Unbreakable Connection

Well here's my first legit Kingdom Hearts fan-fic. Collabed with an awesome-tastic fan-fic writer, Kiyamasho! Dream Drop Distance... what the hell did you do to my feels?! This fic's timeline is set from Birth By Sleep and it will go up until Dream Drop Distance. So basically this fic will probably be done when KH 3 comes out. Yes, this fic will have OC love interests as well as all your glorious canon pairings from the game...maybe some yaoi-ness in the form of bro-mance. So sit back and enjoy the first chapter everyone!

Disclaimer - Kingdom Hearts is copyrighted by Square-Enix and Disney.

Chapter 1: Starlit Sky

She ran across the empty darkened streets of a deserted city. Strange pale creatures pursued the exhausted girl. They chased her throughout the barren girl's heart leapt with fear as the swarm of pale creatures surrounded her, their thin bodies swaying back and forth. These creatures weren't unversed or the heartless she heard so much about while stumbling into this strange world in search of her guardian. She had come across a giant conglomerate belonging to the lair of a heart snatching group known as Organization 13. The girl desperately attempted to materialize her keyblade, but the powerful weapon used to slay creatures such as these didn't come to her aid. Her brown eyes gazed at the white creatures as they lunged at her. Defensively she threw her arms over her face and shut her eyes tightly waiting to crash into the empty street.

After several seconds the girl wearily opened her eyes. She saw someone wearing a black coat. Their face was hidden with a hood. The girl looked around seeing those strange creatures were no more. She saw a familiar weapon the person held tightly in their hand. A keyblade...

The stranger turned and faced her taking off their hood. The girl let out a nervous gasp. He looked just like him...

She whispered something...The word slowly ushered out of her mouth.

A name... A name that hadn't been spoken in years...

This moment weighed heavy on her heart as she grasped the star-shaped necklace tightly against her fingers. Her head becoming light-headed as she closed her eyes and allowed darkness to consume her...

When did this madness begin? Was it all those years ago...

The light fading into darkness...

Darkness growing stronger...

Kingdom Hearts...

-Ten Years Ago-

Light and darkness were aligned together in the night sky. The stars were shining brightly amidst the void. The tiny fragments of light in the sky seemed as if they were watching this mountainous world. This world was known as a Land of Departure - a world set in between the lanes of light of darkness; filled with grassy mountains surrounded by flowing waterfalls. There was a large building resonating in this world - a castle - the building itself decreases in width as it reaches the ground, tall spires protruding from the roof. Two lengths of golden chain connect the castle to twin peaks in the shapes of adjacent clock towers. A circular stained glass window was perched on the center of the castle; allowing the sunlight to seep into the rooms in the day. This world gave the easiest access to the residents to travel to the many other worlds around them.

A boy sat on his bed inside his room, his blue eyes gazing at the ceiling without a care in the world. Brushing his blonde hair out of his face with his hand he sighed.

'Tomorrow's the Mark of Mastery exam... I wonder why Master Eraqus won't let me take it.' He thought. 'I've been training just as hard as Terra and Aqua... I want to be a Keyblade Master too...' The boy's thoughts were interrupted as something caught his eye by the window.

"A shooting star..." He said eagerly. His face was suddenly glued to the window pane as he saw shooting star after shooting star the boy's lips curved into an excited smile. "A meteor shower!" Quickly jumping out of bed, the boy dashed out of his room to see the shooting stars up close. Racing passed the library he didn't even notice a girl about his age putting books away along with Master Eraqus. Zooming down the steps he ran passed two other people, the boy eagerly ran outside.

"Ven!" A girl's voice shouted, but fell on deaf ears. "Wonder what's got him so excited.." She mused to herself. She wiped the sweat from her turquoise brow holding a keyblade in her hand. She had been training all day for tomorrow's Mark of Mastery exam. An exam that tests a person's heart and allows them to become a keyblade master. Her blue eyes fell on the stained glass window and saw the same set of falling star that Ven had seen. She looked over towards another boy who was too focussed on his training to notice the meteor shower.

