Playing With Brittana

"Man Hands you need to pick a partner between Finn and Quinn they are the only two left." Santana growls upset that she isn't just picking it's not like she is asking them to get married.

"Hey shouldn't we maybe pick." Quinn argues not really wanting to be partnered with Rachel.

"No Q, cause obviously the rest of us are already partnered up. It's not my fault you all are late. So here's how it's goin' be Q you with Hobbit and that leaves Tubs and Puck." Santana growls.

"Fine, what game are we playing first?" Rachel asks sitting down next to Quinn.

"Pictionary," Brittany shouts coming into the living room from the kitchen.

Aside from Brittany, Puck and Quinn everyone else is impressed with Santana's house. They are all seated around the coffee table in teams of two. The teams are obviously Brittany and Santana, Mike and Tine, Kurt and Blaine, Rory and Sugar, Mercedes and Sam, Rachel and Quinn, Puck and Finn, and Artie and Joe.

"Okay we'll go first." Santana smirks picking her first prompt.

Santana smirks after reading she quickly drawing a ring, heart and hair, they all look confused, but of course Brittany.

"Brunette," Brittany shouts jumping up into the Latina's arms.

"No way," Artie questions as Kurt looks at the card.

"Yes that's right."

Eighteen rounds later and Brittany and Santana have yet to lose a round. With only one round left everyone just wants to see if they can keep their perfect record.

"I swear they have the same brain." Quinn comments to Rachel they finish in third with ten right answers.

"I know how do they get the right answers out of some of their pictures?" Rachel questions as Brittany picks the last card of the game.

She reads the card two times before walking over to the white board. Sticking her tongue out she draws a slender rectangle and a heart.

"Babe Ruth!" Santana calmly says smirking at her brilliance.

"How in god's name did you get that?" Mercedes asks looking bewildered at the two Cheerios.

"Easy the rectangle is obviously a candy bar and the heart means the candy bar I love the most which is Babe Ruth." Santana shrugs like it is the simplest thing in the world.

"They really do share a brain." Quinn shouts and everyone laughs.

"So what's our next game?" Mike asks hoping to have better luck in the next game.

"Yeah and someone had better beat those two." Puck gestures at Brittany and Santana.

"Here Mike and I brought Cranium, surely we can beat them at this." Tina says they play it all the time there is no way the two Cheerios can beat them.

Mike, Tina, Kurt, Blaine, Brittany and Santana are all in the lead having just left the creative cat and now going into the data head.

"Mike and Tina got this in the bag." cheers Sam as everyone just wants Brittany and Santana to taste defeat after Pictionary.

Santana glares around daring someone to say something about Brittany. They all know better and Kurt draws the card to read to Brittany as it is their turn.

"Okay Brittany this is a multiply choice question." Kurt reads.

"Yeah Babe, you got this." Santana cheers looking adoringly at Brittany.

"Name which popular vacation city in Florida is known to have the best beaches? A. Miami, B. Tampa, C. Boca or D. Palm Springs?" Kurt asks thinking full well that the tall blonde is going to say D. Palm Springs.

"That's easy C. Boca." Brittany says shrugging and Santana smiles smugly only Quinn isn't surprised.

"Coach Sue always tells us how nice the beaches are." Quinn whispers into Rachel's ear.

To everyone's surprise Brittany and Santana don't get any wrong answers in data head and are now in the lead heading in word worm. Everyone is pretty sure that their luck has to run out as Brittany is horrible with words.

"I'd don't think even a leprechaun could save them." Rory says even though he and Sugar are bringing up the rear still on the slow track of creative cat.

"Santana this is a spelling backwards one." Quinn read looking at the word she knows Santana has it. "Spell Dachshund backwards."

"That's easy who made this game third graders." Santana comments smirking. "D, N, U, H, S, H, C, A, D"

The next time around it is Brittany's turn and most everyone snickers despite Santana glaring at them from behind her. Most of the time remarks about her intelligence would upset her, but she knows that they just want her and Santana to lose and that makes it okay in her mind.

"So Brittany this is a spelling one." Rachel says, "Spell the word challenge." Everyone holds their breath waiting for to see if they'd win or lose. It all hinges on if Brittany gets the right answer.

"Um let's see...C, H, A, L,, hold on I got it, E, N, G, E." Brittany finishes smiling at Santana.

"I love you, babe." Santana kisses her.

"Oh god now there's no way they can lose." Mercedes throws her hands up in the air.

"We so got this babe," Santana smiles, she really likes to win especially when it is with Brittany.

They end up winning on a charade card that Brittany acts out.

"Santana how in the world did you get Madonna from Brittany holding her fingers up like glasses and pointing to the left." Blaine asks shaking his head.

"Please the glasses where totally Lady Gaga and to the left means before on the timeline hence Madonna." Santana explains.

"Okay here's a game that there is no way that they could win." Artie pulls out Dirty Minds.

"Great now I won't be able to win either." Finn complains looking at Puck.

"Artie and Joe, you get to go first." Tina says picking up the first card. "The hotter I am, the harder I get, I can only get laid once. The argument is whether I came first." she smiles.

"Um..." Joe thinks this is really hard to stay true to his faith with this question.

