just shrug off? She loved her country as much as anyone else but dying seemed a bit extreme. What point would dying have if she could have made something better in the future if she hadn't been brutally murdered at the hands of a psychopath. And she was in the arms of one such insane villain. She really, really wished she had reconsidered her agreement to the internship. Was it too late to go to the other company that offered she less for a little bit more mundane paperwork and phone answering? Yes? That wasn't fair.

"I thought you had been told nothing vital was hit."

Now her panicked eyes widened. The God of Mischief shrugged, so very uncaring. He probably relished in the fact that he had the power to kill she with the single twist of his wrist and she could do nothing to stop him. Phil could do nothing but watch him because only Tony had the access code to open those double glass paneled doors. Plus, they were bullet proof. Why did the genius have to be too good at his job? Never before had she wanted a hero before in her entire life, but yet, she was still alive. And still Loki held her in his arms, like a doll he was unwilling to let go of. Yet, he made no moves to show this so acclaimed 'true power' of his.

"Some mortals must be left alive to rule," Loki said, "Otherwise, I would lead a very dull Kingdom."

"Congratulations, Agent," a new voice said, "You've impressed the God of Lies."

She could see Tony through the glass door as well. He was wearing his Iron Man suit. Did he expect Loki to actually fight him? She swallowed thickly in apprehension. Slowly she closed her eyes, waiting for the worst but Loki let she go and slunk back further into the apartment, out of Iron Man's views, though not out of Jarvis'. She really appreciated the AI because he was really all the company she had the last few weeks, aside from a God who wanted nothing to do with she and made no efforts to keep that desire hidden from her. What was Tony thinking letting she live with the God of Lies of all well, Gods? She would have rather have listened to Thor chatter on about his obsession with Earthly things that he now had a fascination for.

"Hey, kiddo, how you doing?"

She gave him an incredulous look.