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Host of The Maury Show, Maury himself, sat in his arm chair on the left side of the stage. He was an older gentleman with salt and pepper colored hair, and a few laugh lines around his mouth and eyes. He smiled warmly at the camera that was facing him.

"Everyone," He addressed the camera and the live audience, "meet Nisei. And Nisei's mother, Aie."

The camera panned to see the two aforementioned people, who were sitting center stage. The person closest to Maury, on the left, was a young man; about eighteen years old. He had striking chocolate eyes and raven black hair pulled back into a low ponytail. He didn't really seem to care where he was; preferring to pick at his nails instead of looking at the camera, the audience, or Maury. The woman next to him had sandy brown hair and eyes that matched her son's. Unlike her son, she looked pretty distraught and well aware of what was going on. She gripped onto his right forearm for comfort, not seeming to care that he was picking at his nails instead of paying attention to his surroundings.

"They're here because of this man, Tarahan." Maury went on, gesturing to a screen behind him. The screen had a logo for the show on it. "Believes that he is not the father of Nisei, here."

The audience gasped and booed in response to the statement. Nisei, despite himself, let a smirk appear on his face for the briefest of seconds. It faded away quickly and he continuously picked at his nails. His mother swatted at his hands, but he ignored her and continued with what he was doing. Maury didn't really seem to mind.

"Let's hear their side of the story, shall we?" Maury asked. "Take a look at this."

The image of the stage was replaced by a video of Nisei, sitting in a chair. Only his head and the top of his body were visible on the tape, since nothing else really needed to be shown.

"My mother and I are here because my idiot father decided to declare, after all this time, that there is no way I could be his son." Nisei rolled his eyes. It seemed like he was being coached into speaking. "I'm eighteen. Whether or not he's my father, or wants to be, has no effect on me." Nisei shrugged. "I'll move on either way. It's not like I want to be his son anyway."

The audience could be heard gasping, though there was the tape rolling.

"The only thing that bothers me…for him to make my mother cry with his stupid accusations and whatnot? That's what I have a real problem with."

The audience cheered as the image changed. Instead of Nisei being on screen, it was his mother. only her head and the top of her was showing as well. She appeared to be sitting down in a chair. Unlike Nisei, it seemed like she wanted to speak of her own free will.

"For my husband to deny my son, and after eighteen years of not denying him, solely on the fact that they have nothing in common hurts!" She complained. She seemed to be on the verge of tears. "I know for a fact that he's the father of my son, just like he's the father of my daughter! I don't sleep around, you know! Besides, I'm nothing like my parents, and he's nothing like his, but neither of our fathers ever denied their paternity. What makes him think he can hold our son to a different standard? Once Maury says 'you are the father', I and Nisei both deserve an apology!"

The video ended as the audience erupted into cheers for the distraught woman.

"He denied paternity just because they have nothing in common?!" Maury recapped.

"Yes!" Aie confirmed, nodding. "He says that there's no way Nisei can be his son, because they're nothing alike. He says their personalities are different, they don't like any of the same things…Hell, they can't be in the same room alone without someone whining that they're being treated unfairly!"

"Hey, I don't whine!" Nisei complained, folding his arms and leaning back in his chair. "I complain. There's a difference…"

His mother rolled her eyes. "Sure there is, honey." She patted his knee.

He seemed irritated by the gesture, but smiled at her anyway. The smile was small, not quite reaching his cheeks, let alone his eyes. His dark chocolate eyes were just that; dark pools without any emotion.

"Nisei, you're eighteen, right?" Maury wondered. "You don't seem too bothered by this…"

"The bastard denies that he's my father, I deny that I'm his son." Nisei shrugged. His voice was laced with anger and hatred. "I know my mother wouldn't whore herself around on him, though I honestly wouldn't blame her."

"Nisei…" His mother warned.

He waved her off. "But I'd be thrilled to not have a DNA match." He shrugged once again.

"I just don't understand!" Aie cried suddenly. "He's never denied Nisei before now! It's only because they have nothing in common! Just because they don't get along now?"

The audience started to boo.

"We ever got along?" Nisei raised an eyebrow in question.

"It's a pathetic excuse, and he should be ashamed of himself!"

The audience began cheering enthusiastically.

"They have a lot on common." Aie went on. She ran her fingers through the dark raven locks of her son's ponytail. "From their hair down to their DNA!"

That caused the audience to cheer and clap louder. A few people stood out of their seats, clapping as they cheered. Nisei rolled his eyes at the display. Why did this have to be such a spectacle? He suddenly found the ceiling much more interesting then anything else.

"Let's hear what Tarahan has to say for himself, shall we?" Maury wondered. "Take a look at this."

The image of the stage was once again replaced by a video. The video, however, had Tarahan in it this time. He had short black hair and honey brown eyes. He was sitting on a chair, with his arms folded across his chest. He didn't look like he wanted to be there, but hints of anger and annoyance were visible in his eyes. He was obviously annoyed about something. As with the earlier video, only his head and chest were visible.

"There is no way in hell that Nisei is my son!" Tarahan exclaimed. "Just because we have the same hair color, and I graced him with my last name, it doesn't mean we're related!" He ranted on. "Nisei and I have nothing in common! We don't even act alike! When Maury says that I'm not the father, I want that disrespectful brat out of my life!"

The video ended and showed the stage once again. Aie was crying quietly, but she looked ready to beat someone at the same time. Maury shook his head as he gestured to the right side of the stage, where a set of stairs led behind stage.

"Here's Tarahan." Maury said.

