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Aomine -

Nobody moved, the silence and tense air constricted each of there movements. Two boys glared at each other heatedly while the smallest of them stood firmly, too shocked to do anything.

When neither could take the silence anymore, they shifted feet. Aomine headed to the door, slipping his hand into his pocket pulling out a set of keys.

He plugged the right one into his apartment lock and swung the door open. He stepped to the side and let Akashi slip in, and then stepped to Tetsu and grabbed his shadows hand ignoring the shock written in his eyes.

He quickly pulled him in the apartment, shutting the door behind them. He then turned to the red head sitting on the couch, silently watching his lover. At this his blood boiled, Tetsu was his shadow. He was the one to find him, illuminate him for others too see.

Akashi may have discovered his talent, but he was the one to utilize it. But that wasn't the point right now, he wanted to know what the red head was doing here.

"Oi, Akashi. What are doing here, showing up so suddenly?!" he demanded angrily as he pulled both himself and Tetsu to the couch opposite of their former captain.

"...You have gone too far Daiki, I did not like Tetsuya's school choice either, but you have taken it too far. Return Tetsuya to me and I will be lenient with you for your insolence." Akashi stated calmly.

That was the last straw for him, Akashi thought he could always have everything. It was too damn irritating for him, he couldn't take it. Tetsu belonged to him.

Not to Bakagami, or Seirin, not even to Akashi. The red-head had his chance, Tetsu had decided his own place long ago. Next to the one who could love and help him the most, him Aomine Daiki.

"There is no way in hell I'll hand Tetsu over to you. Back off he's mine!" he shouted heatedly throwing an arm over Tetsu pulling him into his chest protectively.

Akashi on the other hand had just sighed, as if he had expected this. The bastard, always claiming his eyes saw through everything.

"You act as if he were an object. Have you even asked him how he has felt. I've seen what you've done to his spirit at the Seirin vs. Tōō match. My underlings tapped it for me, I must say that was quite a beat down even for you." the other said disgustedly.

At this he grimaced, he knew he overreacted that night. Went too far, and even hurt Tetsu horribly. But even so, his pride had told him it was for the bluenette's own good.

"Shut up, what do you know? You would have done the same thing. You love Tetsu just as much as I do. But even you would beat him down in order to bring him to your side. I just showed Tetsu that his choices were wrong." he spat.

"...I agree that up to some point I would have taken Tetsuya back at some point, but not until after he accomplished his goal. You on the other hand have completely disregarded his feelings, and have continued to do so. That is not something I can overlook. Hand over Tetsuya, or face your consequences Daiki, this is no longer a negotiation." the other stated firmly his eyes steely.

He glared straightforward, his gaze never backing down as he for the first time defied his captain. "Never." he stated his voice cold. He got up off the couch, pulling Kuroko up with him. He watched cautiously as Akashi made his way off the couch across him elegantly.

"Hmmm, how expected...it seems it won't happen tonight. Fine, well then Daiki shall we make a deal?" At this he raised an eyebrow Akashi and deals didn't go well together. They always ended badly.

"...What is it?" he asked hesitantly.

"If Kagami Taiga wins against you in the next Tōō vs. Seirin match you must give Tetsuya back. And he will make the decision of where he goes. You went against my orders when you took Tetsuya anyway. We were supposed to defeat each other on different teams, one person per team. I let Satsuki go with you because of your past, but taking Tetsuya without consent. This will decide everything." the red head stated indifferently.

This shocked him. Give up his Tetsu , too some unnamed team? Absolutely not, he'd win hands down. He was better than that Kagami Taiga. He won last time, and they had Tetsu's help. Without him, they were just some useless team. So there was no harm in accepting the challenge right?
He looked to Akashi, confidence filling him up.

"Fine, it's not as if they'll win anyway. The only one who can win against me, is me!" he stated confidently.

But at that time once he stated that one sentence that had become somewhat of phrase was the flinch that kuroko let out of his shocked frozen form.

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