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They should decide if Connie goes or stay. The truth is, they should find a way that Connie could stay without any fights or ruined some case. Jack's words was clear, they should to fix this.

She was sitting and he was looking at the floor with his hands on his pocket

"You don't have to go" Mike says gently "I was wrong. I'm the bastard who has to go. I screwed up, you were just doing the right thing..."

"No. I did it, I have to pay the price" Connie's voice was low "I screwed up when I told to the defense about the nurse. We've been working together for so long... And I'd cheated on you... Maybe we can't be partners anymore"

"It's that what you want?" Mike asked

"I don't know" Connie whispired "I just couldn't stand another fight"

"Con..." Mike said sweeter than the first time. She doesn't understand why she feels butterflies in her stomach every time he called her by the nickname he had given her "I know I hurt you once, and I know I'll be stupid enough to do it again ..." Connie saw a different glow in his eyes "... But you know you can forgive me, as many times as necessary, you know I'm changing, and I just need time ... Just give me one more chance and I swear that the mission of my life will be prove to you that you will not regret it"

"Ok Mike... Actually, I shouldn't have done what I did"

"So... Is everything alright between us? I will see you tomorrow?" He smiled shyly

"Course" Connie smiled back

"Well. See you" He kissed her forehead and walked to the elevator.

Connie could not help the smile that appeared on her lips.

As she watched him disappear among the crowd, Connie realized that there was something about Mike that she never noticed before. Something in the way she felt chills every time his hand touched hers, or how she melted like butter with his smile, or even the butterflies in her stomach every time he whispered something in her ear when they were in the court room.

Why was she thinking about him this way? ... Oh no, he is her boss, she couldn't, she shouldn't ... God! Now it's too late.

She is in love




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