Chapter One: Revelations

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"I have to admit, I wouldn't have found that out by use of an autopsy; I'll have to wait a couple more day for the toxicology reports to confirm, but it looks promising. Good job Detective Frost." Maura congratulates the detective when he finds a possible cause of death on a newer victim. By looking through the case files and crime scene photos, Frost points out a nearly empty pill bottle, once containing a strong sleeping pill, which had been prescribed only two days prior to the victim's death which the three of them had logically concluded could mean overdose.

"Dr. Maura Isles? Did you just assume?" Jane asks jokingly.

"No, I didn't Detective Rizzoli. Hypothetically, if the toxicology reports do show signs of drug use, this, statistically speaking, could be the most prominent drug in the victim's system… and since there were no physical markings on the body to suggest a shooting, stabbing, strangulation, drowning—" Maura started relaying of different manners of death when Jane stopped her.

"Okay, thank you, Maura." Jane cuts off the doctor with a large half-smile. "We get it; you didn't guess… completely." Jane interjects the last part knowing it would get to the doctor. Maura tilts her head to the side as if to ask Jane: 'Really?'.

"Alright, I think we're done here then." Maura adds on a different note. She'd stayed later than she'd initially thought and needed to get home to feed her tortoise. "I really do appreciate the two of you helping me with the files."

"It's no problem Dr. Isles, really." Frost says as he folds up a case file and puts it on the desk in front of him. Maura stands, grabs her purse from the seat beside her and heads for the office door.

"Here, I'll walk you out." Jane offers as she stands too.

"It's fine, Jane. You don't have to do that."

"To the elevator at least?" Jane asks, giving the doctor her best puppy eyes. Maura folds and walks to the elevator with the female detective; Frost follows lazily behind them.

"Are you sure you're good to drive? I mean it is pretty dark out, you sure you don't wanna just ride home with me? Crash at my place?" Jane offers as Maura presses the button signalling for the elevator.

"I'll be okay, Jane. I need to feed Bass anyway; thank you for the offer though. I'll see you tomorrow?" Maura and Jane hold the gaze for half a second too long and Frost notices.

"Uh, yeah. Yeah, of course."

"Alright. Um... thanks again, Detective Frost; so helpful." Maura and Frost share a smile. "Bye."

"See ya." Jane returns.

"Night, Dr. Isles." Frost waves after the doctor and then the doors close.

Jane turns and starts walking back to her desk to clear away the remaining folders as Frost begins doing the same for his. Frost is mumbling to himself and Jane soon realizes he is describing a scene in a photo taken at one of the crime scenes in a file.

"You know Frost, there's this thing called a PDA, it'll remember all those little details for you." Jane teases her partner as she hands a file to him so he can put it back in the box on his desk.

"Yes, but this way I stimulate my brain, making it easier to remember things later on." Frost explains to a chuckling Jane "What's so funny?"

"Nothing, nothing. It just sounds like something Maura would say. She's gotten to you too, huh?" A file is passed over from partner to partner.

Frost chuckles at this, "I've picked up a couple things, yeah. Could have you beat in the knowledge department in a couple more weeks if I keep it up." He teases.

"Doubtful; no one could beat me when it comes to unnecessary knowledge from Poindexter..." Jane smiles to herself as she moves over to her desk chair to relax.

"You spend a lot of time with her then, don't you? Maura, I mean." Frost asks blatantly.

"Yeah... she's there for me when I need her. She makes me smile when things are going bad, I guess." Frost finishes up putting away the files and sits back down at his own desk.

"When things are going bad? Well, what does she do that makes you smile?" Frost asks, keeping up the small talk.

"I don't know, it's just... There's these things that, when I think about them, they make me happy, like, really happy, and I don't know why."

"These... things. They make you happy because you like them; love them even." Jane mulls that over in her mind. What was he getting at? "What are some of the things you love?" Frost continues, trying to phrase his earlier question differently as he settles back in his desk chair. He had a feeling that what made Jane smile couldn't be accomplished by just anyone so he tries a different tactic.

Jane looks over and stares at her partner as he rolled his desk chair closer to her. Frost had a plan in mind, that was obvious, but what that plan was was completely unknown to Jane. The detective leans forward and places her elbows on her knees.

"Uh... well, I like her smile; and that cute little laugh she has." Jane shifts in her spot on her side of the couch. "I really like the way her eyes do that sparkling thing and how she gets all shy when I compliment her." Jane pauses before chuckling lightly at the memories. "I think it's the cutest thing when she tries to explain stuff with her Google-talk and how she nibbles on her thumb when she's nervous." Jane is staring at nothing as she lists off these details about Maura, Frost still leaning into the side of his chair.

"I really like when she turns and her hair does that little flippy thing... and when she's really close, I can smell the vanilla on her skin. I love how she has such a hard time lying and how she stutters when she tries to save herself." Again, Jane smiles as she paints a mental picture of Maura.

