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Goku laughed cheerfully, rubbing the back of his head.

"Turning Super Saiyan doesn't exactly look how you'd expect it to," he said sheepishly. "Believe me, it's nothing like turning into a Great Ape."

"C'mon, c'mon, show me it," his mother urged, ignoring the fact that Goku called him "mom". It was disconcerting seeing as how Kakarot was probably at least 10 years her senior. She ignored the title that her son had taken to calling her, excited to see what a Super Saiyan would look like.

"Well, ok!" Goku relented easily, standing up straight and taking a deep breath. In the blink of an eye, the earth raised Saiyan's hair shot up and his energy expanded into a visible aura as easily as if he took a breath.

"That's-That's amazing! What does it feel like?"

Goku blushed and chuckled while Gine examined the muscles on his arms.

While Gine looked absolutely starstruck at how powerful her own baby boy had become, Bardock looked the slightest bit distracted. He was proud of his son, no doubt about it, but that battle with Frieza and his men...

It just wasn't right.

He wanted to avenge his fallen comrades, to stop Frieza from destroying the planet. It was done, but it just wasn't right. His son from the future, who was just plain absurdly powerful, along with the Prince who was just as strong...

"Dad, are you ok?"

Bardock's gaze shot from the floor to his son's, whom had already powered back down. Goku's father was really getting irritated with his son's sincereness. He was way too much like his mother and he could barely tolerate her being soft almost all the time.

"How do you have all that power and yet you're so..." Bardock paused and sighed, turning his back to Goku. "How are you so much like your mother, yet you have all this power..?"

"I'd take it as a compliment," Gine decided, blowing a raspberry at Bardock with crossed arms. Bardock didn't react besides look away with an annoyed grunt.

Goku said nothing, sensing that his father wasn't finished.

"If only I was able to go Super Saiyan. I could've saved them," Bardock hissed, the last part of his sentence barely a whisper. Goku looked down momentarily, thinking about how to answer his father.

"Bardock, it wasn't your fault..!" Gine added, crossing the room, to rest a hand on Bardock's shoulder.

"Tch, I don't need your pity!" Bardock seethed, jerking his shoulder away from her.

"I just...need some time alone," he amended, his tone much softer as if in apology to his harsh voice seconds earlier.

He walked outside of the kitchen and then the house before the familiar sound of someone blasting off was heard.

Gine sighed with her eyes closed and leaned backwards onto the kitchen counter. "Dammit."

"Mom, something happened. Why's he so angry?" Goku ventured, moving over to stand adjacent to his mother and crossing his arms. Goku watched her expectantly, and Gine finally gave in and looked her son in the eyes, realizing she had to look up at him. He might be slightly taller than Bardock.

"Bardock's team. I used to be a part of it. They were killed by one of Frieza's strongest men, Dodoria. After you told me about Frieza being killed by Prince Vegeta, he seems more irritated than ever."

"You were apart of this team of his?" Goku asked curiously, intending to not let the conversation drop on a sad note.

Gine half smiled and chuckled. "Was," she affirmed with amusement. Her smile dropped as she continued. "I'm not really cut out for fighting."

"You know," Goku spoke up. Gine regarded him curiously. "I could probably teach you a thing or two on getting stronger," he said with a smile. "That is, if we end up being in this time long enough," he added. An idea came to him and he raised a finger in realization. "I just thought of something. I'll go talk to dad. I'll be back!"

With that he dashed out of the house leaving his mother a bit confused.

As he began to prepare to home in on his father's energy signature, another familiar one was closing in towards him.

Goku slowed down, pivoting around.

"Vegeta? You okay, man?" he inquired, seeing Vegeta speeding in so suddenly.

"What do you think!?" The prince roared in irritation with clenched fists. Goku had never seen Vegeta that irritated since...Well actually he's always been like that. It just seemed out of context at the moment.

"Uh, so how was your family reunion?"

Goku immediately regretted asking as soon as the last word left his mouth, as Vegeta's temple began to throb.

"That woman is insufferable! To think that anyone on this planet would twist my arm before allowing me the resources to get back to my damn home!"

Goku blinked after Vegeta's blow up, tilting his head to the side as he tried to figure out what just happened. Vegeta calmed down considerably after his initial outburst and had his arms crossed and his back turned.

"You didn't hear anything," Vegeta asserted dangerously, obviously embarrassed about complaining about anything, and to Kakarot of all people.

"I take it the meeting with the queen didn't go too well?" Goku inquired, crossing his arms as well and keeping his eye on the older saiyan as they hovered in the air.

Vegeta sighed, exasperated, and let his arms drop to his sides. "My mother," Vegeta said, pronouncing the noun angrily, "won't allow us access to the things we need unless I teach her how to become Super Saiyan," he stated with a grunt.

"That kinda was your fault."

"What!?" Vegeta roared, performing a 180 to attempt a stare down with Kakarot. The younger saiyan shrugged without making eye contact, while his arms were still crossed. "Hey, I'm not judging. I probably would have done the same, but you got kinda flashy there."

