A/N: I LOVE Treasure Planet. I've been planning this for quite a while. And since the blue ray version of the movie came out, I was finally inspired to finally type everything up. If it all goes well, I'll continue. Let me know if this is worth pursuing. Can't wait for feedback!

"Socket wrench."

A pause and then nothing.

"Ted, I could really use that wrench…"

Another pause. More nothing. Then a burning sensation on Danni's hand."Ouch! Not cool, Ted!" Danni wiped the hot oil from her arm with a dirty rag and scooted out from underneath the Terra Shuttle and swept her free hand over her brow, smearing her face with grease in the process. "Let's call it a day, then. I need to pick up another turbo stem to get those gravimetric boosters up to par."

The one called Ted appeared from behind a stack of sheet metal and made a sound like a sigh. "I could have told you that."

"That's funny, then why didn't you?"

"How else will your human brain develop to its fullest potential? Not by giving you all the answers," the floating, orb-shaped drone replied. It was the size of a basketball and coated with a navy blue luster, with the exception of a small digital screen set in the metal where neon indigo bars would bounce up in down as it "spoke." As it hovered, the tips of three antennas of various lengths sticking out of the top of the robot let off of a slight spark.
Placing her hand on her hips, Danni smirked at her android companion. "I'm so glad you care."


The petite blonde turned at her name. A large, salamander-like creature stood at the doorway of her makeshift, workshop basement. It's skin was a dark, withered gray and it was hunched over from age. Although his eyes were wide and watchful, his hoarse voice matched his otherwise worn appearance. "How's it coming, Lass?"

Danni grabbed a clean rag from her pocket and rubbed her face clean. "If I can find the right part, I should have that old Terra in the air by tomorrow." She noticed the weariness set in his features and she gazed over him with concern set in her jade eyes. "Everything alright, Billy?"
The salamander cleared his throat. "Fine, Lass. Fine." He replied gruffly. "Ye be wise and keep yer eyes open at that 'ol junk mill, ye hear?" His gaze has settled thoughtfully on the one arm that wasn't her own. It had been so long since Danni was left with no other choice than to coincide with cybernetics. The fire had taken her father and destroyed her arm, but it had not left her any less useful. She had made sure of that. But the salamander still felt slightly responsible. If only he hadn't gotten her father involved with the map…

Danni felt awkward under his stare, so she stuck her cyborg hand deep into her pocket, suddenly wishing she had bottomless pockets. "I'll be careful. Always am."

In a very humanly sarcastic way, Ted mumbled, "Hardly."

The classic motorcycle, (with all its futuristic modifications), moved over the ground with a dangerous grace, leaving a cloud of fine dust in its wake. It was the sting of the wind, the guttural rumble of the engine, the smell of hot gravel-for Danni, it made everything else seem far away. (Except, of course, for Ted, who trailed not too far behind no matter how fast she went.) Constant dreams of a fire from her past ceased to disturb her thoughts, and an empty part of her-the part her father once filled-didn't stir up an ache in her chest. And, for a moment, she forgot how different she really was.

"Sixteen kilometers until we reach the mill." Ted called out behind her. "I strongly caution against continuing at this speed unless the sound of police sirens are satisfying to you."

"Yeah, yeah…" Danni grumbled, slowing down as she approached the base of a steep Cliffside that lined the mill property.

As the motor of her cycle revved down to a steady rumble, she was able to catch another sound-a high pitched whirring sound coming from above. Danni had to shield her eyes from the sun as she looked up to find the source of the noise. "What the…?"

"Incoming Solar Surfer. Sixty-seven miles per hour and closing in." Ted clarified. "Suggest evasive maneuvers."

The drone barely had time to finish before the said surfer screamed past her, it's rider giving off a holler of excitement. The rider, a brunette boy around her age, glimpsed back briefly with a smirk before riding on.

Danni revved her motorcycle dangerously. "How about a little race then?"

"My reading report incoming authorities in three minutes, twenty-seven seconds." Ted warned.

A grin marked the girl's lips. "Just enough time." And with that, she was off after the surfer like a shooting star, leaving even Ted struggling to keep up. The boy looked back again and grinned widely, seemingly up to the challenge. Danni tailed him teasingly from below and he sped even faster. They soon came upon a fork in the mountain side and as they crossed paths, Tessa was able to catch a better glance at the boy's face.

He was attractive, to say the least, with his short, braided ponytail trailing behind him, his adventurous appearance making him look like he was born for the sky. But before she could dwell anymore on it, they had taken opposite paths and the race came to an abrupt halt.

Danni was breathless from the rushing adrenaline. "Well…that was fun."

"Not to mention incredibly reckless and unlawful." Ted interjected.

"Thanks, killjoy. Let's go find that part."