Luke awoke from his sleep shaking as sweat poured down his body, What was happening to his Sister? And why was it that he was feeling his Father's pain as well?

He slowly reached for his shorts as he noticed Mara's green eyes staring at him, "Are you alright Luke?" Mara asked.

Luke shook his head, "My Father, something has happened to him.

Mara cringed, she in truth wouldn't dare to inform Luke that she had felt her Master's pain just as he had.

At that moment, she reached out to him, "Are you ok Master?"

"I've been better Mara, I will soon escape, don't you dare try to contact me like this again, Luke will sense you," Vader replied through the Force.

Mara shivered as Vader's voice spoke to her, "Where are you?"

"We are hiding at the Lake house on Naboo, that's where we've been for the last month," Mara replied.

Luke at that moment looked out of the windows as he spoke, "The sun in rising, I'm going to see if Lando has returned."

Mara in response reached for her nightgown as she climbed out of bed, she immediately decided that she would observe things and see just what was going on.

Luke walked out of his chambers as he noticed his Grandmother walking down the hallway and straight towards him, "Calrissian just got here, Captain Solo and Chewbacca are in the living room with him and your Grandfather."

Luke wordlessly walked past his Grandmother as Jobal looked at Mara with a frown.

"Mara," Jobal called out.

"Yes?" Mara asked uneasily as she turned towards the older woman.

"You shouldn't be sleeping with a man that you're not married to."

"He loves me," Mara replied in defense.

Jobal shook her head, "If he truly loved you, he would have waited until marriage."

"Why are you telling me these things?" Mara asked.

"Because I'm a mother, and I have daughters I wouldn't want any man taking advantage of either my daughters," Jobal replied

Mara said nothing as she turned and walked down the hallway towards the living room.

Jobal followed Mara with a frown in her eyes, what would happen if the girl ended up pregnant? Jobal sighed, she had seen this story unfold a thousand times in her eighty year life. She could only hope that it wouldn't end up with a tragic ending like many of the others had.

She had seen plenty of men that just left pregnant women without one bit of consideration because it was never true love in the beginning. Once Mara was pregnant, Luke was going to take responsibility if she had anything to say about it. Jobal sighed, if he didn't she knew that Padme would be furious.

Luke entered the living room to see Lando standing before him, "What did you learn?"

"Leia was kidnapped," Lando replied.

"By who?" Luke asked.

"There was this thing in dark robes with a red lightsaber, he had some kind of mask on his face, Leia tried to fight him and she lost, his thugs picked her up and they left the station."

"Do you have any images of this thing?" Luke asked.

"I have some security footage, it's hologram only, the audio quality is horrible. I just placed the chip inside of R2," Lando stated as he pointed to R2 who quickly rolled up to the Caf table.

Within seconds Luke saw the scene come to life.

Luke watched as Leia activated her lightsaber, at the same time he looked at the creature who was activating his own lightsaber as he spoke, "R2 pause it."


"Magnify it, focus on the attacker," Luke stated.

Luke gasped in shock and horror as he looked at the hooded Muun, "By Force that's Darth Plagueis."

Mara shivered as she heard the name, Plagueis? Plagueis? Not the Sith Master who had trained Emperor Palpatine, he was dead, wouldn't her Master have known if he had survived? Mara shivered as she looked back towards her boyfriend.

Ruwee stared at the image as he spoke, "You're right, I heard that after that one assassination attempt that Damask was forced to wear that one mask for life. I read that he died because it failed on him. How the hell can he be alive after all of this time?" Ruwee asked.

Luke breathed in deeply as Han spoke, "Who the the hell is Darth Plagueis?"

"He was the man responsible for training Emperor Palpatine," Luke grimly replied.

"Wouldn't he be dead by now? You once told me that it was traditional for the Sith Apprentice to kill his Master, just like your Father did to the Emperor on the Death Star," Han replied.

"There is a theory that I have," Luke replied.

"A theory?" Han replied.

"Palpatine always said that he had the power to save my Mother from death, which is what made my Father turn. From what I know, Plagueis was experimenting with ways of lengthening your lifespan with the Dark Side of the Force or even preventing death. Perhaps, he managed to save himself from death although Palpatine always stated that he was able to save everyone from death but not himself. Perhaps, Palpatine was wrong, Perhaps Plagueis played us all, perhaps he even Palpatine who is the greatest player of all," Luke stated.

"If that is the case Force help us, look at him Luke, I see skill, I see determination. This Monster is trained, He's far to well trained for you to fight on your own."

Luke shook his head, "I'm going to need help, that's the bottom line."

"Where do we go to find Leia?" Han asked.

"I-I don't know, but I could find Plagueis, a month ago in the middle of the night, I woke up with Darkness surrounding me, it was darkness like I had never felt. That night was the night that he returned," Luke grimly stated.

"What do you think he wants with Leia?" Han asked.

"I think that he wants her to become his next Apprentice," Luke replied.

"Y-You mean turn her into a Sith?" Jobal fearfully asked.

"Yes," Luke replied.

"What about you?" Ruwee asked.

"There can only be two, you tell me what that means about me."