"Santana," Artie shouts.

"Oi, that's so not true expect for the very first part." Santana grumbles.

"It's okay honey, I totally agree with you." Brittany strokes her back calming her down, "It's an egg." she reads.

"I'm totally reading the one for Puck and Finn." Santana shouts smiling. "I get laid in an alley. I often end up in the middle of your split. When you slip your finger inside me, I am ready to roll." she can't help, but giggle.

"You or Britt!" Puck shouts, "Which you totally should do when I'm around."

"Hell no Puckerman," Santana shouts.

"That's gross," Quinn says backhanding him. "A bowling ball," she reads.

"Well now it's Britt's and San's turn." Quinn smiles evilly. "Here's your question, what fits neatly between your breasts, works best when tugged and inserts neatly into a whole?"

"Oh god I can only image what they're going to say." Kurt laughs.

"It's Santana you know it's going to be dirty." Rachel says looking at the two girls who's heads are together whispering.

"We have our answer now." Santana tells them as everyone stares at them expectedly.

"A seat belt, duh." Brittany says as Quinn's smile drops.

"They're fucking right. I can't fucking believe it." Quinn throws her hands up.

"It's okay Quinn we can totally have this." Rachel says.

"Schwarzenegger has a long one. Spike Lee has a short one. The pope doesn't use his." Kurt reads chuckling.

"Quinn I think I have it." Rachel says.

"Good cause I don't have any non-dirty ones." Quinn says glaring at Santana.


"Oh so close yet so far it's last names." Kurt smiles.

They go five rounds of no one, but Brittany and Santana getting right answers much to the amusement of everyone else. No one can believe they can get their minds out of the gutter and answer correctly.

"If they answer this question correctly they'll win yet another game." Mercedes complains.

"Who's idea was it to have a game night?" Finn asks.

"It certainly wasn't mine," Santana says. "Please read the card so we can win."

"Never again should we let them be partners on game night." Quinn states as if it should be a law.

"Okay, if you really want me, you're going to have to expose yourself. If you get naked, I'll be all over you, but you should use protection or else you could get a nasty disease-" Rachel reads hoping maybe they'll mess up.

"Suntan," Santana says as if it is the most obvious thing in the world.

They decide to take a break and order some food. Of course Santana orders five things of breadsticks for herself, no one gets her obsession with them. After the five pizzas, five orders of breadsticks and a salad arrive they all eat up. Joe and Sugar both try to take a breadstick from Santana, but she growls and glares them down until they remove their hands from the breadsticks.

"But Brittany took some." Joe points out.

"Duh, Jesus Boy she's my girlfriend." Santana says as if everyone should know.

"Joe, just relax and never take breadsticks from Santana it's a law of the universe." Quinn says looking scared.

"She will serious hurt you man. Only Brittany can take them without risking death." Puck shutters as they all decide what game to play next.

"He's right," Brittany nods snuggling into the Latina as Quinn gets monopoly out.

"Okay this is everyone for themselves." Quinn says finally hoping someone can beat Brittany and Santana since they can't be on the same team.

An hour later only Puck is left in the game with Brittany and Santana. Brittany owns three fourths of the board and Santana owns the other forth and the rail road's. Puck finally runs out of money.

"Can we just call it so we can play one more game together before everyone has to leave." Rachel says.

"I give up; Britt's will end up beating my ass anyway." Santana says kiss Brittany's hand. There are a bunch of awe's and Santana flips them off.

"I have a game that's fun and doesn't really have winners and losers." Sugar suggests, "Scattergories."

"Bring it on losers; me and Britts will still kick you asses." Santana smiles.

"List number three and T," Mercedes says before hitting the timer. They all write silently.

"Articles of clothing: I wrote t-shirt." Sam says.

"So did I," Kurt, Blaine, Finn and Puck say.

"I wrote turtleneck," Rachel says.

"So did I," Quinn, Sugar, Mercedes, Tina and Rory agree.

"I didn't come up with anything." Mike, Joe and Artie sadly say.

"I did tube socks." Brittany smiles and Santana kisses her cheek.

"Thong," Santana smugly says as she and Brittany share a look.

"Of course," Rachel says disgusted. "They have one the rest of use none."

"Desserts?" Mercedes asks.

No one aside from Brittany and Santana does of course.

"Tart," Brittany smiles.

"Tiramisu Cheese Cake," Santana proudly says, "I smell more defeat on you losers."

"Okay how 'bout car parts." Mercedes asks. "I came up with transmission."

Everyone, but Finn, Puck, Brittany and Santana agree with Mercedes.

"Transfer Case," Puck says high fiving Finn.

"TTop Sunroof," Finn smiles.

"Tailgate Trunklid, double points." Santana whoops kissing Brittany.

"Tail light," Brittany manages to get out before Santana starts making out with her.

"I think we should leave." Rachel says turning away from the two Cheerios.

"You know what I can't believe it. They actually ended up with the same score and they freakin' won." Sam throws his arms up.

"Um guys we should leave they will have sex in front of us." Quinn says as everyone goes out the door leaving the two Cheerios.

"New rule we never play games again with Brittana." Rachel says and everyone agrees.