Stella:'s been a while...

Lavi: Too long! Where've you been, Stella-chan?!

Stella: At school...and taking naps. I'm sorry!

Lenalee: Well, at least she's here now!

Allen: Welcome back, Stella!

Rose: Meh...

Kanda: Che.

Stella: Gee...thanks you two. Anyways, Allen's probably a bit...really OOC. I kinda pictured Allen in this fanfic like how he is in the latest chapters of the manga, which I finally caught up on! :D But yeah, enjoy!

"Wow! So this is what America's like!" Rose exclaimed while looking down at the city from the team's hotel room. "It's so…so…"

"Big?" Lenalee suggested from her oversized cushiony chair.

"Busy?" Allen chirped from the seat beside her.

"Noisy?" Lavi implied while plopping down on the bed.

"Che, annoying." Kanda scoffed as he leaned against the wall.

Rose turned to her team and pursed her lips. "I was going to say different. Geez, you guys…"

"There's probably akuma lurking everywhere…" The white haired teen muttered under his breath.

Lenalee turned to him with a curious look in her eyes. "Why do you say that, Allen-kun?" She murmured quietly to him. "Has your eye reacted to anyone?"

"No, not yet." He shook his head. "You know, because of the Millennium Earl." He began to explain. "He is the president of this country, after all. I wouldn't be surprised if there were akuma on every block of this city. And I don't even need the mention the Noah Family…"

"Ah, but don't sweat it Allen! It's alright then, since your eye hasn't picked anything up." Lavi chimed in after rolling off the bed. He ruffled Allen's white hair and smirked. "If anything, we'll just…you know, rough 'em up a bit!"

"For a future Bookman, you're an idiot." Kanda spat out, "What do you think will happen if we're spotted just randomly beating the shit out of someone?"

"I don't know…" Allen began, and then he smiled evilly at Kanda. "But it sure seems like something you would do, Bakanda!"

He growled, "Moyashi…I will cut you to pieces!"

Rose jumped between the two, waving her arms around. "Stop it, you two! We don't want the manager to come up here, do we?" She gasped and placed her hand under her chin as if she were thinking. "Wait…now that I think about it…she did look pretty familiar…"

Lenalee nodded her head in agreement. "Yeah, she did, didn't she? That's strange. What was her name again?"

Allen turned to Kanda for an answer.

"Why're you looking at me, moyashi?"

Allen narrowed his eyes at that comment. "It's Allen. And you could at least be useful on our mission, Bakanda."

"That doesn't mean I have to know this dumb hotel manger's name." He replied bluntly.

Lavi sighed and closed his single eye. "Her name was Lulu Bell."

"Lulu Bell…Lulu Bell…Lulu Bell…" Allen repeated the name several times before something in his mind connected the pieces together. "Noah!"

"That gorgeous woman is a Noah?!" Lavi exclaimed in complete shock, but recovered quickly after receiving a glare from Rose.

"Everyone, get your things. We're finding a different hotel." Allen stated and went to grab his suitcase, but was stopped by Lenalee.

"Allen-kun, wait…"

His silver eyes met hers with a hard gaze. "What is it, Lenalee?"

"Maybe if we stay here, we'll have a better idea of what the Noahs are planning. Plus, this is the closest hotel to the White House and maybe the other nearby hotels have Noah members as mangers, too." Lenalee explained a little too quickly.

"Yeah, it may not seem like it, but we do have the advantage here Allen." Lavi said in agreement. "Besides, the party isn't until tomorrow so we have plenty of time to plan things out."

Allen sighed in defeat and placed his suitcase back on the floor. "Fine, we'll stay here. But I want us all to invetis – "

"Let's go shopping!" Rose cried out excitedly. She quickly glanced over at Allen who was scowling at her. "I mean…for Road's present…" She added somberly.

Lenalee nodded at the suggestion. "That seems like a good idea. We're not allowed in unless we don't have a present, right? So let's go!"

The two made their way out of the room with Lavi following behind and Kanda having no choice but to follow behind reluctantly as well. Allen let out an annoyed groan before catching up with his carefree team.

