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Warning: Probably grammar and OOCness (though, I'll try to keep them in character as much as I can) and I might also use a few swearing from time to time.

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Everyone has an angel, a guardian who watches over us.
We can't know what
form they'll take.
One day,
old man. Next day, little girl.
But don't
appearances fool you, they can be as fierce as any dragon.
Yet they're
not here to fight our battles.
But to
whisper from our heart, reminding that it's us.
everyone who holds the power over the world's we create.-Sucker Punch

A scientist wearing a gas mask pushed a cart that held raw meat items and sedative water bowls.

The sounds of groaning and nails scratching and fists pounding on doors echoed through the hallway.

The man was not sure why CEDA decided to keep these infected people alive and fed but they were in need of research.

Research of what, no one in the facility knew for sure.

Some claim they did while others just went on their own business.

For the past years, after the Green Flu hit, CEDA has been trying to see if there was a way to reverse an infected back into a human but atlas they seem to be fatal when they saw the infected go on a rampage over the littlest things:how to put the right shapes into the cube, how to walk without falling all over the place, and even speaking actual dialogue.

Sure, some scientist-mainly the soldiers- wanted to call it a quits on this whole thing but the higher uppers wouldn't let them.

But there is one thing that made the whole experiment not feel a complete waste of science.

The man halted on a specific cell after feeding the other patients their meals to a room where CEDA's real research laid.

The evolutionary being.

They have been for only a couple of years now but they're results have shown to have more process then any of the other Infecteds.

CEDA decide to dubbed the specimen as a Shifter since their results showed that they can mentally change from an infected then back into a human being. The only thing that truly changed when shifted is their eyes and the ability obtain claw hands and still acted like just like all the other brainless mercy killing patients in the rooms, only more violent and deadly. But when they changed back to their normal self they act like nothing happen. Whether this is true or though if they're really unaware of the damage they've inflicted and decided to cast the thought aside is still uncertain.

No one was really sure how the specimen was able to do this or which mind, human or infected, was far more superior.

Still, they're the one that holds the most promise in their research which is why they have to take more "special" care of them as they began setting up their "preparations."

The masked scientist glanced at the room number that was engraved on the door.

E13 it read.

Just as he crouched down to get the last tray, he heard a gun click from behind him and felt it pressed up against the back of his head.

"Either you give me the keys, or the zombies are going to get a fresh new raw meat as their next meal." The perpetrator said.

The scientist made no objection and complied with the aggressive man.

Once the keys were gone from his palm the scientist fell down hard on the floor due to being conked from the back hand of the gun

The handgun holder was a male CEDA soldier worker only he wore no mask thus revealing his fuzzy jetblack hair and chocolate brown eyes. He glared at the limped body on the ground before slipping the key into the slot of room E13 and gave it a turn.

Inside, a figure had curled themselves in the far end of the cell, head resting on their knees, letting the darkness cloak their shaking body.

Their head jerked up slightly and froze at the sound of rusty metal screeching as their door opened. "Ellis," a deep gentle voice called out through the door.

The younger cellar male looked and saw the soldier kneeling beside him with his hand resting on the shoulder. "W-Will?" He croaked.

Will nodded, smiling softly "Come on. I'm getting you out of here." He draped his arm over the younger male's waist before hoisting themselves up to their feet and began to run, unaware that the unconscious scientist was coming to and his hand pressing a small remote in his pocket.

The sounds of alarms blaring echoed through the hallway but that just the two fugitives increased their speed in their legs.

Elsewhere in another room other soldiers wearing the same uniform as Will, only they had gas masks over their faces, grabbed their assault rifles and went to go chase after the two people who are trying to escape.

Meanwhile, the two men were able to make it outside the building without running into trouble and stopped in front of a fence that had dug up hole under it."Alright, this is where we suit you up." Will said as he handed the named Shifter a sniper rifle and placed a belt around his waist that held two duel pistols in each holsters. "Okay, you're all set. Get going." The boy made no movement. "Ellis, c'mon. You have to go now."

Ellis shook his head slowly, "What 'bout chu?"

"We've been through this, I can't go."

"But yew said-"

"Ellis, please. They'll be here any minute. I'm not letting those bastards drag you back into that hell hole."

