Insanity was a matter of perspective. Much like genuis.

Insanity could cause even the most noble intentioned person to go totally mad and kill. Maim and destroy everything around them. Where as genuis could rebuild and salvage things that were otherwise un rebuildable and unsalvagable.

The experiment he was currently looking in on was no different than any of those things. Though it required a certain amount of insanity and genuis combined. He had been working on this experiment for little over five years and up until now, had failed miserably. Each of his creations had either looked too inhuman- like their mutant father- or had simply been created with birth defects and learning disabilities.

And thus had been imperfect and had had to be destroyed.

But this one- This one was special.

Bishop had known it the moment that she had been created.

Since he hadn't wanted to scrap this one, he had filled in the gaps in it's mutated DNA with that of a surrogant mother. A human female that his men had snatched off of the streets several months back for another experiment. He had taken blood, tissue, and egg samples from her to see if it would be possible to create the perfect mutant.

One with intellect and cunning. One that looked more human than beast yet had certain beastial tendencies.

And she was beautiful. Truly if he had any paternal instinct in him, he would be tempted to raise her and unleash her upon the unsuspecting world. He never would have thought that a hideous mutant turtle's DNA could create such a perfect new species.

No scratch that, a new generation of mutant that was flawless.

And she was flawless, even for a child of under a year old. Her skin was the color of snow and her mid back length milky colored hair curled around her angelic little face. A face that held wide seemingly innocent vivid blue eyes with a faint little red stripe just along the bottom of both of her eye lids. The only true telling sign of who and what her father was.

He tapped the artificial womb that she was floating in and smiled and jumped when she attached herself to the glass where his hand had been and tried to bite him through it. He chuckled in amusement and jotted something down on the clip board in his hand then muttered, "You are a vicious little thing-"

Those lovely blue eyes narrowed at him and he heard a keening sound. A distressed sound. She was trying to call her parents to her. Unfortunately niether of them knew of her existance, so they would be of little help at this time unless her cagey father decided to pull a sneak-

He was straightening his spine and setting the chart aside when there was a loud Booom! and the whole building suddenly shook as the fire alarms sounded. Goddamn it all. Bishop thought as he reached out and absently pressed the button that would drain the artificial womb of the liquids in it. There was no way in hell that he was leaving such a wonderful specimen to be found by those damned freaks.

If they got their hands on her and found out that one of them was her biological father, he'd never manage to get close enough to study her again. They would never allow it.

The tube drained slowly as he tured to the closest computer and typed in security codes that would allow him to track the turtles as they ripped through the different floors of his lab, destroying things and freeing his test subjects. They were much closer to the level he was currently on than he had initally thought. He heard the little one flailing around in the tube, sloshing around in the fluids as she smacked her small body against the cylinder tube, trying to escape the confusion.

She made a few more keening sounds, these louder than anything he'd ever heard before as he fixed a needle to put her to sleep and a nap sack to carry her in as the last of the fluids drained away and she sat huddled against one side of the tube with her hair plastered to her face, neck and shoulders. Her knees were drawn up to her chest and the keening sounds that she had been making were dying down to whimpers as he opened up the tube and grabbed her.

She made a hissing sound as his hand made contact with the flesh of her arm and he begain to pull on her in an effort to drag her out. She hissed louder in warning then sank her little teeth into his hand, biting down hard enough to draw blood, as she felt the pin prick of the needle in his other hand breaking through the skin of her neck.

She growled around what was in her mouth and yelped as he jerked the needle out of her neck then tried to use his other hand to pry her mouth open when he heard someone say from behind him in a an angry tone, "Bishop... Picking on children now?"

Bishop froze for a second then turned and looked at the person who had spoken. Damn him and his ninja skills. He thought darkly as he stared into the furious azure blue eyes of one the Hamoto clan's four son's. The eldest to be exact.


"Why Leonardo, it's a pleasure to see you again. You're doing well I hope."

"Hand over the kid." Leo said, ignoring everything else that Bishop had said. Bishop mentally sighed at his rudeness. So much for small talk before the fight.

"You want the kid-" Bishop said, an evil smirk crossing his face as he held the struggling child up by her neck. Leo narrowed his eyes at him and tensed up, ready to tackle the mad human to the ground and wrestle the child from him if he must when Bishop did the most unexpected and horrible thing Leo had ever seen anyone do to a small child.

He threw the kid across the lab where there was a series of tall tubes and chemicals. Where the little one hit several glass tubes, shattering them before hitting the wall with a thunk and then fell to the floor bleeding from numerous cuts and covered in bruises.

Leo made a low growling sound and started to shoot Bishop a dirty look promising retaliation for that, but the man was already gone.

Moving across the lab to where the child was he carefully ran his hands over her skull, along her neck and back, shoulders, and arms then her chest, stomach, abdomen and then her legs. Using what limited knowledge he had to check for serious injuries. She seemed to have a few wounds that could be problematic, but Don would be able to help her more than he could.

"Okay sweetie, I'm going to get you out of here." Leo said in a soft tone so that he didn't wind up scaring her. He didn't know that she already knew who he was. Nor did he know how she would change his life and the life of his family.

It amused her to think that if he had known those things, he might have run screaming from the lab and left her to die.