Author's Note: This chapter is post KH3D and deals with the Keyblade, but really has no other influences from KH. It has no spoilers, so everyone should be able to read this.

Shattered (for PurplePigeon121)

Rhyme sat on the roof of her high school—that she had just recently started at—with her knees drawn to her chest. Her arms wrapped around her legs did little to shield her from the chilling wind, but mostly… Mostly the tears that trailed down her cheeks (that Rhyme thought very well might have been freezing the moment they were made) did little to lift her spirits.

Really, that was all it came down to. If she were her normal chipper self, then she would have been able to mentally ward off the cold. Maybe she would have visualized a tropical island or something. At the moment, Rhyme couldn't dream up anything, but that wasn't really the problem at all. What the problem was she couldn't believe things in her heart anymore.

And so, she sat up on the roof in the dead of night, as she desperately buried her face in her hands hoping to feel anything, really. Of course, the first thing she felt would be something that would just press her lips into a worried frown. Though the breeze did nothing to ignite something poetic within Rhyme, it did serve to pull her beanie off from her head, and dance it around her. Well, this was no good! Besides the fact that that was her favorite hat, the reason she really wore it was because she'd clipped her Player Pin to i-

"Aha! I knew you would take off that Pin sometime, Raimu. You can't keep me from the only good thoughts in Shibuya, you know."

"Joshua?!" Rhyme said surprised, as she gracelessly tried to jump for the hat—and more importantly, the Player Pin—that was just out of her reach. Though she wasn't feeling as sad at the moment, Rhyme did have to think on the fact that maybe this was all a moot point. Joshua had now peeked into her thoughts, and was seeing her fail at Monkey in the Middle. Really, what did she have to lose if he had insight into her thoughts from now o-

"You know, I thought Mr. H and I were the only ones to look for privacy in a place so high up. Apparently not. You see what not allowing me to read your mind has done?! Now neither of us will be saved my pathetic hero attempt."

"Pathetic… hero attempt?" Rhyme choked out, as she cocked her head to the side to take the strange boy in. She felt off kilter for more than one reason at the moment. Mainly that there seemed to be something behind Joshua's words, and he had actually broken tradition, and was holding a hand up, but smirking. How strange. Usually when Rhyme saw him stand in such a way, he actually wore a real smile. Just what was this boy planning?

Though Shibuya's non-existent lights illuminated very little (the city lights drowned them out), Rhyme thought she could guess what he was going on about. Did he… Think she'd been about to commit suicide? Though the thought was very laughable, Rhyme couldn't really shake the idea off. And shouldn't he have known now (now that he was reading her mind), that that wasn't her issue at all? No, it was something much more trivial.

"Yep. I don't much like chasing ladies' hats down like gentlemen in old movies, but I suppose since you're clearly distraught, I'll make an exception this one time."

"Oh!" No sooner than Joshua had started clicking buttons on his favorite orange cell phone, did Rhyme's hat stop being pulled by the air current, to land in her hands. Looking at Joshua from beneath her eyelashes, the young Bito meant to keep an eye on him while she checked something crucial. Turning her beanie upside down, it seemed that her Player Pin still sat there snugly. For some reason, that surprised Rhyme. Why did he allow her to keep her Player Pin when he could have just taken it away? Joshua had never liked someone thinking they had powers over hi-

"You're being sillier than usual, Rhyme," Joshua tisked, as Rhyme took the moment to sit beside the curious Composer. He seemed smug, but that was nothing new. The real question was, what was his real motive for being with her? Surely he didn't give a damn about her hat, so why- "I believe you would say, 'the heart wants what the heart wants'. It's not like you to question adages, Rhyme, so why do you think you deserved a Keyblade?"

And there it was. The reason Rhyme was on this roof in the first place. The reason she'd been upset. At the moment, though, Rhyme couldn't fathom why she'd been bothered in the slightest. Not when Joshua was sitting by her with a bored expression, as he looked out at the three visible stars. Still, even if he were bored, Joshua was here when he didn't need to be, and that was certainly something. Smiling slightly, Rhyme began explaining her reason for a lack of a smile earlier. "See? This is why you don't want to know my thoughts, Joshua. I'm not as good as you think I am."

