Blackstar moved down the halls, feet loud against the tiles.

He was focused on his task, and his partner followed behind him.

"Blackstar, they may not be back yet." Tsubaki sighed, closing her grey eyes.

"They're here. I'm the man who will surpass God; obviously I could find them." The blunette snorted, moving faster.

The assassin and his weapon rounded the corner, and Blackstar bolted forward.

The male threw his arms around the small blond, grinning widely.

"Welcome back!" He laughed. "Did you get it? The witch soul?"

Maka froze, and her hands lifted wrapping around Blackstar's back before she broke into tears.

"Huh? Maka, what's wrong? Did you miss your God?" Blackstar's cheerful face fell.

"Soul..." The blond whimpered.

"Maka, where is Soul?" Tsubaki pulled Blackstar off his childhood friend.

"I'm here."

Three pairs of eyes, one tear filled, two curious, moved to the wall behind Maka.

"You shouldn't be out of the hospital yet." Maka muttered, hugging her stomach.

"Maka, you know there's nothing they can do anymore. It's not cool to stay there." Soul grumbled.

Blackstar blinked, expression horrified.

"Soul, what happened?!" Tsubaki flew forward, hands hovering uneasily over his bare torso.

Except that his torso wasn't bare. It was covered in bandages.

And Soul had no arms.

His entire torso was wrapped in white cloth, running diagonally across him, from his neck past the waist line of his shorts, and to his knees.

"You look like a mummy!" Blackstar howled.

"It's my fault." Maka's eyes closed, tears dripping down her cheeks. "The witch.."

"It's the witch's fault, Maka." Soul snapped. "I've already told you; it's not your fault!"

"What happened exactly?" Tsubaki ushered them down the hall towards a secluded corner.

"We were fighting the witch, Nefertiti." Maka began, slumping against the wall. "And she did this spell, which didn't seem to do anything at the time...She cut off Soul's arms."

Tsubaki's hands flew to her mouth in horror.

"And the spell?"

"Tsubaki, I'm not a weapon anymore." Soul's crimson eyes closed. "The wasn't cool."

"That means...Maka?" Blackstar's normally childish personality vanished in an instant.

"I'm a meister without a weapon. I have to find a new partner." Her bottom lip trembled, tears spilling down her face.

Guilt flashed across Tsubaki's face, and she slid to the floor next to Maka.

"Unfortunately, that makes two of you." The raven hugged her knees. "I'm returning to Japan."

"WHAT!?" Blackstar screamed.

"I told you last night, Blackstar!" Tsubaki wailed.


"You weren't paying attention again, were you?"

"At least, you'll have some company, Tsubaki." A small smile spread across Maka's face. "Soul's being sent to Japan to have physical therapy."

"It's uncool, man." Soul huffed, glaring at the roof.


"It's just us, Blackstar. Just us again." Maka sniffled, arms wrapped around her waist.

"It'll be alright, Maka. We've got Kid too."

"We're meisters without weapons, Blackstar!" The blond whirled, shoes squeaking against the floor of her half empty apartment. "We can be in the same resonance team with Kid anymore. Meisters have to have weapons to be on a team."

"Maka, we have an entire summer to find new partners. How hard could it be?" The blunette laced his arms behind his head.

"Harder than you think." She snorted.

"A man as big as me-"

"Just start looking, Blackstar." Maka sighed, moving to the door. "I've got something I need to do. You can stay here if you want."

Blackstar gave her a thumbs up, grinning.


"Is my..." Maka took a deep breath, standing straighter. "Is my Papa here?"

The man behind the counter nodded, pointing to the booth at the end of the room.

Maka's footsteps resonated loudly against the pink floor.

"Hi Blair. Papa-"

The cat-woman leapt up arms twining around the blond's shoulders.


"Papa, can I talk with you? Privately." Maka pushed Blair off, emerald eyes focusing on the redhead sitting on the couch.

"Is something wrong, Maka?" Spirit frowned, immediately sensing the seriousness of the situation.

"I need your help."