The rain began to trickle down against the windshield of the small Mercedes. Sadie trembled trying to grasp what had happened the last hour, how everything had gone to shit in a single instant. Lauren's piercing gaze filled with disdain for her, crushing what remained of her heart. Her hand suddenly found her heaving chest; she closed her eyes breathing in slowly.

"Why does this hurt so fucking much…" she thought feeling as if everything around her was disintegrating.

But of course Sadie knew the answer she knew exactly why it hurt so much. "Fuck…" she whispered swallowing the lump that scratched her throat; she felt her tear ducts swelling but did not allow them to break her.

Unexpectedly the door from the passenger's side flung open and a familiar face appeared.

"It's settled" Janice whispered extending her hand.

"Thanks…" Sadie retorted holding on to her bag. Janice had come in just the nick of time, but she still did not trust her.

Taking her hand, Sadie leaned forward exiting the vehicle, her eyes averting from Janice's who from the looks of it had so many questions. Question she didn't have the strength for.

Janice walked in front of her reaching for the door that lead into the Hotel's main lobby, Sadie's heels dragging but coming to a halt.

"What is it? The room is already paid for and ready?" Janice asked impatiently, the rain dousing her golden hair.

"You go on in; I need to clear my head…" she breathed but was interrupted by Janice's annoying tone.

"I'll go with you, I guess I fancy a drink?" she smirked letting go of the door.

Sadie rolled her eyes "I didn't say I was going for a drink, I need to clear my head is all. I'll be in in a bit, fuck sakes Janice piss off for a moment." She said reaching into her bag; she pulled out a few bills and crammed them into her hand. "Here, now go inside!" She ordered and turned her back on her.

Sadie wanted to be alone, there was nothing anyone could say or do to change the way she was feeling.

"Fine, but when you get back you are going to tell me what's got you bothered" she shouted back then disappeared into the building.

Sadie had no intentions on turning back or even answering her. Her heels moving ahead of her, it was like they had a mind of their own. She stared blankly ahead, tightening her jaw she would break any minute but being the woman she was she would not go down without a fight.

Sadie had paced for what seemed like an hour, she finally came to a stop.

Music from across the street grasping her attention, it was a pub she was familiar with. Looking both sides she sauntered across the street, her walk immaculate anyone would think she was perfectly fine, but that was the persona that made Sadie who she was.

The artful dogderess, never showing weakness to those who surrounded her. She did not allow herself to get caught up in the meaningless normalcy of an adult relationship, but something had changed. Lauren had shattered the walls that had been skillfully built, walls that now came up to her ankles.

She paused for a moment, feeling the trembling on her knees swallowing the same lump down. Sadie looked at herself in the mirror of the front door, fixing her damp hair she put on the elusive mask that fit her so well. She entered immediately, he eyes emotionless and yet inside she was dying for one last taste.

Pushing back thoughts of Lauren, her voice echoing in Sadie's conscious supplicant to be heard but drowned out by a live band.

Making her way to the bar quickly, she looked at the bartender ordering a double of whiskey. The tattooed male nodded and quickly dispatched her order. Sadie reached into her black leather bag and slid a bill to the man.

"Keep them coming" she muttered loud enough for him to hear.

She held the glass taking a small breathe in, placing the crystal rim between her plum colored pouts. Her eyes averting up to a mirror that reflected her silhouette, she looked away in shame gulping the liquid and slamming the glass onto the wooden counter.

"Another…" she signaled inhaling a breath of courage.

Turning around she pressed her elbows against the edge of the wooden counter, leaning back her eyes swept along the venue. When a pair of pale azure hues caught her attention, she stood frozen gazing into them for a moment. Her heart plummeted and the same sharp ache awoke within her once more.

Sadie thought about Lauren, the way her eyes stared back at her with adoration. The way her lips tasted the last time they kissed. Lost in her memories which would only hurt her, she didn't notice that the pale azure hues now stood before her.

"Hello…" said the women who wielded them. She was an attractive brunette with long straight hair; she wore a tight black leather dress, with see-through lace gliding down each of her sides. Quite attractive indeed Sadie thought.

Sadie swallowed all the hurt, all of her thoughts filled with Lauren and banished them away. She would rid herself of Lauren one way or another.

"Hi…" Sadie replied sensually, extending her hand. "Sadie." she said smirking.

"Laura, nice to meet you." The brunette said smiling, taking her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. "How about a drink?" she said leaning closer.

Sadie laughed and nodded "Read my mind did you?" her brow vaulted, letting go of Laura's hand. While the brunette chuckled quietly nodding.

Sadie was about to respond when her mobile began to vibrate, she ignored it at first while ordering drinks but it remained persistent. Reaching into her leather bag, she seized it but it stopped. Sadie paid no attention and dropped it continuing her conversation with the brunette. In truth she had not been paying attention to her, but Sadie was good at this sort of thing. Sadie smiled and tilted her head, her brow rising from time to time to show Laura that she was very much enthralled by the topic.

Hours had passed and Sadie was no longer lucid. The music somehow grew louder and more inviting. Sadie was losing herself with each shot of Tequila, she felt numb and little remained of Lauren within her thoughts at his point.

"I want to dance…" Laura slurred out pulling her closer.

"Let's go." Sadie answered putting down her empty shot glass.

The handles of her bag remained nestled between the curves of her arm. While her hips swayed walking behind Laura, to the crowd of Lesbians lost in the music.

Laura wasted no time and pressed herself against Sadie, her hips moving with Sadie's. Her smoldering gaze devouring Sadie's hues with lust, but Sadie felt nothing but emptiness.

Sadie smirked and pressed her body closer to Laura's, moving with her when the music picked up. Finally growing weary of the music the couple soon staggered out of the venue. Hailing a cab they fell in quickly before Sadie had time to think of what next Laura blurted out her address to the cabby who sped off into the night.

"Come here." Laura demanded yanking Sadie towards her, their lips meeting with haste. Her soft pouts mashed against Sadie's, their tongues tussled for dominance while Sadie's hands roamed along Laura's frame. Gripping her breasts, she massaged the mounds of flesh slowly while Sadie's tongue explored her mouth.

When the vibrating began again, this time she pulled back and reached into her bag quickly.

"One sec." she said pushing Laura back gently, she had an idea of who wanted to bug her.

"What!" she yelled out annoyed.

"Who is it darling?" Laura said kissing along her jawline.

"Sadie… I'm at your flat. And who the fuck is that…" a familiar voice responded suddenly growing silent.

Sadie's heart dropped, she had to pulled back to make sure it was who she thought it was.

It was Lauren…