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Super Star Destroyer Executor:

Fifteen year old Luke Skywalker stood inside of the chambers that he shared with his Father clad in his usual black pants and tunic along with his usual black robe.

Although the Executor wasn't fully complete, Vader and Luke both spent a good amount of time living onboard the ship since their chambers and a good portion of the ship was already complete.

In fact, it was home for them whenever they weren't traveling through the Galaxy onboard the Exactor. If Vader ever had to go to Coruscant, he would simply send Luke to the Executor so that he would be undetectable to the Emperor's senses. He also had sent Luke to Bast Castle at several points.

Luke in all honesty did enjoy the Executor the most out of all of the places that they had called home, their suites were twice the size of those on the Exactor and they also had far better training facilities.

The only life that Luke had known was being trained in the ways of the Force. He had been trained since the day that he was able to walk.

His Father had found him only three months after his birth and had raised him on his own, Luke had been stolen from his Father by Jedi Master Kenobi, but by chance, his Father had found him in an Orphanage not long after the deaths of his Aunt and Uncle who had been entrusted with raising him. Luke felt fortunate that his Father had found him, he couldn't imagine his life without his Father or with anyone else raising him besides his Father.

As Luke ended his thoughts, he turned to see his Father staring directly at him, Luke stared at his Father in anticipation. Today, they were leaving for what was going to be his first Jedi Kill. He couldn't wait for the taste of Jedi Blood.

Vader looked at him and smiled, "I can see that you want this more than anything."

"They stole me from you and they tried to make me into a weapon. Of Course, I want to kill them all," Luke hatefully replied.

His Father had many times told him of his fight on Mustafar with General Kenobi. Luke had found himself disgusted with how Kenobi had ran like a coward while kidnapping his Mother. It was in fact a miracle in his mind that his Father had been able to find him three months later.

"My Agents have located this one, he is currently hiding on Kashyyyk. He is fully trained and I know that you can defeat him, however his Former Master is also on the planet. we will fight them together."

"Yes Father," Luke replied.

Vader smiled at his Son, "You have made me very proud Son, you have surpassed my expectations. You certainly have all of my good qualities."

"I understand Father," Luke replied.

"Are you packed?" Vader asked.

Luke nodded, "I brought a few outfits and a few Credit Chips for the event that I have to make it out on my own."

"Good, our Shuttle is waiting, my bags are already packed as well, we will go together."

"Good," Luke replied.

A few minutes later, Vader and Luke boarded their shuttle side by side. At the age of fifteen, Luke was a hardened killer. He had been trained to kill all of his life. He had been trained from birth to fight to kill. His Father had raised him in the best way possible which he knew was hard with the absence of the Mother that he never had known.

He had many times found himself wishing to have known his Mother but he knew that that just wasn't possible. His Mother was dead, all he had was his Father. His Father had told him many times about the tragic moment that he had choked his Mother. Luke found himself slightly angry at his Father for the deed, but he couldn't hate his Father. He still loved his Father. His Father was the only parent that he had or would ever have. Because of that, he had forgiven his Father many years before rather than hate him. He knew that his Father had meant well. Unfortunately, his Mother had died just because of the intervention of the Jedi Order.

As Luke boarded the shuttle alongside his Father, Vader spoke, "I'll drive."

Luke nodded not wishing to question his Father although Luke had been flying for as long as he could remember. He could even remember his Father taking him on his lap inside of his Starfighter when he was a toddler. One thing was for certain, his Father had taught him well.

A few minutes later, Vader flew the shuttle out of the Hanger Bay as he spoke, "The Exactor will be meeting us there."

Luke silently looked at his Father as he spoke, "How is it that a Jedi could have been hiding on Kashyyyk all of this time? I mean didn't you go there like twice?"

"Yes, I think that they manage to mask themselves collectively although I did believe Marek to the the last. I still can't believe that we haven't found his Son. It is like the boy disappeared."

Luke nodded, "How old is he?"

"I would guess him to be a few years older than you. He is also very strong in the Force. He is certainly a threat."

"You didn't even kill Marek did you?"

Vader shook his head, "He escaped the planet, but he died a week earlier from wounds that the men of the 501st inflicted upon him."

Luke nodded in silent response.

Vader then glanced at Luke and spoke, "Get some sleep, I will wake you when we arrive. We will arrive in about four hours."

Luke obediently left the room and headed towards the bunk room to sleep without questioning his Father.

Growing up, Luke had always looked up to his Father. He had grown up with almost no rules. His Rules were simple, He had to do his studies and his training, he could never leave their chambers without permission or take a ship out of the Hanger Bay without permission. For Luke, those were reasonable rules. From what he had read, most other teenagers his age that had good loving parents had far more rules in their lives. Luke in his mind had had it easy aside from a few times that he had disobeyed his Father. He had learned to obey after a shock of Force lightning that he had received at the age of twelve.

He had always done his best not to disappoint his Father due to the fact that his Father was his only parent. He wanted nothing more than to make his Father proud.