"Terra!" The girl called out to him.

Fumbling with his keyblade at the sound of the girl's voice. He glanced at her. "I'm a little busy Aqua.." He told her quickly grabbing his keyblade with both hands before it hit the ground.

" You've been training all day," Aqua replied. "Your body needs a break."
"But the exam is tomorrow!" Terra protested. "I need to be a keyblade master."

"We all do...," Aqua sighed shaking her head. There was no way talking Terra out of training. No matter how many times she tried. "Well I'm going to make sure Ven's ok out there."

"I'll meet up with you later..." Terra simply replied and continued to focus on his training.

Finally reaching the top of the mountain, Ven panted catching his breath. He looked up at all the stars twinkling brightly like little lanterns. He sat on the grassy mountain for what appeared to be hours and then slowly dozed off to sleep. Opening his eyes, Ven jumped as he saw Aqua's face.

Aqua let out a chortle laugh at her friend. "Ven, you hopeless sleepy-head."

Ven rubbed the back of his head, "Gimme a break Aqua - Oof!" Ven suddenly fell flat on his face into the grass. He felt the weight of someone on him.

"Is that how you do a sneak attack?" A girl's voice chirped; her brown eyes gleaming towards Aqua's direction.

Aqua hid a laugh, "Not quite, you aren't supposed to tackle your enemies like that, Levina." and smiled, "But you're getting the hang of it."

"Not again...," Ven groaned. "Can't you use someone else to tackle?"

Getting off the boy Levina smiled, "But your an easy target Ven," She told him. "You're always so sleepy... it's perfect for somebody to sneak up on you." She then shrugged running her fingers through her black hair. "Well at least you're a lot better off than you were before..."

Ven blinked. "What...are you talking about?" He asked. He couldn't remember his earlier days of being in this realm. It was all just a blur to him.

Levina giggled lightly. "You used to be such a zombie before. You were always in your room fast asleep. There were even times when Aqua had to spoon feed you food, especially her tasty cakes." She told Ven as he stared blankly trying to make sense of what she said.

Aqua smiled. "I just wish I could get Terra to eat my cakes..." She sighed. "I guess he doesn't like sweets too much. Unlike Master Eraqus, who loves my strawberry shortcakes."

Getting comfortable, Levina unfastened the hooks to her navy colored cape draping it over her shoulders. "It sure is cold out here..." She then looked up at the stars. "Wow...," She cooed. "They're so pretty..."

"I wonder what stars are..." Ven thought curiously.

"They say every star up there is a different world shining down on us like a million lanterns."

Aqua instantly recognized the voice and smiled softly as she saw Terra leisurely walking towards them.

"That's deep," Levina said. "Spoken like a true keyblade master!"

"I don't get it..." Ven pouted.

"In other words, stars are just like you Ven." Terra told the younger boy.

"I still don't get it." Ven said scratching his head in confusion and then looked at Terra. "Stop treating me like a little kid!" He whined.

Watching the two boys Aqua burst into a soft laughter. Levina watched as the maiden next to her laughed. "Are you ok, Aqua?" She asked.

"What's so funny?" Terra demanded.

Clearing her throat Aqua replied, "You and Ven. You two would make the weirdest brothers."

"Huh?" Ven pondered.

Terra half smiled retorting, "Oh yeah what about you and the Master's daughter," He told the blue-haired girl. "You two are always off together training and spending quality time."

"Well," Aqua began. "Levina needs to learn how to use the keyblade too. She just started getting the hang of making her keyblade appear and she can't spend all her time with you two boys. Master Eraqus wouldn't want his only daughter to be influenced by you two."

"We aren't that bad of an influence," Ven said defensively and looked at Terra. "Are we?"

Levina laughed at Ven's innocent nature. He always like this. Curious, happy, and playful. Almost child-like. There was no sign of anger or hatred inside of him at all. "I'm glad Aqua's been training me," She told her friends. "I want to be able to take the test like you one day," She then sighed, "But with the way my dad is towards me...I doubt he'll ever allow me to take the test..."