Welp. That seemed to ignite something within the young god. No longer looking bored in the slightest, his violet eyes locked onto Rhyme's unflinchingly. The blond girl also noted his hand had clenched, but he still said pleasantly enough, "Oh, really?"

Knowing she should be wondering just what Joshua was plotting now (but knowing she'd never figure it out), Rhyme decided to shrug as nonchalantly as she was able, and continue on without pause. "Well, yeah. I really don't know why I'm telling you all of this, Joshua. I know you already must know by now, but I suppose I was jealous of the Keyblade wielders we met in Traverse Town. Though I knew I'd lost my dreams, I'd held onto the belief that I still had hopes in my heart. But if the Keyblade is a weapon of the heart, then I must have been wrong. I'm not one of the chosen, and I guess all of my dreams really are shattered."

"Oh, dear. It seems I was right. If I don't cheer you up, you'll continue to leak tears on my favorite institution of angst." Rhyme had been about to tell Joshua that she knew it was wrong to feel hurt when she had so much that others didn't, but that comment nipped that right in the bud.

Before Rhyme could make a clever comeback, however, Joshua was already standing up, and forcing Rhyme to do the same. "You're so silly, girl. You have dreams, Rhyme. Couldn't you use Dream Eaters? You're always fine, but the moment you start thinking about it all, that's when you trip yourself up. Did you ever stop to think that maybe what I really took from you was your belief that you have dreams? And Keyblades are overrated. Their wielders are pretty much damned from the start. You shouldn't want to be one, Rhyme. I gave you your life back and I expect you to live it."

"Joshua-" Rhyme began to shout angrily, as she slapped Josh's hand on her shoulder away. But taking a moment to breathe in some fresh air, and really think things over, Rhyme suddenly realized that maybe Joshua was right. Though she wouldn't put it past him to lie with what he was saying, he'd really had no reason to come and talk to her tonight. And he had. He'd cheered her up albeit his own strange way, so there was really no need to be mad at him. Really, there was only one thing she wanted to know now. "Why does it seem like you're harder on me than the others?"

As Joshua turned his attention back on the few stars they could see (and Rhyme did the same), she half expected him to say something cliché as, "Because you can shine the brightest."

What she got, however, was something completely different. Smiling evilly in a way that instantly had Rhyme backing away, Joshua pinned Rhyme to the railing that kept people from falling off the roof, and whispered very dangerously, "Because you won't even mind when I take advantage of your state, Crying Girl."

And before Rhyme could ask just what the heck that meant (and note his answer didn't answer her question in the slightest), she suddenly found herself being kissed. Though her first idea was to run away and retract every nice thing she'd thought about Joshua tonight (she hated it when he got all creepy like this!), she thought, albeit reluctantly, that maybe he did deserve some sort of thanks. Especially after everything he'd done for her and her friends. So in that, she may have wrapped her hands around his neck and put more pressure into the kiss than she'd originally intended.

No sooner had she done this, however, was Joshua pulling away and licking his lips like the cat that got the cream. The moonlight especially made him look eerie, and Rhyme very much wanted to punch him in the face when he dubbed her "cute" and patted her on the head before disappearing.

Ugh. Just what had she gotten herself into?! And did her lips suddenly feel chapped? She was going to have a right time explaining that to Beat in the morning!

And Joshua… Had he planned this from the start? Just what were those boys' motives? Did anyone know?

Carefully climbing down from the ladder, Rhyme wondered if maybe it would be best to "not be like Joshua", and therefore never sit on her school roof again. She might have chosen that, too, but something about their encounter made Rhyme opt to come to the school every night instead.

Though she would have liked to believe she was doing it to bring out more of his humanity again, Rhyme wondered if her actions were just because he was such a good kisser. Well, that was a worrying thought, wasn't it?

Shivering slightly, Rhyme thought one thing before looking up to the sky where she expected a smirking Joshua to be at. Yes, it's a good thing I have my Player Pin. I don't want Joshua getting an even bigger ego, now do I?

Author's Note: So here's a cheerier Joshyme. At least, I hope it is. Somehow, the mood I went for with this completely changed. Also, I have no idea where this idea came from, but I kind of like it. Oh well. I hope you liked it, though, PurplePigeon121. And everyone else, of course! And I'll get to other prompts as soon as I can.

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