Despite being raised as a Sith, Luke still had yet to fully embrace the Dark Side. Although he had been trained in the ways of the Dark Side all of his life, he had never fully embraced the Dark Side. He knew in his own mind that the Dark Side was good, but a part of him wouldn't let him become one with the darkness.

He didn't believe in the Jedi Ways or in using the Light Side, especially after hearing about all of the sick lies that the Jedi had spread about the Sith. Or about how they had taken him from his Father. He also found himself hating the Rebel Alliance. He had seen one of their propaganda posters that showed his Father killing a Child with a lightsaber.

How could they? How could they insult such a good and loving parent in such a way? Yes, his Father wasn't perfect and his Father wasn't always the greatest person in the Galaxy but Luke knew that his Father would never kill an unarmed woman or child. Little did Luke realize just how wrong he was. Within the next day, everything that he had believed would be challenged, and he would be forced make some very hard and difficult decisions.


Vader looked at Luke and spoke, "Can you sense them?"

"Yes, I sense them both, I think that they are in one of the tree houses," Luke stated.

"Most likely. They are probably trying to escape," Vader added.

Luke nodded as Vader spoke, "Go ahead and start the landing cycle. We will probably be landing under fire too, so be ready to fight."

"Yes Father," Luke replied.

A few minutes later, Vader and Luke stood side by side as the boarding ramp was lowered. The two of them both removed their robes as they prepared to make their attack.

Luke activated his Red lightsaber as he looked at his Father who also had his Lightsaber activated. The two of them then charged down the ramp as blasterfire erupted upon them. Luke noticed a mix of Alliance troops and Renegade Wookiees charging him and his Father.

Father and Son both moved as one man blocking blasterfire and decapitating or impaling their enemies as they advanced through the chaos.

They fought for only minutes before they had killed around forty Rebels.

At the same time, they looked forward and noticed another line of rebels along with two hooded warriors. One Jedi wielded a blue lightsaber, Luke noticed that the Jedi was a Twi'lek male. The other Jedi was an older Human Man who wielded a green lightsaber.

The two Sith stared at the Jedi for a moment in silence as the two Jedi moved forward followed by around twelve human foot soldiers. Vader at the same time spoke, "Keep one of the soldiers alive, we will need him."

Luke nodded in response.

Moving side by side, Father and Son held their ground as they released force pushes and bursts of Force Lighting upon the Rebel troops while clashing blades with the Jedi Knights. Luke used the Force to choke one Rebel Soldier into unconsciousness while fighting several other Rebel troopers.

Father and Son made easy work with the Rebels within minutes while fighting the two Jedi.

After just minutes, All that stood were the two Sith and the two Jedi.

Luke fought against the human Master as his Father faced off against the Twi'lek.

Luke didn't doubt that his Father had allowed him to fight the Master just in an effort to challenge him, and Luke felt challenged as he drove himself against the Jedi Master.

The Jedi Master, Luke guessed to be of around forty years of age and far more experienced than Luke, but Luke knew that he was still going to win the fight.

As they fought, Luke found himself shocked by the look in the Jedi Master's brown eyes, it wasn't a look of hatred like the hatred that Luke had in his eyes. It was a Look of pity. A look of sympathy for his slayer.

As Luke brought his lightsaber into the Man's abdomen, the Jedi Collapsed to the ground. The Jedi then looked up at Luke with a look of pure sympathy as he spoke, Your Father raised you in the Darkness Boy, but you have a choice. You can choose to live in the light if you become your own person. Don't let it consume you completely like it did him."

Luke looked hatefully down at the Jedi Master as he screamed, "You Lie!"

With that, Luke thrusted his lightsaber into the Man's heart as the Jedi Master fell to the ground.

At the same time, Luke turned to see his Father walking away from the now dead Twi'lek Jedi, "That was both of them," Vader replied.

Luke nodded as he reached out in the Force, "I can sense three more."

"The offspring of the one that you killed," Vader replied as he pointed towards the stairs to a nearby treehouse.

Luke wordlessly walked towards the treehouse as he approached the door where he sensed the three Force presences.

He entered the house, to see a women of around thirty five with three small girls all huddled around her in fear.

Luke coldly glared at them as he spoke, "Follow me."

The woman fearfully got up in tears as she followed Luke out of the room followed by the three girls.

As they came to the bottom of the stairs, Luke noticed one girl run towards her Father's corpse in tears.

At the same time, Luke noticed his Father standing over the corpse of one of the Rebel Troopers, "These men aren't Alliance soldiers Luke."

"What are they Father?"

"They are Starkiller's men," Vader replied.

"Are you sure?" Luke asked.

Vader nodded as he pointed towards the only soldier who's life had been spared.

Vader coldly approached the man as he spoke, "I have some questions for you."

The Man was silent as Vader spoke, "I want to know who Starkiller is and where he is from. What species is he? What Rank is he in the Jedi Order? What are his intentions?" Vader asked in anger.

Luke frowned, his Father had ranted about Starkiller many times. No one knew anything about who Starkiller was. The mysterious Jedi had been raiding various supply bases and ships throughout the unknown regions and no one was able to trace him.