Ven looked at Levina's disappointed face. "I can't take the test either.." A cheerful smile spread across his face. "Maybe we can prove to Master Eraqus by going to other worlds and show him what we can do." He told his friend brightly. "You're dad will have to let us take the test for sure after seeing all the good that we're able to do in other worlds!"

"But the Master forbids you to go to the outside worlds Ven." Aqua reminded the boy putting a dent in his well thought out plan.

"Guess we'll be stuck here for a while..." Levina sighed in dismay.

The four of them remained outside for the duration of the night. Gazing up at the stars shining above the, Aqua suddenly took out something from her pocket. Star-shaped necklaces. One for each of her friends and herself. "Tomorrow's the Mark of Master exam. I made us good luck charms." Aqua tossed each of her friends the good luck charms.

"They look just like stars!" Ven eagerly said holding out his green good luck charm.

"Or like flower petals, but they are pretty!" Levina added happily gazing down at her yellow trinket.

"Oi, sometimes you can be such a girl." Terra teased as he stared into the orange star-shaped charm in his hand.

"Hey what do you mean sometimes?!" Aqua asked in a slightly angry tone. She then smiled at her blue star-shaped charm. "Somewhere out there, there's this tree with star-shaped fruit…and the fruit represents an unbreakable connection. So as long as you and your friends carry these good luck charms shaped like it, nothing can ever drive you apart. You'll always find your way back to each other." She held out her good luck charm and everyone followed Aqua's example. "Technically you're supposed to use sea shells, but I did the best with what I had. I even casted a special spell on these charms, so that no matter where we are, we'll always be together. I call them wayfinders."

Terra stared at the wayfinder curiously for a moment before saying teasingly, "I suppose this isn't too girly for me to wear." He laughed at the glare the blue haired girl gave him before slipping it into his pocket.

Levina held hers close to her chest and said softly, "I guess now we'll be connected forever...no matter what happens."

"No matter what." echoed Ven as he held his wayfinder tightly.

"Friends forever." said Aqua firmly and the four of them stared warmly at each other.

Time seemed to stop as the four friends enjoyed each others company. Days like this were not rare , but they decided to stick by each other always.

"We should head back inside," Aqua told her friends. "Terra and I need to get enough rest for the test tomorrow..." Her words trailed off when a glimpse of darkness caught her eye near a small flower glade. The darkness immediately engulfed the flowers making them wither away and die.

"M-My flowers!" Levina shrieked spotting the darkness closing in on the flowers she had planted. "The darkness..." She and her friends closely observed the patches of darkness surrounding the tiny glade of flowers. An aggravated groan escaped her lips as she instantaneously knew who destroyed her flowers with the darkness. "Looks like my Dad invited Master Xehanort to stay too." Touching her temples gently Levina sighed. "I know he's my Dad's best and oldest friend...They're like brothers... but..," She confessed to her friends. "Before any one of you were brought here by my father, Master Xehanort would always be in the library researching on the darkness and the heart. Doesn't that come off as a little creepy to you?"

"Master Xehanort isn't creepy!" Terra retorted in defense. "He knows how to control the darkness better than anyone we know! I'll bet he's just doing all that research to keep the light safe! He's a gifted keyblade Master. It would be incredible to control the darkness like he does."

"So then why is he here?" Ven asked curiously.

"For the test," Aqua assumed. "He's probably here to watch us take the Mark of Mastery test."

"Great...," Terra sighed nervously. "More pressure..."

"Don't be so down yourself Terra, you've trained just as hard as I did." Aqua smiled warmly at her friend. "You'll do fine."

Terra studied Aqua's face closely while looking down at his wayfinder thinking, 'Even if we didn't have these, our connection will never break.' He saw a nervous sweat run down Aqua's face. 'Looks like Aqua's also worried about the exam...' He then held out his hand making his keyblade appear. "How about it? One last sparring session before the exam!" Terra declared gripping his keyblade tightly.

Hearing this Ven almost leapt for joy kicking his feet off the ground making his keyblade appear holding it backwards in his left hand.

