Nowaki looked at him with a confused expression. Hiroki had to stop himself before he actually admitted in his mind that he thought the look on the man's face was very cute.

"A 'fountain' Hirosan?"

"Yes, a fountain. A giver. A provider. To put it in a more specific and somewhat vulgar phrase; a fountain of blood." This explanation did nothing though to relieve Nowaki's face of its puzzled expression.

"I don't understand."

"There is a legend…"

"A legend?"

"Well more a myth actually. Some had even built a religion out of it." At this rate Nowaki realized they were getting nowhere, so the human decided to take his questions to a more direct level.

"And what exactly is the myth, Hirosan?"

"It's ridiculous really. Essentially, the belief is that from the moment they are born, every vampire is set out on a journey to find their fountain. If I were to simplify the definition, and get rid of all the vampiric terminology, a fountain is an unlimited supply of blood that is designed specifically for one vampire. Supposedly, we all have one, but only a select few find theirs. Once a vampire does find one though, they never have to drink from another human ever again. The fountain becomes their constant companion in there immortal life. A servant if you will. The fountain becomes the vampire's knight, a kind of protector, guarding them from all threats, for example sunlight. With a fountain, a vampire would never have to worry about being caught outside during the day ever again."

"And you think I'm a fountain?"

"There's no certainty, and it's not like there are many examples we could compare to. I own a written account I… had acquired from a monastery in the 15th century, and according to the writings, you match most of the requirements. Fountains are so rare though, that the chances are highly unlikely," Nowaki was intrigued now, listening closely to the low growl of the smaller man's voice.

He realized he should be disgusted, or at least slightly disturbed by the flow of knowledge stemming from the vampire's mouth, but he wasn't. The words sounded right to him, as if a part of his DNA recognized the truth in them. Maybe he was a fountain. He also realized though that Hiroki seemed to be stressing the point that what he was saying was all just a theory, so Nowaki tried to tell his mind to stop jumping into conclusions.

"But what are the requirements?"

"Surprisingly enough, there are quite a few of them. I guess it's to help a vampire know for certain whether they have found a fountain or not. The first one, which we just saw a very clear demonstration of, is that fountains heal quickly to a vampire bite, along with other forms of injury." Hiroki then licked his fingers, wetting them, and rubbed them across the area of Nowaki's neck that he had bitten, effectively wiping away the semidried blood. He was not surprised at all to see nothing but a patch of smooth, if slightly pinkish, skin where formerly there had been two little holes. "In fact, I don't think we could have a clearer demonstration than that."

"What else, Hirosan?" Nowaki found that he was getting excited, and attempted to take in a few deep breaths in order to slow his racing heartbeats.

"Well, what you were saying before about a pull. You described it as a summons, and well, what if it really was one? Once a vampire has drunk from the veins of a fountain, they are able to summon the fountain with their minds, no matter the distance between the two. In your apartment, I…" He paused here to regain his composure.

In the beginning, it had been made clear to Nowaki that the vampire did not enjoy discussing his feeding habits, and he pulled the other a little closer into his chest. He did not know why Hiroki was like this, but he suspected that, under the gruff outer shell, the vampire possessed a truly kind heart which did not allow him to feed on others without feeling an intense guilt, and most likely shame.

He had hoped that in tightening his grip on the other's body, it would act as some kind of reassurance that Nowaki held no grudge after the earlier attack, and that he understood why the vampire had no choice but to do it. Hiroki seemed to understand this and eventually continued, "I had already tasted your blood that time in the apartment, and so, without knowing it, I must have summoned you to me. A fountain is unable to ignore the summons of its vampire, which would explain the pull you felt. Tell me, where exactly did you feel this pull?"

"Around the cardio vascular system," Hiroki nodded as if this confirmed what he had been thinking, "Why do you ask?"

"In the text, the writer had described the pull. They had explained that the reason you had felt it in your heart was that had you chosen to ignore the summons, your heart would have literally exploded out of your chest. The fountain was made so that they will do anything for their vampire, whether they wanted to or not," They were both frowning now, and counted their lucky stars that Nowaki had heeded the pulling sensation during the call.

"That seems kind of unfair. It's like a fountain has no choice but to obey a vampire, under penalty of death," Hiroki sighed.

"I know. I don't like it either, but there's nothing anyone can do. It just evolved that way I believe. It's not like anyone had specifically designed it. And anyway, life isn't fair," They fell silent after that, until Nowaki could bear the quiet no longer, and chose to continue with his questions.

"Are there any other requirements?"

"Yes. Tell me, do you usually run a higher temperature than other humans?"

"That's right. I've always run at about 110˚. It's freaked out a lot of people during doctor visits," Nowaki chuckled, a faraway look came into his eyes, as though he was reminiscing a particular visit where Hiroki presumed something amusing must have happened due to his unusual temperature.

"That matches the text too. Fountains supposedly run at a higher temperature than other humans. It doesn't explain why though," Hiroki trailed off, lost in thought. He was still scowling, but Nowaki was beginning to be able to differentiate between the man's similar expressions, and this he decided, was his thoughtful one.

His mind was reeling from the knowledge he had just had thrust upon him, and to say he was confused would be an understatement. Was he really a fountain? All the things Hiroki had described were too bizarre to be real. Definitely not something you would find in everyday life. Yet, they all applied to him. There seemed to be no other explanations. The bite for instance, Hiroki himself had said that vampire bites were specifically designed to heal slowly, yet his had entirely disappeared now, and it had been but a few minutes. The scientific part of his mind was telling him not to jump into conclusions, while the part of his brain that desired to, in some way, be connected to Hirosan desperately wanted to be one of these fountains.