"Y-You don't mean that he expects her to kill her own brother?" Jobal asked uneasily.

"Darth Bane's Apprentice took part in her twin Brother's death. Palpatine slaughtered his entire family, the list goes on and on," Luke replied as he stood up.

Jobal couldn't help but shiver as she heard Luke's dark statement.


Vader looked at Leia with a smile, "Ok, you will take the grappling hook and fire it as the guard enters the room, with the piece of pipe inside to isolate it's trajectory."

"Why me?" Leia asked.

"Because you're smaller than me," Vader replied.

"Smaller than you?" Leia asked.

"If this guy is the same Rodian that you're talking about, you have no chance of killing him with a grappling hook.

Just allow that to attach to him and then recoil it and I will kill him."

Leia cringed but nodded as she heard footsteps on the other side of the door.

At that moment, the door hissed open as Leia held up the piece of Durasteel pipe that was covering the grappling hook. As the unsuspecting Rodian thug stepped into the cell, she fired the grappling hook and it hit the Rodian's chest, and before the the Rodian had chance to react, she was retracting the cable as her Father stepped into the scene with an additional piece of Durasteel pipe.

With the sharp end of the pipe pointing towards the Rodian's neck, Vader made one deadly thrust that instantly caused the creature to fall to the ground dead.

Vader then moved forward and removed the grappling hook as he moved towards the Rodian's utility belt.

He instantly found two blasters, one he kept for himself and another he threw to Leia as she caught it.

"Are you ready?" Vader asked.

Leia nodded as she followed her Father out of the cell.

Vader looked back at her and spoke, "Finding our lightsabers would be nice but, if we can't we will make due. Do you have the Ysalamiri?" Vader asked.

"Right on my back," Leia replied.

"Stay within four feet of me at all times, we will move together," Vader stated.

"How long will we go without using the Force?" Leia asked.

"We will ditch the Ysalamiri once we're out of this detention center," Vader replied.

"What's your plan?" Leia asked.

"Running out into the dessert would be suicide, by the time that we got to my ship on foot, we would be caught. Our best option will be to steal one of their ships and then fly out of here."

Leia nodded as she creeped through the hallway with her Father, and towards the guard station.

As they approached the guard station Vader whispered, "Can you hit the controls to their door from here? I don't want any screams to leave this room as we blast them all to death."

Leia nodded as she fired on shot within seconds that had the door crashing.

At that moment, Leia and her Father charged into the room as they fired their blasters.

Within seconds, all six of the unsuspecting pirates were dead.

Vader at the same time reached for a blaster resting on a human corpse as he spoke, "I like this one better."

Vader at the same time turned to see Leia holding two blasters that she had no doubt picked up as she spoke, "What now?"

"Are there any concussion grenades on these corpses?"

Leia in response held one grenade up that she threw towards her Father.

Vader took the grenade and clipped it to his belt.


"Two more," Leia replied.

"I will take them both," Vader replied.

Vader then moved towards the control panel of the door. He immediately laid down on the ground as he placed his head under the panel after opening it.

Leia watched her Father tamper with the fried out controls to the door door and jumped back a foot when the durasteel door hissed open.

Vader then sat up as he brushed the dust off of his bare back before collecting up his blasters.

He then took the Ysalamiri off of Leia's back as he spoke, "For now on, we shoot anyone that we see. We will fight our way to the landing strip. It's not to far."

"How do you know?" Leia asked.

"I read the Rodian's mind as I was killing him," Vader bluntly replied.

"You probably enjoyed killing him since the Empire degrades nonhumans so much."

"Maybe you should have gotten your head into the fresh air and off of Hoth in the last three years. Maybe if you weren't so focused on defeating me, you would notice that I canned that Policy along with dozens of other unreasonable policies that Palpatine had. I have nothing against nonhumans, in fact one of my best friends growing up on Tattooine was a Rodian child slave named Wald."

"He was a slave like you?" Leia asked.

"One of my two best friends. Him and a human kid named Kitster were my best friends."

"They were all slaves like you?" Leia asked.

Vader nodded as he spoke, "Come on, let's get out of here!"

Leia wordlessly followed her Father out of the small room as they made their way through a dark hallway.

At the same time, two large Gamorreans entered the room.

Vader and Leia both fired their blasters and the two pigs fell to the ground dead.

Father and Daughter then walked over the bodies as they slowly walked through the hallway.

After a few minutes, they found themselves in front of a doorway.

Vader opened the doorway as he looked out to what appeared to be a large open walkway.

He noticed various thugs going about their business as he looked at Leia and pointed towards one direction before pointing towards himself and pointing toward the opposite direction.

Within seconds, the duo was in the walkway firing their blasters, as they dropped all of the pirates that were in their sight.

Vader then ran with Leia at his side as more Pirates appeared in their path. Father and Daughter made easy work of the goons as they ran without stopping.

At the same time, blaster shots were fired behind them, as Vader turned and started to return fire to the thugs that were running after them.

Vader at the same time, used the Force to cause two large oil drums that were lined up against the wall of a large line of barracks to go rolling down the walkway towards the line of pirates while firing his blaster.

