"Reporting live from the fort annual 'giant hamster ball rolling down the stairs contest'! Here we are with our first two competitors- Shut up, Liz!" Leigha yelled.

"Fine. Leigha and Cato 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, POTATO!" Liz said as she waved a checkered flag. Leigha and Cato leaned forward and started to tumble down the hill in there giant hamster balls.

CBS "Cato and Leigha rolled down the hill in the big balls. It was a pretty tight race, but Leigha turned out victorious in the end. She quickly got out of her ball and ran to the Liz. Liz awarded her with her prize, the powerful BUTTFUME. Leigha smiled and released the BUTTFUME on all common enemies. "On to the dares." Liz says, as everyone besides her and Leigha faint from the stench.

"These dares are from Ally (guest)." Leigha announces.

I dare Everybody to go joyriding in a van drove by haymitch

I dare Effie to chop a table made of mahogany with a knife

I dare Cato to actually get Foxface pregnant FF (Foxface) mom can't do

anything anyways cause she exploded

"Into the sex closet with you to!" Liz said as she pushed the two tributes into the sex closet.


"I hate to agree with her but don't I have a say in this?! AND I AM BOT YOUR BOYFRIEND!" Cato said exasperatedly.

"So your refusing to do the dare?" Liz said with a smile creeping onto her face.

"Um, yes did I not make that clear." Cato said scarcasticly.

"Well then it seems as if you forgot about the *dranatic pause* FANGIRL PIT DUN DUN DAHHHH!" Liz said as she slammed her hands down on the air as if she was slamming down on the keys of a piano.

"Yeah, but I still don't want to do it. I don't want to have sex with some one I barley know(good life lesson kids)." Cato said as he folded his arms in a defensive position.

"Ok then." Liz said as she pulled the lever, which made Cato drop down into his fangirl pit, which caused Cato to let out a very ear piercing and girly scream.

"Hey I need to be in there tooooo!" Leigha yelled as she jumped into the pit to join the fangirl army.

"OH MY GOD YOU GUYS DID YOU HEAR CATO SCREAM!?" Marvel said in between loud and obnoxious laughs.

"Yeah! Ha ha ha!" Clove laughed.

"OK OK I WILL DO THE DARE!" Cato begged over the loud screaming fangirls.

"Aww. That was interesting." Liz said as she snapped her fingers and the pit and the girls inside of it accept for Leigha disappeared. Though Leigha did not know this would happen and continued to scream and ended up falling on the floor because the girl she was fighting with was not there anymore.

"I am victorious!" Leigha shouts.

"Yes you are now into the sex closet. Liz says as she pushes the two into the closet.

"Now if you will bring your attention to Effie with a knife over by this Mahogany table." Leigha says as she tries to direct every one away from the noises coming from the closet.

"Oh how I love mahogany! But what will I be doing with this knife?" Effie asks.

"Oh I need you to chop the table with the knife." Liz said calmly.

"What?! But how could I! It's made of mahogany!" Effie exclaimed.

"Do you want what happened to Cato to happen to you?" Liz asked.

"Erm, no." Effie said as she took a deep breath before she chopped of a small part of the table. Effie made a sound like a fangirl who is experiencing sad feels from her favorite fandom.

"Well that was easier than I thought. Leigha said.

"Wait I just realized if I ever meet some one called Jennifer and they do something stupid, I can call them Jenifail." Liz said. But what a bad move that was. Leigha had some water in her mouth and had to laugh because she some how found that funny. She went over to Liz and spit the water out on to Liz's back so she could laugh.

"LEIGHA!" Liz yelled. Leigha yelled and then giggled.

"What." Leigha giggled.

"You spit on the back of my shirt! Ugh I have to go change my shirt be right back." Liz said as she left for the bathroom.

"Ok so um next we all have to go on a joyride in a van driven by Haymitch." Leigha said.

"Well this isn't going to go well." Katniss sighed.

"Wait, do they even make vans that big?" Annie asked. There was a crash in the back round and there was a small pause in the conversation.

"No, but we can use author powers to make it big on the inside, but it will be small on the outside." Leigha explained.

"So like the Tardis." Liz said as she walked out if the bathroom.

"Liz don't make a Doctor Who reference." Leigha complained.

"Oh yeah when I was hanging my shirt up the thing I was going to put it on fell." Liz informed.

"Dude, that was already broken." Leigha said annoyed.

"Ok then to the large van!" Liz announced as they all followed Loz and Leigha as the assumed they knew where they were going. They all climbed into the van with Haymitch sitting drunkenly in the front seat and Effie forced into shot gun because no one else wanted to sit there. Haymitch drive out of the drive way and turned left at 60 miles per hour.

"Well I am pretty sure we are all screwed." Leigha said as the car speed up. Haymitch made the van take a sharp turn to the right making every ones heads slam together. Thank god for seat belts. Haymitch decided to turn right again which brought them to a dead end.

"Um Haymitch... You Gona stop now?" Liz questioned as the wall came up faster.

"HAYMITCH!" Effie yelled. The van crashed into the wall.

A/N: Ok first thing I really shouldn't have let this take the turn it did. Just seriously people don't let drunk people drive and always wear your seat belts. Ok on a more happy note, TOD'S FIRST BIRTHDAY IS IN TEN DAYS GUYS PANIC AND ALSO IN TEN DAYS I AM SEEING THE PREMIERE OF THEONE DIRECTION MOVIE FOR MY BIRTHDAY I AM DO EXCITED MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR GOOD BYE!