The compatriot still refused to move as he lowered his head, "But... what's gonna happen tah ya? I can't leave knowin' yer gonna get hurt fer helpin' me escape."

The soldier smiled and rested both hands on the shorter male's shoulders, "Don't worry. As long as you're out of harms way, I can handle anything they dish out on me." He gripped his shoulders as if assuring him.

Ellis blushed slightly when he felt the gloved hand cup his cheek and looked up in the male's chocolate brown eyes when he tilted his head upwards. "Ellis, I need you to be strong for the both of us. Fight till the very end. Can you do that for me?"

The southerner nodded and felt tears beginning to form under his left eye but they were wiped away from the others hand.

"Thank yew Will, fer everything."

Will placed a gentle kiss on the young man's forehead before ushering him to the hole. "Now go. I don't how much longer they'll be."

Ellis threw his arms around the older gentleman's neck, who returned the embrace as well, and quickly placed his lips over his before pulling away and did as he was told. Not noticing the footsteps that grew louder as he completely crawled his way to the other side of the fence and high tailed it into the forest.

Once he was completely out of range of the facility, gunshots began to rang in his ear making him stop completely. The tears that had vanished a while ago finally came back only this time they're successfully streaming down the boy's crushed face, "Will."

He knew the soldiers wouldn't come after him, in fear of the zombies that roam around here might attack them while trying to capture him.

So he just adjusted the rifle over his shoulder and began walking through the forest till he found himself strolling down a vacant road.

Must have ran farther than I thought.

As he kept on pacing, his mind wonder off into memory-lane, remembering what exactly happen before he ended up in the hands of CEDA.

They did it. They were able to get on board before the helicopter left them alone to fend for themselves on the bridge. They're finally free from this hell hole. Well, all but one.

Ellis was sitting in the far end of the group while the others tend to their wounds, some worst then others. He didn't dare tell them about the scar he had on his shoulder pad that was safely hidden under his shirt. This was the mark of an Special Infected and the boy could already felt the changes occurring. But he just have to hold on a little longer. He had to, for the others safety.

Soon this will all be over and he won't have to worry about having to live in fear of harming his comrades.

Well, ex-comrades. This will be the last time he'll see any of them but he knew he shouldn't grow closer to them they already were. It'll only cost more problems.

Rochelle had finished patching herself up and saw her surrogate brother sitting in the corner of the helicopter by himself and noticed a few scratches and bloodstains on visible parts of his body.

Picking up the remaining items in her healthkit, she walked up the isolated mechanic, catching both Nick and Coaches attention who had finished healing themselves up.

"Ellis, sweetie" Blue eyes locked onto his eyes onto the former reporter's. "Would like to heal up? Look, I have some medical supplies left-"

Ellis shook his head, "I'm fine Ro. It don't hurt none much." He said calming.

"But Ellis, you don't look so good and your bleeding from your arm." Rochelle slightly gasped.

Shit, he had forgot that the Infected wound open up during the bridge and was seeping blood. I can't let them get near me. I can't let them see me like this.

"It's just a flesh wound, I'll be fine till we've landed." Please. Go away. Please, if you care enough about me... I can't. I can't.

"Ellis," Rochelle said softly making Ellis grit his teeth together "Just let me clean it up a bit for y-"

"WOULD YA JUST LEAVE IT THE FUCK ALONE ALREADY?! I SAID IT'S FINE SO QUIT PESTERING ME!" Everyone froze at the younger teammates outburst. Utterly speechless of what he just said.

"What the hell Overalls?" Nick fumed, quickly overcoming his shock from a while ago. "She's just trying to help and you go and treat her like shit!"

Ellis suppress a winced. He always had a hunch that Nick has a thing for Ro since he's always being close to her and always helping her out more than the two (him and Coach) and he's pretty sure so does she too and that struck a pain in his heart because he's been liking the gambling man the moment they met.

He knew it was wrong and Nick should be the last person he should have these feelings for but he couldn't help who he fell for.

His mother and Keith were the only ones who knew about his love life and they told him that he shouldn't be ashamed because that's just who he is. So he didn't think of it as anything bad since love was love, no matter who it was.

But the people that Ellis always fall for always find some way to break his sweet innocent heart.

Like right now, only this time Ellis was causing them to do so.

