Kamen Rider Gaika Season 2

Chapter 3: Arrival of Raimeki

It cuts to a Dark Blue and light blue Kabuki on a mobile missile battery and he removed his taiko buckle and unleashed his light and dark blue "Ongekibou-Raijin (Translates into "Demon Attack Club-Thunder God)" and spoke "Ongeki Dan: Rai Rai Arashi (Sound Attack Stroke: Thunder-Thunder Storm)." And his mobile missile battery turned into a drum set he plays a drum solo and the sky turned grey and it started to rain and thunder struck the villages and set them on fire as the villagers flew and Dante, Aka Gaika was upgraded to the Ongekibou String Instrument Class he was holding a black, gold and blue Ongekishingen-Hgashitora (Sound Attack String-Violent Tiger) and his buckle had the Ongekishin-Raigeki (Sound Attack Quake-Lighting Strike) and his suit looked like a blue and green Todoroki with Habataki's head and Dante smirks under his helmet and a Blue and silver Todoroki arrived "Oi, Gaika! Ya ready to fight Raimeki?" and the 2 jumped onto Raimeki's flying galleon "If it ain't the Pirates of the Screwoff-Ian!" said Mizuki
"You wimps have got a lot of nerve setting foot on my ship!" and the 2 oni charged and Dante stabbed his spear into the ground and a roar went off "This entire ship is a Makamou?" and he spoke "Ongekizan! Chou Ikazuchi No Mai!" and he strummed at high speed and Raimeki freaked out "Waauuggh! I'm outta here!" and in a flash of lightning he vanished and the ship exploded and the 2 Oni fell out of the Sky and crashed into West City and passed out after seeing a Green and silver Zanki with Shuki's head, this was Kazekami (Wind God) and he spoke "Ongekizan: Shin Kaze no Mai!" and he does a rapid speed until the Makamou exploded