"Ven...," Levina sighed almost face palming. "You're not supposed to hold the keyblade like that." Levina told him. She then looked at Aqua's direction. "Right?"

Aqua smiled softly and replied, "A keyblade wielder's first rule in battle is how a wielder chooses to hold their weapon. If you can't hold your weapon properly, you won't be able to use it in battle."

"Yeah, we're allowed to bend the rules once in a while!" Ven said cheerfully continuing to hold his keyblade the 'incorrect' way. "This is how I feel comfortable holding it." He then faced Terra gleefully. "I'll be your sparring partner! Just don't go easy on me."

"Alright then," Terra replied getting into a fighting stance. "Show me what you've got Ven!"

Ven kicked off the ground. His keyblade was fast but light. Their physique suffered a gap too, and right now, Terra far surpassed Ven. Ven lashed his keyblade out in front of Terra and from the corner of his eye the older youth noticed Aqua and Levina; the two girls were quietly snickering while watching the fight.

Lightly squeezing his fist in frustration Terra thought, 'Why are they laughing? Am I that weak? Tomorrow's the test and I'll have to face Aqua in battle – ' His thoughts were interrupted as Ven rolled out of the way of Terra's keyblade swing sneaking up behind him. Terra saw this and immediately blocked Ven's keyblade with his own. 'Not only that, but we'll have to seriously give it our all.' Thrusting his keyblade with full force, Ven was sent flying into the grass.

Ven cried out lightly in pain as he hit the grassy plain hard.

"You've still got a long way to go." Terra told his friend holding out a helping hand.

"I do not!" Ven yelled brushing the dirt off of himself. He then noticed Aqua holding her keyblade ready to fight.

'Does she really mean for us to cross keyblades right here and now?' Terra nervously thought holding his breath.

"Let's go Ven!" Aqua said to the smaller boy.

A tinge of relief struck Terra's heart as he exhaled. However, there was some part of him that was also disappointed that Aqua didn't choose him to spar with. He noticed Levina behind him holding her keyblade in an inward fighting stance.

"I'll be your sparring partner Terra." She said to him. "I need all the practice I can get."

Terra smiled to himself. 'This shouldn't take long; she's just learning how to fight. This is going to be easy.'

Ven broke into a run boasting, "This time I won't lose!"

The two younger keyblade wielders were no match for the older students. Just like before, Ven couldn't win against Aqua. She nimbly dodged his blows, and shot small bursts of magic at him. The match was decided in an instant. Ven tripped over trying to dodge a fireball that hit him anyway. Levina struggled to keep up with Terra's speed, giving the older boy the advantage he needed and sent the girl tumbling down into the grass.

"Guess I still need more practice…" Levina sighed while lying in the grass staring at the star-filled sky. A small smile touched her lips as she held her wayfinder up to the sky, not caring that she had lost the match against Terra.

"Are you ok?!" Aqua asked quickly hurrying over to help Ven.

Ven got up on his own without any assistance from the female keyblade wielder. "That didn't count!" He pouted. "One more time!"

"There's a gap in ability here," Terra called over as he laughed at Ven.

"Nooo!" Ven whined. "I just tripped!"

"That still means she won," Terra said, and Ven put his keyblade away with a little exhale and smiled. "You two are strong enough. You guys are going to kick that test's ass tomorrow for sure." He told Aqua and Terra.

"Yeah!" Levina agreed getting up off the ground making her keyblade vanish. "My Dad will definitely give you your master privileges tomorrow! I know it!"

"Well, that'd be nice," said Terra, and Aqua also put her Keyblade away, a mixed expression unfolding on her face.

"I just wish we could take the test…" Ven sighed sadly.

"Well Master Eraqus did say awaken the ability of the heart and…" Aqua trailed off and thought for a moment, 'It's a question of heart. To be a Keyblade Master, it's not strength that is called for, it's heart—goodness and justness, I think it would be fair to say. But…' She then looked at Ven again smiling gently, "If you decide for yourself that you've grown enough, then you need to take another look inside your heart, Ven. Losing a match because you tripped yourself over is just being spacey."