At the same time, Leia fired a blaster at one of the barrels of oil shortly after using the force to cause one of the drums to open.

Vader smiled as he heard the screams behind them, "Impressive."

"How long before we're out of here?" Leia asked.

"At this rate we should be out of here in no time," Vader replied.

Darth Plagueis stood up from his seat in disbelief, "I was to understand that the Princess and Vader were supposed to be brought here," Plagueis yelled to the nearby Ithorian thug.

"They were my Lord."

"They have escaped, I can sense it, come with me now!" Plagueis yelled.

"Of course Sir."

"Put the word out," Plagueis yelled as he stormed out of the room.

Vader continued to run through the ancient Sith Fortress with Leia as they fired their blasters at the pirates in their path.

The two of them moved as one fighting force, fighting for one common goal, freedom.

Both Vader and Leia knew that their survival depended on getting off of Ambria together.

"We're almost there Leia."

"I think that I can sense him behind us," Leia replied as she dropped an Ithorian pirate that had just been unfortunate enough to be noticed.

Vader shook his head, "We have to get to the hanger fast!"

Leia ran with her Father without another word.

At the same time, she couldn't help but feel dismay when she realized that Plagueis and his goons were closing in behind her.

Vader at the same time, removed his last concussion grenade which he eagerly threw back at the growing mob of thugs.

As they came into view of the large landing strip, they noticed cruisers of all eras and a select few starfigthers all landed in the large landing strip.

At the same time, several blaster shots were fired as Leia let out a scream and fell to her knees as a Trandoshan struck her leg with a vibroblade before falling to his knees alongside her as his larynx snapped.

Vader rushed towards Leia, and wrapped his arms around her as he leaned up against the nearby wall.

He then made his way towards a small shuttle that he could have sworn was an old Trade Federation cruiser.

At the same time, he heard the voice of Plagueis, "You have failed Vader, you cannot escape."

Vader looked towards the Sith Master, noticing that he had a lightsaber in his hand.

At the same time, he noticed the hilt of Leia's lightsaber hanging on his belt.

Vader immediately looked down at Leia as he spoke, "Can you make it to that ship?"

"I-I don't know, I'm so weak, and my leg, it hurt's so bad."

Vader shook his head, "If I use the Force to move you there, can you crawl into the cockpit?"

"Maybe," Leia replied.

"I'll buy you the time," Vader replied as he used the Force to call Leia's lightsaber to his hand from Plagueis's belt.

"You cannot have her," Vader yelled.

"You will lose, you're surrounded," Plagueis stated.

At that moment, Vader heard the roaring sound of the ship accompanied with the sound of lightsabers igniting as a dark hooded figure jumped down in front of him with two blue lightsabers in hand as he advanced upon Darth Plagueis, just after using the Force to push the Sith Master and the line of Pirates flat onto the ground.

At the same time, Vader noticed a beautiful Togruta woman with a green lightsaber in a pair of leather pants along with a matching leather top that left most of her upper body exposed.

Ahsoka, Vader realized in shock as he knelt down and picked his daughter up.

As Ahsoka attacked the line of Pirates that were between Vader and the shuttle, Vader moved towards the shuttle with Leia in his arms as they boarded the shuttle.

Vader then laid Leia down on the nearby large couch as he ran into the cockpit and started the shuttle up. Within seconds, the ship was started as they lifted off.

Vader then directed his course to the location of his Starfighter, he would obtain the medical kit and set his ship on an Autopilot course for Coruscant before taking Leia to the nearest Medical facility.

Starkiller battled furiously against the mysterious Sith Lord as he heard Ahsoka yelling out to him, "They are gone, we are good to go!"

Starkiller in response Force jumped into the air and found himself on the boarding ramp alongside Ahsoka as her son took the ship into the air and away from the mysterious Sith Lord.

Vader climbed out of the cockpit of his Tie Fighter as he hurried onto the Trade Federation Shuttle.

At the same time, he looked towards Leia as he noticed sweat pouring down her body.

There was no doubt in his mind that she needed medical attention.

Vader hurried into the cockpit and within seconds, he was flying into the atmosphere of Ambria.

A few minutes later, he was in Hyperspace.

He then turned and rushed into the tiny lounge where Leia was laying.

He knelt down by her body as he looked at her right leg. He noticed a large cut on her thigh along with a blaster shot in her calve.

"Were you hit anywhere else?"

"My arm," Leia replied.

Vader shook his head as he spoke, "How did you get this cut?"

"It was that Trandoshan that shot me, he attacked me with his vibroblade."

Vader looked at Leia's pant leg noticing how dark it was.

Vader immediately reached into the med kit and picked out a pair of scissors as he spoke, "I have to cut this pant leg off."

Leia said nothing as her Father did the job.

Vader then immediately slid the bloody pant leg down her leg as he spoke, "I'm going to clean this, and cover it, We are going to the nearest Star Destroyer, you need immediate medical attention," Vader stated as he started to tend to his daughter's wounds not caring about the blood that was covering his hands as he focused on saving his daughter's life.

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