"Shut up."

"It's not that big a deal, Vegeta. Even if you taught everyone on the planet the proper way, they wouldn't be able to ascend without the right motivation."

"But what if they did Kakarot? What then? Do you think they're going to stop dominating planets just because Frieza's dead? What about Cooler? Or their father? Or even their mother if they have one?" Vegeta explained. Goku's face became serious. He hadn't thought that far ahead.

"Cooler! He might eventually come to planet Vegeta and finish what Frieza was trying to do!"

"Exactly!" Vegeta confirmed, finally satisfied that Kakarot understood the scope of the situation.

"I'm not exactly sure this planet deserves to be saved," Vegeta added, having gotten quieter now.

"Vegeta," Goku said firmly. He floated slightly closer, hovering over to come to a stop in front of the Prince.

"Out of all the things I'd imagine you say, that isn't one of them."

Vegeta turned his head away imperiously, irritation still spelled across his face. "What does it matter, Kakarot? They're too far gone anyway! Say they manage to protect the planet? What's to stop us Saiyans from expanding and eventually taking over Earth? Maybe even destroying it?"

"Vegeta, this could be a blessing in disguise. Remember when you felt the same way about yourself?"

"Don't remind me!" the elder Saiyan growled. Allowing himself to be influenced by that wizard was the biggest mistake of his life, and the greatest insult to his own dignity.

"That was similar to how you used to be. Extremely cold blooded, but aren't we good friends on a crazy time-traveling adventure right now? I think maybe even Nappa had the capacity for change, given time. I've even seen some positive things from my own parents." Goku's face had a thoughtful expression and his smile was irritatingly hopeful.

How can you be so damn optimistic? Vegeta asked internally. He pinched the bridge of his own nose with a gloved hand. Kakarot had a point. If Vegeta could end up settling down on Earth, with a human wife and even a child as a result- and he was the Prince of Saiyans-, who's to say the common Saiyan couldn't have the capability to change?

Dammit, Kakarot. This optimism of yours hasn't failed you yet. Might as well give it a try, he reflected begrudgingly.

Goku suddenly facepalmed.

"Oh, I forgot, I need to catch up with my dad!" he shouted. He began to gather Ki to blast off before changing his mind and putting his fingers to his forehead.

"You'll know where to find me, of course," Goku added before vanishing in a blink.

Vegeta frowned at the open space that was occupied by Kakarot just moments ago. If the Saiyans did achieve Super Saiyan as a whole, it'd be something truly amazing to see. But was it worth it? He's reminded of Broly as he clenched his fist, staring at his gloved hand before heading off to explore the planet some more.


Bardock actively ignored the call coming from behind him as he sped towards no destination in particular.


"Go away!" the disgruntled father shouted, not slowing down a bit. The roofs of expansive Saiyan architecture seemed to pass by under them as Father and Son flew overhead.

Goku finally managed to close in and Bardock swung around attempting to kick him away from him.

To his surprise, he actually managed to hit his son, who flew backwards a bit with a yelp.

"What...Why didn't you dodge!?"

"I wasn't trying to fight you. I want to talk," Goku reasoned, raising his hands passively before him. Bardock balled his fists as though readying himself to strike Goku again before he suddenly looked as though all the energy seeped from his being.

"Ughh. What do you want from me," Bardock demanded, his shoulders suddenly drooping and his head dropping, displaying his depressed state, something odd to see on any Saiyan.

"You can't hold in whatever's got you angry, without a way to channel it," Goku asserted. As he hovered closer to Bardock, the both of them almost looked like twins.

"What do you know, Kakarot? It's..." Bardock paused, not even sure himself. It's just that something about Kakarot's presence, here, now, that just didn't sit right with him. Bardock would never be able to avenge his comrades the way he imagined it.

"I didn't have the opportunity to honor my comrades. When you two showed up and just up and killed Frieza like it was child's play, yet Frieza dwarfed my power..."

Bardock's posture was still slumped but his eyes were more irate rather than sad.

"I wonder if it might still be possible to bring them back," Goku muttered, thinking aloud.

"What?" Bardock's eyes widened, his head snapping towards Goku. "What'd you say?" Bardock demanded, grabbing both of Goku's shoulders, shaking him roughly. Goku didn't look so confident, avoiding eye contact.

"I-I don't know. I'm not sure it will work. But in the meantime, I could teach you how to become Super Saiyan," Goku smiled, gently removing Bardock's grip from his shoulders.

Bardock wasn't amused by Kakarot's blatant change of subject...but the prospect of becoming Super Saiyan was something he couldn't avoid. Besides, he'd find out what Kakarot was taking about with bringing them back. And if Bardock could find out what it was, he'd bring his comrades back himself, and he'd have a transformation surprise for them to boot.

"Fine," Bardock decided after looking off into the distance at nothing in particular. He locked eyes with Kakarot, several thoughts running through his head. But at the forefront was his resolve to find out what his son was hiding. Apparently there was a possibility to revive his friends. If there is, Kakarot wasn't going to stop him.

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