The crowd booed as the elder male of the family walked out onto the platform connecting to the stairs. Tarahan waved the audience off as if they didn't matter, as he walked the short distance to the stairs. Maury met him as he descended the stairs and welcomed him to the show.

"How dare you!" Aie yelled at her husband.

Nisei grabbed her shirt sleeve to try and hold her back, but she had already bolted to her feet to confront him.

"You know damn well that he's your son! I don't sleep around, Tarahan!" Aie went on.

Bouncers climbed onstage and got in between the fighting husband and wife. Nisei was on his feet by that time, holding his mother back pretty well. He waved off the approaching bouncers, and they stopped where they stood; ready to intervene should the need arise.

"There is no way that disrespectful, arrogant, cocky brat is my son!" Tarahan objected.

"Hey, I learned it from somewhere, old man!" Nisei snarled. He then smirked at the elder male.

"I could never father a child like that!" Tarahan objected, fixing Nisei with a glare that said 'come get me'.

"Oh, because you're so high and mighty that anything coming from you has to be just perfect like my little sister, hm?" Nisei snapped.

"Are you honestly jealous of a sixteen year old?" Tarahan laughed at his son.

Nisei pulled his mother behind him and stood between his parents. Bouncers stood to grab him if he made a move against his father. The tension in the air bubbled like hot tar.

"Please, everyone, have a seat." Maury offered. "There's no need for all of this."

The three feuding family members slowly took their seats after a moment, without the bouncers intervening. Nisei fixed his father with a glare that could kill, and a smirk that could make anyone's blood boil.

"So, Tarahan, you're denying paternity of this young man solely because you have nothing in common?" Maury wondered, seemingly annoyed.

"There is no way he's my son." Tarahan shook his head. "He's rude, antagonistic, smart-mouthed, spoiled rotten…he's violent and has a bad temper…He broke his TV when he was sixteen, and trashed his own room, but refused to tell us why!"

"You wouldn't believe me if I did." Nisei rolled his eyes.

"I didn't father or raise such a spoiled brat!" Tarahan glared at Nisei.

"My temper and so called 'violent tendencies' come from you, old man." Nisei told him.

"See what I'm saying? Rude and disrespectful!"

Nisei chuckled darkly; a sound that sent shivers down the spines of his parents and of Maury. "You want to talk about being rude and disrespectful?" Nisei snarled. "How about you disrespecting my mother by rudely proclaiming that I'm not your son; effectively calling her a cheater, hm?" Nisei's dark eyes lit up with a primal anger. He leaned forward to grip the edge of his seat; his knuckles turning whiter then his already pale hands.

The audience cheered louder as Nisei's words progressed. Tarahan flushed darkly, clearly embarrassed. Aie wiped away tears with the back of her hand as Maury shook his head.

"Your son has a point, you know." Maury informed Tarahan hotly.

"He's not my son." Tarahan protested.

"He is your son!" Aie scolded. "You just won't accept it because he's not like you!"

Maury looked to Nisei. "Nisei, I know you don't care about the results either way, but doesn't it bother you that your own father denies that you're his son?" The host asked his guest.

"I guess." Nisei shrugged. "I'm an adult; I don't need his approval."

The audience cheered.

"Are you in school, Nisei?" Maury asked.

"Most of the time." Nisei glared at someone in the audience. His eyes flickered back towards Maury. "Though I fail to see what my education has to do with the present situation."

"Do you stay off of drugs and away from alcohol?"

"Are you sick in the head, or just deaf?" Nisei wondered. "I do neither, but I do enjoy a smoke once and a while." He shrugged. "But enough meaningless questions now."

"Got a girlfriend?"

"Boyfriend, now shut up."

"No trouble with the law.

"I'm a hacker and a murderer that hasn't been caught yet." Nisei rolled his eyes, his tone showing that he had a dark humor about him. "So no. Get onto the results."

"So there's really no reason for your father to deny paternity, correct?" Maury wondered. "You seem like a good kid, you're just not like your father. You don't 'ruffle any feathers' so to speak?"

"Only his." Nisei jutted a thumb at his angered father.

Maury looked to the practically seething Tarahan. "He seems like he's a good kid. Why deny him as your son?"

"He's violent, he doesn't show me any respect, even his own sister thinks there's something wrong with him…" Tarahan shook his head. "If I fathered him, I'd be ashamed."

"You did father him, you nitwit!" Aie scolded.

The audience cheered as Maury stood and took a manila envelope from a man between the audience and the stage. He walked back to his seat and sat down.

"Tarahan, if the results say that you are this young man's father, will you give both him and your wife an apology?" Maury asked.

"I'll apologize to my wife, sure." Tarahan said, nodding. "Him? Not a chance."

The audience booed as Maury opened up the manila envelope. He pulled out a white sheet of paper.

"In the case of eighteen year old Nisei, Tarahan…" Maury paused for dramatic effect.

Nisei gave the host a scathing look as his mother gripped his arm for support.

"You are the father!"

Aie jumped to her feet as the audience cheered in support.

"I told you, Tarahan! I told you!" She cried.

Nisei leaned his elbows on his knees, holding his face in his hands. Tarahan hugged his wife.

"I'm sorry, Aie." He told her. "I just can't believe I fathered that thing."

"I'm not happy about it either!" Nisei called, not bothering to look up as his father glared sharply at him.

"So, Tarahan, can we stop all this nonsense?" Maury asked.

"Yeah, sure." Tarahan shrugged.

"If I give you money, will you change the results for me?" Nisei wondered, peeking at Maury out of the side of his hand.

"You don't have money, you lazy brat!"

Maury rolled his eyes as Nisei stood with a snap and glared at his father angrily.

Maury looked at the camera. "We'll be right back!"