"Ooooohh! This one's cute!" Rose cooed after picking up another hair bow.

"Yes, but we're supposed to be shopping for Road, remember?" Lenalee reminded the excited curly-haired teen.

Rose let out a disappointed sigh. "Yeah, you're right…" She looked over to her other companions for suggestions.

And of course, Lavi being the goofball he was had an idea. "Okay, Allen! Take your shirt off, pose a little bit, and smile for the camera"

Allen blushed a deep red. "W-w-w-what?!" He stuttered and the most confused expression shaped his facial features. "W-why?"

"Because it's the most perfect gift for Road! She's crazy over you and if she saw just a glimpse of your little baby fat, she'd go nuts!"

An annoyed sigh escaped Allen's lips as he whacked Lavi across the head. "I do not have baby fat, baka Lavi! And there's no way you're taking my picture!"

"Allen, you are such a child." Lavi muttered, before turning to his team. "A little help here, please?"

Surprisingly, Lenalee seemed pretty enthusiastic about the whole ordeal as she stepped closer to Allen. Rose was a bit hesitant, but decided to follow through. Kanda…just stood there with his usual annoyed expression.

"This is stupid. Just give her this." Kanda stated blankly and held out his hand to reveal a pack of…

"Kanda! W-where in the world did you get those?!" Lenalee exclaimed, horror and surprise obvious in her voice.

"Some weirdo was passing them out on the street. Who the fuck cares? If the moyashi gives them to her, then we're all set." He grunted and threw a packet at Allen who let it hit him before it fell to the ground.

"Uhh…Allen?" Rose turned to the horror-struck white-haired Exorcist and waved her hand in front of him.

After Allen's face turned paler than usual, he quickly regained composure and invoked his Innocence before lunging for Kanda's neck. Kanda swiftly dodged it and unsheathed Mugen and within seconds, a crowd made its way around the fighting teens.

"Oh, boy. This isn't good." Lavi commented nonchalantly as he scanned the crowd around them.

Everyone looked amazed or perplexed as they continued to watch Allen and Kanda brawl on the middle of the sidewalk. Two officials that looked strikingly familiar to Tyki and Lulu Bell made their way towards the two and that was when Lavi, Rose and Lenalee decided to step in. With the blink of an eye, the team of Exorcists were in the air flying several miles away from the crowd below them. Lenalee was lugging Allen with almost no effort as she soared back to roof of their hotel with her Dark Boots. Lavi held on to Kanda's ponytail while he, Kanda and Rose sat on his hammer making their way back with Lenalee and Allen.

As soon as they set their feet on the roof, Lenalee gave Allen and Kanda a good hard kick on the head.

"Idiots! What were you two thinking?!" She screamed angrily, placing her hands on her hips in clear disappointment.

"I uh…I guess we weren't…" Allen admitted apologetically. "I'm sorry…"

"Well, I'm not!" Rose interjected with a hint of despair in her voice. "Everyone there saw us! They'll know we're Exor – er, they'll know we're not from here!" She corrected herself just in case cameras were around. "And besides, now two members of the Noah family saw us. Now we definitely won't be able to go to the party!"

"Ahh, I wouldn't worry about it too much." Lavi assured her. "Besides…" He smirked evilly and pulled his phone out. "I forgot I took these earlier when we were at the airport!"

He showed them his phone which revealed a half-naked Allen, looking slightly angry, but much more attractive. At the airport, somehow the security system went off after Allen passed through it and after numerous searching, Allen was forced to strip with only his boxers remaining. After he realized it was his Innocence, he made up a lie and told the security officers that his left arm had a metal bar in it due to an "accident."

"Wow…." Lenalee mused. "I didn't know you liked the color pink, Allen-kun!" She giggled, pointing at his pink undergarments in the picture. "Lavi, send that to me later…" She whispered to the redheaded Exorcist, who nodded in reply.

"And I think I took enough pictures for each of us, so I guess we can give that to Road for her present~" Lavi chuckled, preparing to send the picture messages to each of his comrades. "But wait…" He paused and glanced over at Allen. "You take your own picture, Allen. I didn't like the attitude you had with me earlier." He joked, but made no attempt to send a picture to the flustered Exorcist.

