"Chiga! Hurry up! We're going to miss the train!"

"Coming!" I grabbed the drinks and ran over to the slowly closing doors. I slipped in just in time. I sighed, handing him a drink. … A sour mango drink. "Umm… I'm sorry. I was rushing and didn't know which button I pressed." I sighed, looking away. I knew that I was blushing.

Kokusai just laughed quietly."Hey, don't worry about it! I'll drink it, it's fine," he reassured.

I glanced over to him, and smiled softly. "I got the same one, so, you won't be the only one suffering."

He laughed again, opened the cap and took a huge gulp. His face contorted into a grimance, but his cheeks were puffed up.

The sight was too funny that I just started laughing so loudly, everyone near us turns around to see what's going on. The funny thing, his puffed up cheeks went red. Dear god! I control my laughter and everyone turned around.

He finally swallowed, and started glaring at me. I still smiled. "What?"

"Idiot! Why'd you laugh like that?" he said, swatting me in my arm.

I laughed quietly, rubbing the back of my head. "No reason. You just looked so cute."

He blushed cherry-red, and lowered his head. "Sh-Shut up! Don't say that to your higher-ups."

I leaned in close, my nose just barely touching his. "So," I whispered, "what if I do? Besides ,I think I'm the higher-up in this relationship." I say, moving to nip at his ear.

He squeaked. "Ch-Chiga! D-Don't do that here!" he whispered harshly.

I just smirked. "… When have I ever listened to you?"

He blushed even harder. "A-All those times I t-told you too st-stop."

I nuzzled my nose against his neck. "Stop doing what?" I whisper, still moving up and down, lightly putting pressure.

He gasped. His neck was his weakness, and I knew that. "Stop it!" he said, pushing my shoulders away.

I stopped and backed away. "Okay, I'll stop."

He visibly relaxed.

I smirked. "But, we're continuing at home."

"E-EH?!" He looked at me, eyes bugged out, blush staining his cheeks red.

I just kept smirking.



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