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I won't give up

It was two years since that Connie moved to Los Angeles. It's hard to think about everything she left behind... Think about Mike. But her mother needs her, so she should forget her past and move on.

Dekker had moved to New York, some family problem. Connie would have a new boss, nobody told her anything about him, all she knows, is what she heard in the rumors. He is charming and has a cute smile. Just what she heard about Mike. No, stop to think about him. He is not part of your life anymore. Connie rebuked herself for the umpteenth time today.

"Knock, knock" TJ says as he walks into her office "Hello Consuela" he says smiling

"Hello Tommy" She smiled back

"Don't you call me Tommy"

"Don't you call me Consuela. Shouldn't you be working?"

"I should be in D.C"

"Don't you start to talk about Lauren"

"Don't you start to talk about Mike" They began to laugh at the pathetic way they acted for being away from their loved ones "I went say "Hi" for your new boss. He is a such nice guy"

"Why am I the only one who doesn't know him?"

"Because he is busy. I'm hungry, let's eat something"

"No, I'm not hungry"

"I didn't ask you. I said I'm hungry and we're going to eat something"

"You're a such gentle guy"

"You don't know how"

They know each other for two years, anyone could say there was something between them. But Connie and TJ are just two persons with a mutual pain. TJ never got his chance to tell Lauren what he feels, and Connie... Well Connie never knew what they could be, even passing so many good moments with Mike, she never knew what could happen, how long they could get.

"Can you tell me about Mike?" TJ says as he put a french fries in his mouth.

"Why you want to know about Mike?"

"Cause I'm thinking about to go to New York, then I need a damn good reason to explain why I spanked Mike Cutter to the death"

"You won't do that"

"I'll let you kill Lauren for hurt me"

Connie began to laugh at how TJ tried to look serious as he took a sip of his soda "TJ, you're the best womanizer friend that a woman could ever have"

"I'm not a womanizer. I only hide with casual sex what I couldn't have with Lauren"

Connie smiled, TJ might be an idiot, but he combined it with his sense of humor and his big heart. With his blue eyes, Tomas Jaruszalski is almost the perfect man.

Connie's phone began to ring and TJ laughed "Are you cheating on me?" He says as Connie hits his arm.

"Yes" Connie says laughing.

"Connie your new boss wants you in the office right now" It was Susan, Connie's new friend.



"I'm on my way"

Connie huffed. She even know her new boss and hates him. He barely came and she wants to go back to New York. "Tommy, you drive me back to the office"

"I don't want to"

"I didn't ask you. I told you to drive me back to the office"

"Ok, but you pay our snack"

"Lauren has gone because you're a gross"

"And Mike didn't came with you because you're a pain in the ass"

"That wasn't funny"

"You started"

Any man could see Connie as a goal to be reached, but his love for Lauren and her love for Mike, only makes TJ see her like a little sister, and he is a brother very protective.

Coming up at the office, Connie felt nervous, she changed her boss three times in less than ten years. A fourth new boss, Connie prayed that he was nothing like Dekker. She wanted someone who was helpful like Jack and fun like Mike, but she knew no one in the world could replace them.

As closer she was, Connie shook TJ's hand. It was like a prisoner facing the death penalty. She opened the door, the room was empty, there was nobody there. Suddenly a song, their song, the song that played in their first kiss.

"Con..." The voice came from behind her. It's should be him. Just have to be him, no one called her Con for two years. "Now there's a million reasons for you to go, but if you can find a reason to stay.I'll do whatever it takes to turn this around. I know what's at stake, I know that I've let you down, and if you give me a chance...Believe that I can change...I'll keep us together whatever it takes"

"Mike ..." Her eyes sparkled as she saw his smile

"My father died ..." He said as he walked up to her

"Oh .. I'm sorry"

"I don't. When he was dying, the bastard remember he has a son. Said he loved my mother and that he regretted so much for having abandoned us ... He said I should not give up on the people I love. when I heard that Dekker was moving to New York, I remembered what the son of a bitch said, so I did an exchange with Dekker. He is the new Bureau Chief ... And I'm your new boss, hope you do not mind having me as your boss again, because I won't give up on you... I won't give up on us "

"Oh Mike ... I would love if you were my boss again"

Mike smiled, and even after years, Connie still melted with that smile. He did not bother to demonstrate his feelings in public, he didn't care if they were in his new office. He just kissed her. He wanted to feel his lips pressed to hers again. He nedded it.

"Yeah, keep putting up on me. Everybody can find their love, but TJ here"
"Shut up Tommy" Connie says as she hugs Mike
"I missed you Con" Mike kiss her forehead

And three times Mike made Connie fall in love with him. And Connie knew it was risky, that Mike was not a stable person and was almost a sociopath, but there was something in his eyes, in his smile. She fell for him, with all his qualities and his faults. His mannerisms and his addiction to baseball. He was not perfect but he is her Prince Charming, the knight in shining armour... Well, the shining armour was replaced by black Armani suit but that doesn't matter.

It was Mike. No Michael, nor Mike Cutter. Just Mike, her Mike. Her, because he gave his heart to her.




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