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The New Guy

She was an eager one, that Lee. She decided the quicker she got Gin hot and bothered, the quicker Adrian and Wani would be her slaves. Young Lee was a pro at attracting men; when she really wanted to, she could have a man wrapped around her little finger by the time a Cup of Noodles was finished cooking. That happened often, Lee would have a man and her lunch. But for Gin…Lee was aiming to land him in record time. The blonde tried to synchronize her watch, but couldn't quite figure out how to, so instead she just decided to work her magic on Gin after she got home for work.

Instead of taking her usual afternoon nap when she got home, Lee ran inside the apartment without so much as word to Adrian who always got home first. Lee figured Wani was locked in her room so she wouldn't bother saying hi to her. Lee practically skipped into her own bedroom and set about searching her closet, throwing clothes around, for something crucial to arousing any man: a skimpy outfit!

The blonde smiled like a Cheshire cat when she found something suitable…

Then the younger sister silently snuck past Adrian, who was in her own little world strumming a red Gibson Flying V guitar on the couch, and into the bathroom. Lee then turned the shower on freezing cold, stripped off her scanty work clothes and stepped inside. Why was she showering `in cold water? Normally Lee hated cold things (with the exception of drinks and ice cream). The blonde's teeth chattered as she stood under the cold spray, the drops of water were colliding against her bare skin like frozen bullets. Lee shivered and shook, as badly as she wanted to hop out she knew had to stay here for a moment. The youngest sister stood in the shower until she couldn't feel her big toes. Finally she stepped out, Lee only dried herself slightly and she was careful to leave a few droplets of cold water on her perfect body.

Carefully, Lee slipped on her skimpy garments and looked herself over in the bathroom mirror. That's when she noticed something missing. The youngest sister looked down at her work clothes which she left in a pile on the bathroom floor. She bent down and picked up her skirt; a tube of shimmering lip gloss fell out the pocket.

Lee grinned and applied a generous amount to her kissable lips. She was about leave when she stopped and looked in the mirror again.

"I'm a sexy beast!" The youngest sister said to herself before laughing and skipping out of the bathroom. When Lee reached the living room she carefully snuck past Adrian who was still quietly playing her guitar and bobbing her head to the sounds.

"Walk this way…talk this way…just gimme a kiss…like this..." The redhead sang softly while strumming the instrument. Lee smirked and crept behind the couch to the front door before silently stepping outside.

Lee grinned like a child who gotten away with stealing cookie. Now all she had to do was wait until she saw Gin. The blonde needn't wait long because the fox-faced man came up the stairs of the hallway holding a small cardboard box in his long arms. Lee's smile stretched until it took up most of her face.

"Well Lee," She whispered to herself, "You're not tall enough to be a model, so let's your test your acting skills…"

With that, she flipped her long hair back and pretended to jog from the other side of the hallway. The minute she jogged past Gin he stopped dead in his tracks to stare at the younger sister.

Clad in nothing but a pink two-sizes-two small sports bra with something written in white letters across the front, teeny-tiny red mini shorts, and white hi-top sneakers Lee looked like a work-out porn star!

Lee stopped in front of Gin and gave him a million-dollar smile, "Oh hey Gin. I didn't see you there."

Gin stopped and smiled at the younger sister.

"Hello Lee," He purred as his eyes racked over her, "Working out?"

"Yes," Lee hummed sexily, spinning slowly to give Gin a front and back view, "What do you think?"

Lee fought the urge to grin when she saw a tongue slide across Gin's lips. Gin was looking down at her full breasts clasp in the itty-bitty pink sports bra. He could see that her nipples were poking out from underneath the fabric. Of course this was the reason why Lee took a cold shower! That clever little she-devil knew men were more likely to stare a wet chest with hard nipples than just cleavage. Then again…most men would stare at anything concerning breasts. But Lee believed seeing nipples is what did it for most guys. Also she purposely left herself a little damp from the shower to make it look like she was sweating a little. The girl was faking exercise…and doing it remarkably well! Gin was trying to read the words written across her oversized chest.

"See something you like?" Lee giggled as he leaned down to get a closer look, Gin quickly cleared his throat.

"I apologize for staring," He purred, "But I'm curious, what does your…er…shirt say?"

Lee smirked. "It says, Satisfaction Guaranteed."

"Oh so you like to satisfy?" Gin hummed down to the blonde, Lee batted her eyelashes and licked her glossy lips.

"Yes…" She said, her voice like honey, "I aim to please…"

"Is that right?" Gin replied arching an eyebrow and licking his slender lips once more; Lee bit her lower lip and nodded sexily.

~Meanwhile back inside the sister's apartment~

"What's going on?" Wani demanded stepping out of her bedroom with a scowl on her face. "I sense someone is up to no good…"

The middle sister scanned the apartment only to see Adrian still sitting on the couch with her guitar. Something was not right and Wani could feel it. She had an unnatural talent for knowing when someone was up to something. Her gothic-spidey sense was tingling.

"Adrian, has Lee returned home?" She asked her sister, Adrian looked up and shrugged.

"I think so, I'm not sure." The eldest answered, Wani rolled her eyes so hard she threatened to knock herself out! Was everyone a complete idiot?

"Are you totally oblivious to everything around you?" The black-haired sister spat, Adrian shrugged uncaringly.

