Merry Christmas everyone!


Both Raph and April had backed themselves against the nearest wall as the baby April had set on the counter next to the sink seemed to get bigger right before their eyes. The cracking of fragile little bones could be heard as the baby curled it's body in on itself and made a distressed sound as it's limbs, hair and torso all lengthened and grew a bit before it seemed to stop.

After which Raph moved in just a bit closer to the baby and studied it for a second before looking at April as she slowly pulled herself together and moved forward to get a closer look at the infant.

She was sweating, her breathing irregular after her sudden and likely painful 'growth spurt'. Her appearance now that of a toddler closer to three or four years of age. What the hell just happened? April wondered as she elbowed Raph and quickly told him to go get someone.

Preferably Don or Leatherhead since the shild needed to be examined for internal injuries and broken bones before they tried to move her again.

Raph wasn't sure what the fuck was going on.

But he knew that it must have been bad for April to tell him to go get one of the resident docs. Looking back at the kid, he couldn't help but feel badly for her. He'd heard the sounds of bones cracking as they expanded in her little body to support her new frame. He knew all too well that that must have been beyond uncomfortable for her.

Throwing open the bathroom door he ran out of the room and ran for the lab shouting.


Leo was in the lab helping Mikey and Leatherhead try to rouse Don when Raph came running into the room looking more than a little freaked out. "Don! Don! I need Don! There's something wrong with the kid!"

Leo looked over at Raph and at the same time as Leatherhead asked, "What's wrong with her?"

Raph made this weird flailing motion with his hands several times as he sputtered, "April and I were gonna- Then she just sort of- She looks- April said to grab someone- Bones might be broken!"

Leo frowned and looked over at Leatherhead as Mikey scratched his head and asked, "Did anyone understand that gibberish?"

"No." Leatherhead said with a frown.

"There's something wrong with the baby. Something about her looks. April wants someone to look her over because she might have broken bones-" Leo deadpanned as he moved away from Don and barked out an order for Mikey to wake their brother while he and Leatherhead went to check on the little one.

Mikey nodded his head and gave him a thumbs up sign as he turned and with Leatherhead fast on his heels, left the lab to go see what had Raph more or less speechless.


April was still staring at the child when Leo and Leatherhead burst into the bathroom and paused when they caught sight of the little girl sitting on the counter next to the sink, staring at the floor blankly. "W-What the-" Leo started to say when Leatherhead pushed at him slightly to get him out of the way so that he could examin the child.

"April, what happened?" Leo asked as the crocadile made his way over to the little girl and quickly did the basic check for broken bones by running his large hands from her shoulders down her arms, then her torso and legs. She didn't seem to have any broken bones that he could feel, but he knew pressing down in certain areas hurt her.

He could see it in her face as he listened to April explain to Leo what had happened. Once he was done checking for broken bones, he had Leo come over and help her move off of the counter and set her down on her feet on the floor to see if she could walk.

Leo held onto her tiny hands at first as the child took small shakey steps, his mind a whirling with questions. Two of which were, 'Why did this happen?' and 'What the hell had Bishop done?'