"W-what?! Why? Is this 'Put-Allen-Through-Torture-Day' or something?!" He exclaimed angrily, trying to snatch Lavi's phone from his hands.

"Something like that." He replied simply. "Well, let's go back to the rooms. I'm in need for a nap~"

They all nodded in agreement, except Allen, and followed him back to inside of the hotel.

"Wait, guys this isn't fair!" Allen cried out, trying to get one of his friends' attentions.

"We should go to the pool later! Can we, Lenalee?" Rose asked excitedly, purposely ignoring Allen's pleas.

"Yeah, that seems good! We should go to the hot tubs too."

"I wanna go, too! Yu will come too, right?" Lavi said as he slung an arm around an already pissed-off Kanda.

"I thought you were going to take a nap…baka." Kanda retorted while flinging Lavi's arm off of him.

"Yeah, I will afterwards, I guess." He turned to Allen and smirked. "Hey, the pool is a good excuse to take a picture of yourself half-naked!"

Allen was just another smart remark away from activating his Innocence and smacking the smirk off of Lavi's face. No one seemed to be on his side on this argument. Lenalee looked as if she wanted to help Allen, but at the same time she was enjoying it. Rose just went along with the plan without a complaint. Lavi was the insinuator of it all and Kanda…couldn't care less.

Allen took a deep breath mumbled to himself. "Baka Lavi…he's just jealous he doesn't have my good looks…"

"Oh, I'm not jealous at all~" Lavi yelled from the front of their small group.

~Road's Birthday~

"Hi!" Road greeted the Exorcists cheerfully like all of her other guests, although she was fully aware who they were. And the team of Exorcists knew that she was aware, too. "I'm glad you all could come to my party! Do you have your presents for me~?"

Lavi, Rose, Kanda and Lenalee each handed Road an enlarged, framed picture of Allen from the airport. She glanced over to the other Noah members before turning back to them. She let out a squeal of delight and smiled widely. "Okay, you guys can go in."

After giving the Exorcists a well-known smirk, Tyki opened the gate and let them pass. The tension in the air felt tighter and all of their smiles faded as soon as they entered the White House.

"Wait! What about Allen?!" Rose asked suddenly, turning back to see Allen talking to Road.

He looked a bit flustered and hesitantly pulled out a small bag from behind his back. Road giggled as she took the bag from him and hastily opened it. Her eyes widened in shock as she let the bag drop to the ground and held up picture frame containing a portrait of…Allen.

"N-no way! H-he actually did it?" Lenalee gaped as she saw Road turning the frame in different angles, mesmerized by it.

The picture looked as if it was professionally done. It was Allen by the poolside, only with his swimming trunks on. He wasn't smiling in the picture, but it did look like he was posing. It was as if he was trying to give off a "bad boy" type of personality in the picture by the way he was staring at the camera.

Road turned around and wiped her nose quickly with a tissue, but not quick enough to where everyone could see the speck of red on it.

"Oh, geez. I didn't know he had it in him! Who knew he could be so photogenic?" Lavi snickered, trying to hold back laughter he knew would escape at any moment.


Allen bowed his head quickly and joined his team with an annoyed expression on his face.

"What're you all waiting for?" Allen muttered angrily. "That was embarrassing. I need to punch something. Where's the Millennium Earl?!"

A fit of laughter escaped from everyone, except Kanda and Allen, and Lavi patted Allen on the back repeatedly.

"I'm so proud of you! You're growing up so fast!"

"Shut up! Where's the Millennium Earl? I'm already pissed off and I don't think I'll be better until I destroy that fatass."

"I think he's turned into 'Black Allen.'" Rose commented.

"It's almost as bad as when he talks about General Cross…" Lenalee pointed out.

They continued to walk down the grand hallways until they reached the ballroom where the party was being held. Almost instantly, Allen's eye activated and he grabbed the sleeves of his teammates and pulled them to an empty spot.

"Bad news."

"What is it now?" Kanda sneered, more annoyed than usual because Allen was still dragging him.

"There's akuma." He explained. "Everywhere."

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