"Only when I'm playing guitar…"

Wani let out a huff, stomped over to couch and grabbed Adrian by the hand. "Come on, Lee is up to something…I know it…"

The older sisters had every intention of stalking around Karakura town to find their sibling but they didn't have to. They both stuck their heads out of the front door in a cartoonish manner and peeked around the corner. They saw Lee half naked, talking to Gin, smiling, giggling, and…batting her eyelashes!

"I knew it!" Wani hissed to Adrian, "That sneaky git couldn't even wait twenty-four hours before she began tempting Gin with her charms…"

"That big-tittied, ratched bitch is feeling up my man!" Adrian spat as she watched sexily Lee caress Gin's arm.

They both watched, their blood boiling, as Lee flirted with Gin without a care in the world. After about fifteen minutes worth of talking Lee and Gin departed. The moment the blonde reached her apartment two sets of hands shot out and dragged her inside. Adrian was holding onto the straps of Lee's bra so tight her knuckles were turning white; Wani was standing next her, her teeth clenched in frustration.

"So…" The middle sister said silkily, "You had to parade around like a slut to get his attention, did you?"

Lee could practically see the jealousy seeping out of her sisters. She smirked evilly at them.

"I was just doing what I do best," The blonde replied, and then she furrowed her eyebrows. "Wait…that didn't sound right, can I have a do-over?"

"Listen you little bastard, if you think you're winning this bet you've got another thing coming," Adrian proclaimed, Lee chuckled darkly.

"Really?" She hummed, "Is that why me and Gin have a date this weekend?"

Adrian and Wani's hearts sank. If Lee could get a date with him that fast she'd probably sleep with him and end up winning! Then the older sisters would have to be slaves to her for a month…and lose the TV!

"Gin and I," Wani corrected, "It's amazing that you call yourself a writer and you can't even use proper grammar."

"You're just mad because I got a date with Gin first," Lee teased sticking out her tongue, with her newfound arrogance she plucked Adrian's hands away from her sports bra and shooed them away.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to pick out something pretty to wear." Lee said haughtily as she swaggered away, "I can't wait until I use Wani's back as a footrest…"

Wani scowled so hard her face hurt! She had half a mind to catch Lee by the throat and strangle her. What she implied was absolutely insulting! How dare Lee! That bigheaded, conceited, egotistical little chit! Wani didn't know about Adrian, but she would be damned to hell if she let Lee tell her what to do! There wasn't even a word to describe how furious the middle sister was right now! Not only was Lee going to have Gin all to herself but she was aiming to humiliate Wani! A double-whammy!

Adrian could only see Wani's scowl as a sign of her displeasure. Hell, she wasn't too thrilled about this either! If Lee was going to use Wani as a footrest there was no telling what the blonde might do to her! She might turn her into a human lamp or something!

"We've got to do something…" Adrian said to Wani who cut her black eyes at her.

"Do not fret, dear sister…" The middle sibling seethed lowly, "Like the great Montresor, I shall reap my revenge on this blonde-haired Fortunato. Lee has ventured upon insult and she shall not receive impunity from me. She will rue this day henceforth…"

Adrian looked at Wani as if she was speaking another language. "So what you mean to say is: we're going get even with that hoochie?"

Wani sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. She really was surrounded by idiots. She looked at her older sister with tired eyes.

"Yes," Wani said, "That's what we're going to do."

"Why didn't you just say that?" Adrian asked, Wani felt her face go numb and she sighed once more.

"Listen Adrian," The black-haired sister began, "Leave everything to me. I'll take care of Lee…"

The redhead furrowed her eyebrows, "Ok, just don't hurt her, alright? Remember, she is still our sister."

"Oh I won't hurt her…" Of course Wani was lying through her teeth. Without another word she marched across the living room, snatched her black trench coat off the coatrack, and left.

Adrian stood in the center of the room dumbfounded. She shook her head and flop backwards on the couch.

"Why did I start this stupid bet?"

Wani walked the streets of Karakura town with her hands deep in her coat pockets. Her thoughts kept lingering back to Lee's mocking words. She was going to use her as a footrest? Ha! Wani always thought her sister was stupid, but Lee was downright delusional if she thought that would ever happen. But the bigger issue was: how could Wani sabotage Lee's date with Gin? She could tell him that Lee secretly danced to Micheal Jackson in her underwear. Wani shook her head, no that would never work. Gin would probably laugh and dismiss it as a joke. She could put dye in Lee's shampoo and turn her hair green like she did when they were teenagers. No that wouldn't work either; Lee got wise after that experience and now she tested all of her skin and beauty products before using them. Wani shook her head again! No…no…she needed to think outside the box! Get creative! What would really humiliate Lee? It had to be something that happened on her date with Gin…something that would make him think Lee was completely insane.

Wani stopped dead in her tracks when a thought crossed her mind.

Suddenly she smiled like the Grinch who stole Christmas!

The middle sister turned on her heel and headed to a more…seedy part of Karakura town. She drew her collar up as she maneuvered through the streets. This was a bad part of town and the less attention Wani drew to herself, the better. Why was she here, you ask? She was here to visit an…old friend. Quickly, the black-haired sister turned down a dark alley with her coat bellowing behind her. Wani was looking for a metal door…

When she found it, she knocked three times.

It swung open and skinny young man appeared. He had bright pink hair, golden eyes and a pair of white, square glasses. He smiled when he saw Wani standing before him.

"Ah, Wani," Szayel Aporro Granz said smiling down at her, "What can I do for my best customer?"

Wani smirked. She was going to make Lee regret the day she was born!

To Be Continued…

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