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Now onto basic information - HG/Myka are canon and this is sometime in the future. Each chapter will have 2 parts, each a different encounter. Each Chapter has different POV's and this one is Myka's.

Part One

"Right, no-no, utterly impossible to understand, I cannot,"

"HG, it really isn't that hard, watch, you press this green one here and it does that,"

"Right, green does that,"

"Then the blue one here you press that and it does this,"

"Yes-yes, I understood that part,"

"And the yellow does the one that makes the noise kinda like Artie when he's found out we invented something new,"

"Accurately put, indeed,"

"Then the red one makes the dude crouch,"

"Yes, I understood all of that but what I could not comprehend was what you said after that!"

"Oh, you mean – red yellow blue green yellow red red blue green yellow?"

"Yes, you just sounded absolutely insane my dear!"

"That is how you make him do this-."

"Oh my…"

"Wasn't that awesome?!"

"Quite a gruesome ordeal,"

"Yep and that is how you do it, Claudia style!"

"Yes, if you don't mind dear I'd rather prefer to watch you play – you are much better at it than I and you do quite a splendid job of ripping out that man's spine,"

"Yeah sure, but if you wanna try learning it again, just ask."

And with that Claudia turned back to her new game of 'Mortal Kombat', beating senseless her opponent. Little did either know that from the doorway another watched with loving green eyes.

Myka was biting her lip and watching Claudia pound on the buttons mercilessly as Helena watched her do so, a finger at her mouth and a hand under her chin. Helena wasn't watching the game, she was watching Claudia.

Claudia's look of pure excitement and joy was infectious and Myka knew Helena loved being around such joy. Especially Claudia's – Helena cared for Claudia, saw her as a pseudo daughter (though she never said so). And even now as Claudia violently and horrifically killed her opponent on screen the love in Helena's eyes could be seen.

Helena turned then and looked at Myka; of course she had known she was standing there, probably from the start. Making eye contact was almost painful but Myka held her ground and looked into Helena's soul.

She saw pain and grief and confusion and love, and then nothing, walls were up and Helena smiled – gesturing for her to come and sit. "Come darling, enjoy this time of peace with myself and Claudia." And Myka could never say no to Helena.

Part Two

"Claudia, darling – really, it is sweet but I don't think she'll like it," Myka was overhearing a conversation that she didn't know she wasn't supposed to overhear. She was sitting in the Warehouse library tucked into a corner reading a book, not two minutes ago did she hear Helena and Claudia whisper and now it turned into a full conversation.

"C'mon HG, she will – she loves anything you do, cept the one time you tried to end the world… no the best 'I love you but I'm kinda insane' gift," Myka heard the younger of the two say and Helena snicker.

"Right, that wasn't exactly a gift but thank you for your attempt at comfort," Helena muttered and Myka heard a rustling and then a clinking of sort. "You're sure she wouldn't like something… more modern?"

"Ever notice how much Myka doesn't like modern things?" Claudia asked in an obvious answer type of way and Myka could practically hear the eyebrow rise on Claudia's face and in return Helena replied with a chuckle.

"That is true… thank you Claudia, this means more then you know," Helena said softly and Myka heard a soft ruffling of clothes. "I now owe you a favor Ms. Donovan,"

"Nah, you pay me back every time Myka smiles that derp smile she does when you walk in the room," Claudia chuckled and Myka smiled at the muffled sound knowing now that Helena must've pulled her into a hug. "Just don't hurt her again, or I'll find you and somehow hurt you more then you could imagine."

"Righty-oh," The British woman replied. "Now I just need to find her and give this to her."

Myka took that as her cue to enter into the situation, gently getting up after setting her book down she padded over to the noise of the voices. "Well, I think she said something about doing some read-,"Claudia glanced over and saw Myka. "-Ing." She finished the word with a cough.

Helena turned around and smiled, quickly receiving as Claudia put it Myka's 'derp smile'. "Darling, I was just looking for you," Helena stated moving forward toward Myka her hands behind her back.

"I'm just gonna… you know… go… put Artie's glasses in a different place then where he put them," Claudia said stumbling over an explanation before quickly leaving.

"What were you two up to?" Myka asked biting her lip, curious of what Helena and Claudia could possibly be planning together.

"Oh – a bit of this and that," Helena stated shrugging; looking around she breathed in the smell of books deeply 'no better place really'. "Myka, darling, I know this isn't traditional and I know things haven't really… been easy for us but I need you to know how much I love you," Helena told Myka.

"Helena, what's going on?" Myka asked starting to worry now, only calmed because she had overheard the conversation earlier.

"Nothing is wrong my dear," Helena chuckled. "I just wanted to ask you a question," Helena then got down on one knee and brought her hands out from behind her back. "It's not anything fancy, I didn't think you'd like an um… what did Claudia call it? 'Glitzy' yes, glitzy ring and it's not plain because you are not plain to me and never shall be," Tears were now welling in Myka's eyes.

"Helena…" Myka whispered, her hands now clutching at her neck like when she was nervous.

"Now, before you say if you like it or not… well I suppose I should show it to you," Helena stated chuckling and obviously nervous, opening the small velvet box there was a silver band embedded inside of it, intricate carvings were all along it and Helena smiled at her. "I made it myself after seeing the rings at the store; you deserved something handmade and filled with love."

Before Helena could even continued she was knocked to the ground with the force of Myka's hug. "Of course I'll marry you, that is the question right – you ramble when your nervous but I think I understand," Myka said into Helena's neck who laughed as they laid on the floor.

"Yes, will you – Myka Ophelia Bering marry me?" Helena asked officially and was instantly met with a kiss and eager hands tearing at the box. "You like it?" Helena finally asked once they had pulled apart.

"Its beautiful," Myka smiled as she gazed at the ring on her left hand, the intricate carvings were sometimes large and others small but the largest you could see said 'I will love you – forever and a day'. "I have the derp smile on – don't I?" Myka asked grinning.

"I think it's beautiful." Helena grinned back at her.

All the while Claudia watched through the bookshelves like a small child, barely holding in a scream when it was all said and done.

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