"I love her fashion addiction and her shoe obsession. The sound of her heels clicking when she walks always tells me she's close by. I love how she crosses her legs when she sits and the shape her calves take on when she does it. The way her skin is always so smooth and slightly tanned and just... so..." The detective struggles for a word and leaves the description open ended, not knowing what would best describe Maura's skin. "I love... everything, absolutely everything, about her."

"You love Maura." Frost cuts in, getting straight to it. Jane snaps her head in the direction of her partner, slightly stunned by his conclusion. "This isn't one of those times where you list off a bunch of things you like in a best friend and hope some guy is gonna walk in with those same characteristics, trust me Jane. You love Maura, not just her smile or her sense of humor." She lets what her partner said sink in for a moment before she tries to speak again.

"What?! No! No, it's not like that, Frost." Jane defends. "I don't like her that way, she's… well she's a girl, Frost!" Frost smirks as he watches his partner stumble over her words. Jane shakes her head, a look of slight disgust evident on her face. "Last time I checked, I liked men; a lot." Jane scoffed trying to make light of the situation.

"You can like both, Jane…" Frost commented, his smile getting bigger.

"Ew, really, Frost?! No, I don't like her that way. C'mon!" Jane rubs her palms on her thighs, trying to dry off the perspiration accumulating on them. "And stop smirking at me, it's creepy." Frost bends his head to keep Jane from seeing the smile. At the same time, the detective brought his hand up and patted Jane's knee quickly.

"Think about it for a—"


"Jane! Just think. How does it feel to hear her voice? How does it feel to see her when you walk into work in the mornings? How does it feel when you hug her or hold her hand?" As Frost asks these simple questions, Jane slowly lets herself imagine those situations where she is listening to Maura ramble on about scientific stuff, or when she sees her waiting for the elevator first thing in the morning. She imagines Maura's soft skin as it touches hers; how the smell of vanilla intoxicates her. How she just wants to grab Maura and— Say it, Jane. Just see how it feels. Humor yourself…

"I love–" Jane takes a breath before continuing, "I love... Maura." She admits, allowing a grin to plaster itself on her face. "I love Maura. So, so much."

Frost grins at his partner as she comes to the realization. He pats Janes knee lightly. "I'll get us some coffee."
Jane doesn't respond; still daydreaming about what she had just admitted to, the same smile still stuck to her face.

Frost rummages around the cluttered office kitchen looking for coffee grounds, mugs and the coffee pot. After a few minutes passed, allowing the water the boil and the beans to release their flavour, Frost poured out two cups of coffee for him and his partner. Neither of the detectives had said anything for several minutes and as far as Frost was concerned, it was a comfortable silence; where no one had to speak and everything still seemed normal. But that was not actually the case.

When Frost turned back to the bullpen, hands full with the coffee, Jane was close to tears. Her hands had cupped themselves around her mouth, her fingers meeting at the bridge of her nose.
"Jane, what's wrong?" Frost quickly places the two mugs on Jane's desk and moves to comfort his partner. Before he has time to completely bend down to meet Jane's eye level, Jane jumps up and away from the incoming detective.

"This-this isn't..." Jane places her hand over her mouth again, trying hard not to cry. "Something's just... wrong." Frost bowed his head, finally understanding what had his partner so upset. "I don't feel... not that way." Jane began to pace, her brain running a mile a minute. "It's gotta be because I haven't seen Casey in a while and I just... maybe, maybe it's 'cause I'm really tired. I'm just not thinking right for now. I just... I need sleep, that's all." Jane's pacing becomes faster and her hands begin to shake. "I love Casey and-and Dean... and I admit I kinda liked Grant too. I like them more than-more than someone like, like Maura!"

"Jane..." Frost starts but is soon cut off by Jane's continuing rant.

"There's something wrong here! This-none of that means anything!" Jane gestures to where she'd been sitting earlier, trying to show her partner that what she'd said meant nothing.

"Jane!" Frost yells over his stuttering partner; the pitch of voice Frost used catches Jane off guard and she immediately shuts up. "Nothing you say can ever be taken back. You said what you were thinking and all of it was true. Now, I don't know how it feels to realize something like this, but I do know telling Maura might hel-"

"No!" Jane points an accusing finger at her partner. Her eyes suddenly dark and serious, her voice deeper and more gruff than earlier. "She will not know about this. You won't tell her; or Frankie or Korsak or even Ma. Nobody! No one. Can know." Frost leans back, moving away slowly from his approaching partner, slightly scared of the road the conversation had turned onto. The room is silent again, this time neither detective even consider it to be 'comfortable'. Then, after a long moment,

"I won't tell a soul." Frost crosses his heart with a finger. Jane calms herself and drops her hand to her side, noting the two mugs forgotten on the desk. The detective sits back down in her spot, still looking over at the coffee cup closer to her. Jane's eyes are slightly red and puffy even though she hadn't cried completely. She takes the mug in her hands, letting the remaining heat warm her trembling hands.
It was going to be a long night.

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