He had also recovered several Jedi Survivors or had sent his mysterious troops to rescue the Jedi. There was no doubt in his mind that that had been the purpose of this particular team of troops. Vader glared at the Man noticing that he wasn't going to talk. In anger, he raised his hand and released a storm of lighting as the Man screamed.

Luke cringed, he hated watching his Father interrogate prisoners although he knew that there were times when it was necessary to use brutality to gain information.

As his Father tortured the man, It became evident in Luke's mind that the Trooper wasn't going to talk.

Luke at the same time, noticed His Father mind probing the Trooper.

After just moments, Luke noticed his Father kick the corpse in frustration.

"Is he gone?" Luke asked although he already knew the answer.

"Yes," Vader replied in anger.

"Any leads?"

"No," Vader yelled in anger.

Vader glanced at the carnage around him before looking at the woman who was fearfully clinging to her three daughters, "Load them up on the shuttle."

"Yes Father," Luke replied.

Vader at the same time spoke, "No, Don't load them up."

Vader glared at the woman in anger, "What can you tell me about Starkiller?" Vader asked in anger.

The Woman was in tears as she spoke, "Please Lord Vader, I know nothing."

Vader glared at the woman and her three children. Luke frowned realizing just how angry his Father was.

Vader coldly glared at the woman before looking at Luke as he spoke, "Kill them."

Luke looked at his Father in shock, "Kill them?"

"Yes, kill them," Vader replied.

Luke looked at his Father in shock and disbelief, "Kill them?"

"I said Kill them, Kill them now !" Vader screamed in rage.

Luke nodded as he looked back at the woman who was now filled with tears as she hysterically cried out, "No, Please. Please don't kill us. Please, we don't know anything.

Luke slowly activated his Lightsaber as he stared coldly at the woman and her three daughters. It was in that moment when Luke realized something. What he was doing was wrong, What was he doing? He was about to murder a helpless woman and her three daughters when he called himself good. What he was doing was pure evil.

"You love your Father, But can you kill an innocent woman and three girls for him? Is it right?" A mysterious voice asked. Luke was shocked, someone had just spoken into his mind. He didn't know who, but after hearing the voice, he felt conviction. He also felt the light side of the Force.

He stared down at his Lightsaber blade before glancing at his Father who now had his lightsaber activated.

"If you are just going to stare at your blade like a fool, I will do it," Vader screamed.

Luke found himself shocked as he swung his blade towards his Father. He was in shock and disbelief as his red lightsaber crossed with his Father's.

"What in the Galaxy Luke?" Vader asked in anger.

"T-This isn't right Father. I-I can't do it. I-I love you but I can't kill a helpless woman for you or let you kill her."

Vader felt rage as he stormed towards his Son and attacked.

Luke was instantly forced to back peddle as his Father attacked him. He retreated realizing that he was outmatched against his Father's attack.

For several minutes, Luke struggled against his Father's rage as he spoke, "I raised you. I taught you, Everything I did was for you and this is how you repay me? You have failed me Son."

Luke shook his head, "I love you Father and you're right, I have failed you. I realize only now after killing that Jedi that the Darkness is not in the way. I cannot live in it. It is wrong, I only hope that you will one day return to the light."

At the same time, Luke sensed the shuttle lifting off behind him. Without a word, he used the Force and back flipped onto the extended boarding ramp as the shuttle flew away.

Vader stared at the shuttle that was carrying his Son away in complete anger as he pulled out his Comlink, "Captain Ozzel, send me a Shuttle my ship has been stolen."

"Shall we tractor beam it my Lord?"

"No, leave it to me. I will deal with it myself."

"As you wish my Lord, Your Shuttle will be arriving shortly."

Luke walked into the cockpit of the shuttle as he looked at the woman and spoke, "Let me take the controls, I will get us into Hyperspace. Once we are out of the system, I will have you drop me off in an escape pod. I know that you must hate me."

"You can say that, you made my daughters fatherless and you took away the love of my life," the woman coldly replied

Luke hung his head in shame as he spoke, "You will need money. I will give you most of my Credits. All I need is a few to get off of whatever planet I land on. I will survive just fine."

The woman nodded as she glanced at the Computer, "I am going to eject you into the Atmosphere of Nar Shaddaa. We will be there in three hours. Stay away from my daughters, I don't want you around them."

"I understand, I will leave the credits in the bunk room. Take them and use them after you ditch this ship. I would suggest taking it to a safer system than Nar Shaddaa since you are alone."

"I know, now get out of my sight. I may have saved you from your Father's wrath, but it was only because you spared us."

Luke nodded as he left the woman without another word.

A few hours later, Luke found himself inside of the tiny escape pod with his Travel bag as he was ejected into space. He immediately found himself floating towards the polluted surface of Nar Shaddaa. Luke immediately found himself realizing one thing, he was starting a new chapter of his life. He had just made a life altering decision, he only hoped that he had made the right decision.

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