Two girls walked into a dimly lit room where 10 to 12 people were tied up to chairs in a sitting down position ,When the lights turned on to reveal that their captors where to tweens with dirty blond hair and brown hair.

"Why are we here! I'm the only one who can tie people up!" Said an annoyed President Snow.

"We are going to play"... Liz started.

"TRUTH OR DARE"!Leigha and Liz shouted.

"Oh no." "Not one of these things again." Katniss said already dreading what was soon to come.

"Haven't we been tortured enough already by you fan girls"? Peeta asked the two grinning girls.

"NO"! They both shouted.

"Okay here are the rules". Liz said.

"All you people out their, you send in truths or dares through pm's or reviewing by using that little button Down there!" Liz said explaning the rules to the readers.

"Hey Liz"...

"What Leigh". Liz said.

"The fourth wall"...


"So please send in your truths and dares"! "You can send them in for any charecter, so may the odds be ever in your favor!"


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