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Part One

Claudia rubbed her eyes sleepily and glanced down at her watch and groaned before shuffling forward in the line toward the cashier, in one hand she had a very special object that she had to drive at two in the morning to get – a drive that took her nearly an hour since they lived in the butt crack of no one. In her hand she held a special kind of ice cream something that Myka had been craving and couldn't sleep because of and Claudia being Claudia volunteered to go get it, why? Because HG was gone on a mission.

So here she was at stupid o'clock getting checked out by some guy named 'Richard' and she half mumbled/grunted in response to his questions. "Have a nice night ma'am," He quickly shut up after handing her the ice cream when she shot him the death glare to end all death glares.

As she drove home she yawned and shook her head, Myka had just started the cravings and morning sickness when HG was needed for a snag and bag and so Artie had sent her and Steve leaving Claudia and Pete to take care of Myka.

Claudia remembered her promise to HG when she was panicking having to leave Myka behind – "Helena, I will be fine, please, calm down!" Myka was holding HG's face in her palms as her wife's breathing became erratic. "Hel, please, deep breaths,"

That was when Claudia had stepped forward and sat next to her mentor nudging her she waited for her to look up. "I'll take care of Myka, don't worry," HG seemed to soften then but still looked crazy panicked. "I won't anything happen to my little brother," Claudia had winked and HG had relaxed then taking in deep breaths she hugged Myka to her.

It had been bad when HG had to leave and this mission had taken longer then they thought, she and Steve had been gone for three days now and were no closer to finding what they were looking for. So Claudia dutifully sent texts, e-mails, pictures to assure HG that her wife and child were fine.

As Claudia pulled up to the house she shook away her regrets and thought about the prospect of holding the tiny bundle that Myka was carrying and not having a completely crazed HG on her hands to deal with. Exiting her car she quickly walked up the steps and through the front door to the kitchen where she dished out a helping of the ice cream into a bowl for Myka.

Taking the stairs two at a time she knocked on Myka's door and walked in. "Myka, I brought the ice cream," Claudia whispered just in case she was asleep, Myka was sat straight up in bed reading along to a recording HG had done of her reading War of the Worlds for her when she was gone.

"Thank you Claudia!" Myka said gratefully, she shut off the recording and set her book down on the nightstand and took the bowl from Claudia. "I'm sorry for making you-," Claudia narrowed her eyes.

"I promised to take care of you while HG was gone and that's what I'm doing, now smile for the camera," Claudia held up her phone and took a quick photo of Myka before typing in the caption of 'Mama had a craving' before sending it to her mentor.

Myka patted the bed next to her and Claudia slipped her sneakers off and climbed in (having gone to the stores in her pajamas anyway). "Thank you Claudia for taking such good care of us," Myka said kissing the top of Claudia's head.

"Mmmhmmf," Claudia affirmed as she burrowed herself into the bed to (hopefully) get some sleep.

Part Two

It wasn't but four hours later that Myka was up and rushing to the bathroom to begin her morning sickness and with her was Claudia, holding her hair. This had become routine since HG was normally here to do it, Myka would vomit and Claudia would hold her hair, Myka would sit back and Claudia would clean up and then get a glass of water and Myka's toothbrush ready.

"I don't know how HG did this back in the olden days," Claudia stated with a half yawn in the middle of her sentence as she filled a glass of water.

Myka nodded taking the glass and sipping it gingerly watching as Claudia set her now ready toothbrush on the counter by the sink and slid down next to her. "You have really grown up you know that?" Myka stated trying to keep her breath away from Claudia.

"What?" Claudia said turning to look at her friend. "I just got you some water and a toothbrush," She shrugged and yawned again before pulling her phone out and laughing at the text she had received from HG. "Your wife is going to have to reign in the swearing when peanut comes," HG was getting obviously frustrated and wrote a page long text on how frustrated she was – along with a thank you.

"She's just mad that Artie insisted she go," Myka smiled and shook her head lightly at the thought of her wife begging Artie to send someone else and have her on call via Farnsworth.

"Yeah, I don't get what that was about," Claudia stated texting her friend back quickly with an update on Myka. "I mean, yeah she chased it in her time but I mean really," Claudia sighed putting her phone away in her flannel PJ pocket.

"I know but its Artie," Myka shrugged before turning back to the toilet quickly retching into it again, Claudia knew it would be a long morning.

Part Three

HG quietly opened the door to the B&B the sun was just beginning to rise and she didn't want to disturb anyone and so she tiptoed toward the stairs stopping when she saw a familiar figure in the kitchen. "Myka, love," HG whispered to her wife who sat eating a strange looking bowl of ice cream.

"Helena!" Myka beamed and quickly stood her ice cream forgotten, HG had been gone for six days and even then they only just barely figured it out, so Steve had dropped HG off at the B&B and set off to the Warehouse to secure the bagged artifact.

So as HG embraced her wife she quickly, mentally, thanked whatever higher power there was that she and their child were safe. "Are you alright?" HG asked pulling away from the embrace, looking down at her silk pajama clad wife (a present from Claudia).

"I'm fine, Claudia has been taking good care of me and peanut," Myka smiled and kissed HG quickly ridding her of any stress, before the kiss could get any further then chaste however they heard a bang and a grumble of swears.

"Myka!" Claudia yelled obviously worried about where the other woman was. "Woman, how many times have I told you, at least leave me a note cause I'm panicking again, if I let HG down she'll go all karate on my as-," Claudia stopped as she turned the corner into the kitchen and saw them.

"Hello Claudia," HG smiled to her friend. "Thank you fro taking care of Myka," HG smiled as Claudia leaned against the doorframe nodding, her hair was sticking up and she was in her flannel PJ's and had only one sock on. "I hope it wasn't too difficult,"

Claudia shrugged and walked over to the pair. "Not too bad, just y'know – running on little sleep but I figure she is too so why complain?" Claudia murmured attempting to rub her hair down.

"Why don't you go back to sleep Claude, HG is here and we should do some catching up," Myka suggested to her young friend.

"Is that code for 'get out so I can sex my woman'?" Claudia smirked and watched Myka turn beet red and pushed her face into her wife's neck. "Alright, alright – I'm going to go to my room and sleep for the next… ever," Claudia told them waving behind her as she walked out of the room.

"I told you she'd take care of us," Myka mumbled into Helena's neck.

"I need to learn to stop betting against you," Helena said before leaning down for another kiss.