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. Aomine is disappointed after he plays Kagami to see where he stands. Aomine tells Kagami he is light is dim and not worthy to be Kuroko's partner, and that Kuroko doesn't belong with such a weak light. What Kuroko do after Aomine comes to Seirin and states that if Seirin doesn't with against Touou, then Kuroko is to become his shadow again.

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The sound of the buzzer rang throughout the court as silence engulfed the court .No one could think, the game against Touou had not gone as planned. All of Seirin bowed their head in shame and lined up for the end of the game bowing .But not before glancing at their phantom teammate who was trying to look strong in front of him. But all of seirin saw through the façade, Kuroko was holding back tears .And was doing his best to comfort the ever-so-angry Kagami. No one could blame him though, they were all angry. Touou had tripled their score, and in the end had too forfeit over Kuroko Tetsuya.

Seirin turned their attention towards team Touou and bowed, but not before scowling at Aomine Daiki. The guy was practically oozing pride and glory. He was currently staring down Kuroko as he comforted kagami. As soon as the bow had ended Aomine approached Kuroko who had tried to return to the locker room.

Aomine POV –

I watched as my Testu tried to escape to the locker room with hi new-former new light. I walked past my teammates as they stared after me questioningly; Satasuki looked at me from afar shaking her head slightly looking disappointed. I didn't get it, was it so wrong to take back what was originally mine?

I owned Tetsu, he was my shadow my LOVER. Not that good-for-nothing Kagami Taiga's, what made Tetsu so crazy about him anyway? He couldn't beat me, so what was his worth .Well it didn't matter anymore, Tetsu was going right back where he belonged .Beside me, never to leave again.

As soon as I reached him, I gripped his arm tight making him turn.

"Where do you think you're going Tetsu?" I ask coldly watching him closely. But what didn't expect was him to be bold enough to say anything.

"Aomine-kun, please let go of me. You are making a scene." Tetsu said quietly. Bowing his Head.

I lifted my head to see stares of many people, I glared at them all. I didn't give a shit that they were watching. I turn my attention to feel my arm being torn off of Tetsu's wrist. I look to see said person only to find Kagami Taiga himself. I smirk the look in the guy's eyes are really amusing .He stands in front of Tetsu now. 'Che' this bastard wants to stand in my way?

"Hey, what do you think you're doing Kagami Taiga?" I ask icily glaring at him as he glares me.

"Just leave him be bastard .You've already won, at least give him the decency to change in peace after all-"

"Kagami-kun, its ok." Aomine-kun please waits for a moment so I can get my things and talk to my –friends." I look at Tetsu as he struggled to even keep straight face.

I give him one last look before turning.

"You have ten minutes Tetsu, before I drag your ass out willingly or not you got it "I practically grounge out.

"Yes thank you Aomine-kun" I hear Tetsu say quietly.

Kuroko POV-

I walk into the locker room quietly although I know everyone sees me.I don't want to talk to anyone , I'm afraid what they have to say .I don't want to leave , but we made a deal. And I don't back out once I promise things. I flinch at my own words, that I promised Kagami-kun.

What would I do, how could I keep my promise now. I just wanted this to be a dream. I had expected to win today to show Aomine-kun that he could be beaten, but instead we had our asses handed to us.

My lips tremble, I just want to cry. It's so pathetic, I feel so pathetic.

"Kuroko-kun."I snap out of my thoughts at the sound of Riko's voice.

"Yes?" I whisper hoarsely.

" Kuroko-kun we'll definitely win you back , so stay strong until then okay?" my head whips towards her my shocked expression clearly doesn't surpise her as she looks at me with determination.

I see all of the basketball team behind her. Their all nodding, despite having some defeat still evident on their faces. Kagami steps forward.

"Oi Kuroko, don't worry we'll get you back no matter what. We won't lose next time, were going to defeat Aomine and win you back." So have some faith in us you idiot."

I stand stock still as I let my bangs cover my eyes. I smile a little before saying quietly.

"I'll uphold you on your promise kagami-kun."With those words said and done. I quickly thank my other teammates for taking care of me, and bow once more before leaving the locker room.

I walk done the hallways and stop once I see Aomine leaning against the wall .His head down and eyes closed, he was clearly waiting for me.

"About time Tetsu I was getting tired of waiting." he smiles at me predatorily .i feel scraed, this is not the Aomine Daiki I knew. This person was dangerous.

I say nothing as he stands up straight before walking over to stand directly in front of me .I wait for him to say something , but he doesn't .Instead he pulls back his left hand and slap my left cheek hard.

I fall to the ground, not expecting the hard hit or the venomous glare.

"Did you really think it was wise to go to a different team without my permission?" I say nothing and lower my head instead. What could I say, if I had said anything thing right now it would result in a much worse punishment that was already coming.

"Well Tetsu, did you? Did you think you could run from me your light and lover?" I flinch at those words, never had I expected for him to say such cruel things.

Now I had to speak, I had to defend myself. Even if it would cause me more pain.

"I-I, because Aomine-kun."Nothing was going right, I couldn't talk.

Hot tears spilled down my cheeks, I didn't know what to do .Aomine changed his previous position so that he was now my height and lifted my chin gently.

"You know I have to punish you right Tetsu? You ran from me, left me. I deserve to be able to punish you, you choose wrong when you choose Seirin over me."I was speechless, what could I say. I had expected Aomine-kun to be angry to want revenge, and did I really have any right to deny him.

I let Aomine pull me up in his arms, I didn't say a word. I just let him do what he wanted; I no longer had the right to deny him. Tear were still streaming down my face .I vaguely recognized the Touou team as they stared at Aomine and I as we got on the bus and sat together . No one said anything; I concluded that they knew of Aomine's deal with Seirin.

I looked out the window for some time, before I began to notice my reflection. I looked horrible my usually static face was marred with a frown. My eyes were rivers. I noticed a slight pink mark on my left cheek as well; I looked away and buried my face in Aomine's side.

I just wanted to sleep, I wanted for this day to end. I felt Aomine put his arms around me, I felt ashamed seeking comfort from him. Especially after he hit and said cruel things to me. I didn't know what to do, so instead I let the darkness take over and lull me into sleep.

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