"That is so mean, Aqua!" Ven pouted in return as Aqua laughed.

'But… Aqua's words could just as well have been directed at me,' Terra thought with a twinge. I'm… my heart is…' Trying to shake off his worries, Terra looked up at the starry sky. 'All those twinkling stars. Those lights are the lights of people's hearts. I'll be okay.'

Terra smiled looking at the star-lit sky. "Being a Keyblade Master is all I've dreamed about!" He said proudly.

"Well you aren't the only one." Aqua told him.

Terra smiled replying, "I know, you, me, Ven, and Levina all share the same dream."

"Hey, we should head back," Terra pressed his two friends, and he started walking.

Ven nodded, and followed after Terra. "Yeah. Let's head back."

"It's a good thing Dad didn't see me sparring or else I'd never hear the end of one of his safety lectures." Levina said trailing next to Aqua.

"Yeah—let's go together," Aqua answered, turning to follow after the two of them. She stopped, and looked up at the night sky. In her hand was her wayfinder.

Terra, Levina, and Ven stopped too, and looked up at the night sky.

Shooting stars were streaking down again.

"Let's watch the night sky for shooting stars again someday, the four of us together." They said in unison clinging to their good luck charms.

Aqua then looked at her friends. "Let's go."

The four friends departed back to the castle under the twinkling starlit night sky with the same thoughts running through their minds.

An old man was looking up at the sky. The night-darkened wasteland was empty save for the wind. The sky, however, was filled with thousands and thousands of stars. One of those stars seemed to glow brighter than all the rest, and then it slid through the sky, falling.

The old man had already known that tonight there would be falling stars. On each star dwelled a world. Stars falling meant the worlds were changing.

"Vanitas—are your preparations complete?"

A boy stood next to the old man. The boy, Vanitas, was also looking up at the shooting stars. His hair was as jet black as the darkness of night.

The old man clapped Vanitas on the shoulder. "We'll be up early tomorrow, so go take a short rest."

A small twitch of anger took residence in Vanitas' eyes hearing the sound of remorse coming from the elderly man. It was like pity to him. "You know I don't give a damn about going without sleep for a day or two." He grinned.

The old man—Master Xehanort—also smiled. "Our story begins now, Vanitas."

"Story…? Piece of cake," Vanitas answered, putting on the mask he'd been holding to his side before looking back up at the stars. The old man scoffed.

Stars streaked across the sky.

One—two, three, four…

In the darkness, with furious waves attempting to suck him under, Mickey was riding on a book of magic. As an apprentice of the great sorcerer Yen Sid—no, as one trying to become a Keyblade Master, his training was a difficult and harsh journey lasting many days.

On top of that, Mickey was by no means what one would call an excellent apprentice.

Suddenly the waves began to surge from the opposite side, and Mickey was thrown off the book.

'I'm going to drown…!'He thought urgently, and in that instant he was standing on the floor like normal.

Yen Sid, the grand sorcerer, and also Mickey's teacher, glared at Mickey with a glint of panic in his eyes. Mickey stood scratching his head, waiting for Yen Sid to speak…

"Mickey. It appears we are on the brink of something dire…" The old sorcerer spoke.

Mickey hadn't been expecting that. 'What on earth does he mean something dire?' The mouse thought curiously gazing at the window with his Master.

The starry sky that connected all the worlds could be seen from the window of the solemn tower that served as training grounds. Of the stars in that sky, a few stood out in how bright they shone… four of them, in fact.

Something dire indeed... Hope everyone was in-character for the most part. This fic will definately not derive from the main plot of the game just because of OC inserts!

Some of the information you're reading is taken from the KH novels; such as Aqua being able to cook and she spoon-fed Ven when he was brought to the Land of Departure and also Eraqus's affinity towards strawberries, I consider the information from the novels as cannon :D

Don't expect fast updates any time soon, but we'll try our best! Ugh writing as Xehanort is going to be such a hassle for me... I hate him so much! :D Review