"You seem awfully calm considering all the information being forced on to you right now," Hiroki said. Nowaki only chuckled.

"I figured it just hasn't sunk in yet. Still, how long have you been down here? When do we get to leave?" Nowaki replied as Hiroki narrowed his eyes and glared at a spot on the wall.

"How the fuck should I know. Does it look like I have a clock on me? To figure that out, I would have to know what day today is." He turned to the other, still glaring, "What day was it when you felt the summon?"

"I think it was the 23rd…" Nowaki contemplated. Hiroki's already pale face lost what remaining color it had. His voice escaped in a horrified whisper.

"But when I came down here… it was the 24th…" Hiroki whispered. Nowaki looked down at him horrified.

"You mean you've been down here for the past month…!"

"Yeah…" The reply was quiet and breathy in shock. His glare was entirely gone now as he stared straight ahead, eyes wide and unseeing. Nowaki pulled the vampire's form closer, although he wasn't sure who he was trying to comfort now, himself, or the unresponsive body he had captured in his embrace. "…I was in the dark…for a whole month…" He just barely caught the whisper, but when he did, anger possessed him, bubbled up from some unknown region deep within his mind, and flowed out until it filled every part of his body with burning hatred. Hatred for the man who had done this to his Hirosan. Hatred for Usami Akihiko.

Desperately he searched his thoughts for something to distance himself with, anything to cool the fire currently raging in the pit of his stomach. It unsettled him. He couldn't remember ever having to dislike someone to the point of wanting to physically harm them. It was far beyond unsettling; in fact the extremity of the feeling was scaring him. He needed to somehow get rid of it. He needed to stop the feeling in its tracks before he harmed something or someone. Luckily, Hiroki seemed to have gotten over his shock and was currently glaring at the light bulb. Nowaki briefly wondered if this was hurting his eyes, but he realized later that the bulb was such a low wattage, and covered in so much dust, that it barely shone much light anyway.

"Fucking chain. Just a little longer and I would have been able to reach it. Damn it!" Nowaki felt a wave of relief go through his soul to hear the return of Hiroki's low growl, and see the reappearance of his adorable scowl. He couldn't take it anymore. He had to voice Hirosan's adorableness out loud.

"Hirosan…" Hiroki paused his grumbling and looked at him.


"You're very cute," Immediately a blush exploded all over the other's face, stretching down his throat and disappearing under his collar. Nowaki felt an overwhelming urge to see just how far the blush stretched, but he restrained himself. Instead he smiled happily at the vampire's indignant sputtering.

"What the…Just who do you…How the fuck…I'm a fucking vampire, and I'm over 500 years old! Just how the hell am I cute!" A fist connected with the top of Nowaki's head, but the smile never disappeared from his face, and in fact, it grew wider. He just couldn't get over how cute Hirosan looked when he was flustered and embarrassed. To his disappointment though, Hiroki pulled away from him and went to lean his back against the wall, where he stayed, his arms crossed and an indignant expression firmly set on his scarlet painted face.

"It's only the truth, Hirosan."

"Shut up," They sat a while in silence, Hiroki glaring with determination at the floor, trying in vain to hide his face behind his long bangs, and Nowaki staring happily at Hiroki, admiring the way his long lashes cast shadows over his still pinkish cheeks.

They both jumped at the first flicker from the light bulb. A loud curse sounded from Hiroki, but Nowaki didn't fail to miss the slight waver in his gruff words.

"Hirosan…" The smaller man shot him a suspicious glare which Nowaki returned with what he hoped was a comforting smile.

"..What?" His voice was wary, which made sense. The last time Nowaki had said his name that way he had complimented the ill-tempered vampire.

"When are we going to leave?"

"Whenever Akihiko finds it is his stony little heart to take pity on his loyal servant of five hundred years. Fucking bastard,"

"Oh," The two fell silent again, but for very different reasons this time. Hiroki, because he was naturally a man of few words, and with no more questions being directed at him, felt no reason to speak. Nowaki's silence though was a troubled one. He did not like the look that came into Hiroki's eyes at the mention of the elder vampire. It was not a look you would give someone you despise for tossing you in a dungeon and forgetting about you for the past month. No, on the contrary, it was a look you gave to someone you had served with devotion and loyalty for the entire half millennia and will continue to serve for another half. Nowaki's chest tightened painfully, and he suddenly found it hard to breath. He told himself he was being silly and jumping to conclusions and that he needed to be sure about what he was seeing… before he labeled it as…a look of love…

"Hirosan…why have you served him for five hundred years…"

"None of your business…" Hiroki's answer was halfhearted, containing none of the poison that was obviously intended for it. His eyes never left the floor, and Nowaki realized with a jolt, that the pain that had left during their conversation earlier had returned to them and was stronger now than before.

The light flickered again.

Hiroki jumped and all the muscles in his body went rigid. His eyes widened in panic, but when the light continued to shine its feeble light, they went back to their dazed, hurt look. Nowaki was the one panicking now. He needed to get rid of the pain hurting the one he loved. It wasn't a choice. His whole body was rejecting that look of agony stemming from those amber orbs. He needed to do something!

It was almost as if he was no longer in control of his body. Before he knew what was happening, he was moving forward, his hands grasping both of Hiroki's pale cheeks and guiding his face so that he could look directly into the smoldering fire that made up those amber depths. The other's eyes widened as their lips came together with a passionate force, strong enough to drive the smaller one up against the hard concrete wall. The drive behind the kiss was overwhelming and struggle as he might, Hiroki couldn't free himself from the shackles of Nowaki's powerful grips. In no time at all he found himself melting under the fiery heat of the kiss. His lips parted, letting a low moan escape his throat.

The light went out.

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