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"Kagome… don't go," he pleaded.

"I'm sorry, InuYasha, but you really hurt me. I need to go back. I don't know when I'll be back, I have a lot of catching up to do…" she told him coldly.

Speechless and defeated, InuYasha hung his head, and watched his companion jump down the well that would bring her back to her time. Damn… he thought. Why can't I just choose one?! He waited there for a few moments, hoping that maybe, just maybe… she hadn't gone through. But she had. The well was empty. I'm not going after her. If she wants to be there, then let her stay there! The faint smell of dirt and clay reminded him why she was so angry.

The night before last, everyone had been preparing to go to bed when InuYasha noticed that smell on the wind. Graveyard soil and clay. Only he knew who was traveling near them. Whether or not it was on purpose, he didn't know. Does she know we're here? Is she looking for me? InuYasha stared into the distance from the tree he was sitting in.

"Hey, Inu Yasha", Shippou taunted. "What's wrong? Want a bone? Hahahaha!" he teased.

Unlike himself, he just told the little fox demon to be quiet, although angrily, and went back to staring. Shippou looked at Kagome, who had just noticed what was going on. She looked up at InuYasha, but he didn't look back. Something was on his mind. Kagome thought she would ask him when they were a little more… alone. She set her bedroll down and Shippou prepared to leap into it. As they settled in, Kagome looked up again at InuYasha. He seemed so… solemn. Sango gave her a warm smile that she returned. Miroku and Shippou fell fast asleep, and soon Sango nodded off as well, but Kagome only pretended to sleep. After a while, InuYasha jumped down a little ways off from the campsite, and even though her first instinct was to out to him, Kagome lay quiet and motionless. After a few minutes, she looked up to find InuYasha gone, and she could have sworn she saw one of Kikyou's soul collectors slip out from atop the forest canopy. If he went to see Kikyou… I'll… I'll just… I'm gonna KILL HIM! she ranted in her mind, scowling. She found it hard to go to sleep; Kagome tossed and turned, although Shippou, whom the miko shares her bed with was not in the least bit disturbed.

In the morning, Kagome awoke to find InuYasha sitting on the ground against the same tree he had been in last night. He didn't look particularly sad or lonely. He was just… him. So Kagome, cheating thoughts aside, went about her day. She made breakfast for everyone, and afterwards, Sango helped her clean up as the men worked on an itinerary for the day. Kagome felt her mood sour just hearing them talk.

"We've been traveling west for sometime now, InuYasha," Miroku stated. "We should change direction. Maybe we could fool some of the demons into thinking we're still going west, and perhaps we can get a sacred jewel shard or two," he explained proudly.

Kagome was losing her temper.

"Keh, those demons are stupid anyways, so that might work…" he answered.

Kagome growled under her breath, but Sango still managed to hear it.

"What's bothering you, Kagome?" she asked.

Kagome sighed. "Oh, I don't know, Sango. I may be overreacting," Kagome whined.

Sango nodded, understanding that Kagome needed a little more… privacy in order to speak about what was troubling her.

"We're going to go wash our faces really quick in the stream," Sango said to the men, grabbing Kagome's hand and pulling her in the direction of the water.

"But…" InuYasha started.

"Since you two are still planning our day," she finished.

InuYasha huffed, crossed his arms, and nodded. "Okay, but be quick."

They were already halfway there.

At the small brook, Sango asked Kagome again about her troubles. Kagome explained what happened the night before.

"That cheating bastard!" Sango said, clenching a fist and gritting her teeth. "When we get back…"

"No," Kagome said quietly. "We haven't seen her in so long, yet somehow she always appears, or InuYasha seeks her out. Our lives are always so… intertwined! If he wants to be with her… then I'll just have to move on."

"But Kagome, you told us that you would stay… even though you knew he wasn't going to let Kikyou go."

"Well, I never said I was leaving leaving!" Kagome said brightly. "I think I may go home for a bit. Let him sweat a little. It'll really make me feel better!"

"Well, I'm not stopping you," the demonslayer said. "But promise me you'll come back soon!" she continued, blushing slightly.

"Oh, I'll miss you too, Sango!" Kagome said, hugging her friend. "You're one of my very best friends. And you make traveling with those two bearable!" she said, smiling.

The girls walked back to camp; Miroku was praying on a hilltop and InuYasha was scowling under the tree. Shippou bounded towards them.

"Heya, Kagome! Are we leaving now?" the kitsune asked.

InuYasha noticed their arrival. "What took you two so long?" he growled.

They ignored him, which only made him angrier. Sango grabbed her Hiraikotsu and strapped it to her back and asked Kirara if she was ready, to which the demon cat responded with a mew. Miroku, just coming out of his trance, began walking toward them, picking up his staff and joining Sango. Shippou watched as Kagome rolled up her sleeping bag and packed her stuff into her book bag.

"What is up with you two?!" he yelled. InuYasha glanced over at Miroku, who shrugged.

When they were done packing, Kirara took Kagome back to the well, InuYasha following, hollering the whole time.

And now Kagome was traveling back to her own time, grateful for her bed and looking forward to seeing her friends. No, she thought, my friends from my time. It's not fair to my friends in the feudal era. She mentally made a list of all the things she wanted to do as she climbed out of the well, and was greeted by her calico cat, Buyo.

"Mrrrrrow?" the cat said.

Kagome reached down to pick him up and marched to the house, daydreaming of onigiris, warm baths, and soft pillows.

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