"I can't believe how ignorant you are. Since the moment we met you've done nothing but put us all in danger. Always getting hurt or making one of us get hurt, always getting attack by the specials thus making one of us have to go and rescue you and then have to waste one of our healthkits on you, I can't even began to tell you how many times we've all gotten hurt because of your idiocy.

"You nearly got us all killed when that Tank began chasing you when you getting on the helicopter!" Nick glared at the hick who was hugging his knees and looking down in shame. "You're so lucky that rock missed us, otherwise I would thrown you towards the Tank for making our only ride brake down."

"Nick!" Rochelle all but shouted at the conman in shock and anger, knowing that if neither her and Coach didn't try to stop the conman, things will get out of hand.

"Then why didn't ya just tell da chopper tah leave my sorry ass behind? Would've save y'all the trouble," Ellis retorted.

"Ellis," Coach began, wanting to tell the young'in they would never do something like that, but was cut off when the second oldest male decided to speak again.

"Because you have my Magnum," Nick said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Eyebrows knitted together as Ellis pulled the said handgun from his hostler and chucked it at the unexpected conman's head, causing the other teammates to have wide eyes and the victim of the abuse get a slight bruise on his forehead.

"The f-!" Nick shouted, flabbergasted.

Ellis slammed both his feet down and looked at the conman with a glare that none of teammates ever seen on the mechanic.

And let me tell you, even the Witches would be crying the other way.

"If that was the case then I should 'ave thrown it over the bridge and just stayed if that's all yew did that fer!" Ellis yelled, completely hurt and angry that that was the reason Nick made sure he didn't get left behind because of Ellis held the older man's pistol. "Ya insensitive prick, I would've been better off with the Tank back at New Orleans or better yet with the other survivors that helped us out. At least they show their feelings unlike yew, ya cold heart bastard! I hate yew Nick! I wish I never met ya!" once he was done speaking, Ellis sat back down and hid his face from the others using his cap.

Nick just stared at the hick. And stared. And stared. Until his face curled into a scowl that would make a Tank whimper in fear.

"So this the payment I get for saving your ass this whole time? Cause if it is, then I should have just left you for dead!" When he didn't receive a comment from the boy, Nick just snorted before leaning his back on the wall and crossed his arms. "What ever, I'm done wasting my time on you. Once this thing lands, don't even bother trying to come near me for anything Aylus cause I'm done wasting my time on you."

Ellis remained silent as he turned his back on the others and hugged his knees again.

He did it, he got the one person he love the most to hate his guts so much that he could care less what would become of him.

...Mission accomplish.

"Ellis," Rochelle began as she placed a hand on the mechanic's shoulder only to be softly shrugged off.

This time Coach finally spoke up.

"Baby girl, I think it's best if we give him some space."

The woman gave one last look to the younger male before sighing and taking her seat next to Coach.

Once he knew that they were all asleep, Ellis began to silently cry his heart out. Grateful that the three other survivors were heavy sleepers.

Beside, this will pain go away soon enough.

Ellis placed a hand over his heart. That day, it was still fresh in his mind.

Nick kept his word and stayed away from the compatriot boy, which devastated him so but he kept reminding himself that it was for the best.

Once CEDA had a sample of all of their bloods, they were all assigned separate rooms and no more than a hour later past Ellis was escorted to a more secure private facility. The one where he spend two years in.

I wonder what CEDA told them, or if they even bother tellin' them what happen to probably said I was a Carrier and had to put out of my might've been sad at the news but she'll get over it since she knows I wouldn't want her to cry over me. Coach's probably upset fer me but knows it's probably fer the best. And Nick. Well, I bet he was whoopin' with joy knowin' that I'm "completely" wiped off the face of the earth and from him.

Still, I wish I coulda told him how I really felt bout him. That I-

Ellis felt his heart ache again but he brushed it aside when he came across a small ruined town and saw a dozen zombies wondering around the streets.

Some of them began to notice his present and rushed towards the newcomer.

Ellis pulled out the desert eagles that Will had given him and cocked it at the upcoming common infected.

"Come at me, you sons of bitches!" He shouted before pulling the triggers.

We can deny our angels exist, convince ourselves they aren't real.

But they show up anyways.

At strange places and at strange times.

They can speak through any characters we can imagine.

They'll shout through demons if they have to.

Daring us. Challenging us to fight.

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