"Code Red! Code Red! The rooster is in the coot." Said Bree Dooley to her two best friends, Kaitlynn and Marcie.

"In the coot?" questioned Marcie.

"For the love of Pete. He's going into his house, Jazz hands, your free to go in." Bree reported into her walkie talkie.

"Gotcha." Said Kaitlynn aka Jazz hands. From Bree's window, she could see the blonde headed girl hopping from bush to bush to get inside the house where they had set up their latest prank.

Bree grabbed her telescope and zoomed in to the house, the target was in his room.


From inside the bathroom of the target, Marcie pulled a string that lead to many things falling, including chicken hearts, all over pretty boy's head.

He jumped and looked out the window to see the smug smile that appeared on his opponent's face.

"Next time think twice about dying my hair green in my sleep!" Bree shouted to him.

"This isn't over Doodey." He said and while his back was turned, Marcie sneaked out of the bathroom and outside where the trio gathered to celebrate their victory.

Now, this is what happened on an everyday basis with the two of them.

Bree Dooley and Chase Davenport. Natural enemies, you could say. Once the Davenports moved in, the two didn't get along and it was known fact when Chase pulled his first prank on Bree who foolishly thought they could be friends.

That is what led to the dramatic junior year of high school…


"Honestly, Bree. Do we really have to start planning another prank and different code names. I want to think about prom dresses for our junior prom or about boys. I'm hoping Collin will ask me out, but- I don't know." Said Marcie, a petite brunette that was on the cheerleading squad and always knew about the daily gossip.

She was like the personal news reporter.

"Has Ethan talked to you today?" asked Kaitlynn.

"No. I was hoping he would ask me to the dance even if it is seven months away. He hasn't talked to me since our book report assignment together and that was last year. Did he like her? They would occasionally flirt with one another but did that mean anything?

Did he flirt with everyone?

"Stop freaking out. I'm sure he's just trying to settle into the new school year." Kaitlynn tried to say comfortingly.

"You really think so?"

"Of course." Said Marcie. And the trio walked to History.


"Now, does anyone know what caused World War II?" asked Mr. Dalzell. No one answered. She would've expected Chase to answer, if he wasn't so busy flirting with Danielle. Though she would never admit it to anyone, Chase was the smartest out of all of them combined but had little maturity.

"Really? What century is this? You are all about to leave for college and yet this answer remains ignored. I'm going to give out papers to you all later this week. It's a new idea I'm going to pass over to our principal. Class dismissed."

"He's really losing it." Said Marcie. "I have an idea, an idea that's going to end up just like our trip to the museum in freshman year."

"Don't exaggerate. It was fun, it a sort of cynical way." Said Bree.

"That dinosaur almost ate me!" said Kaitlynn.

"The dinosaur was a skeleton." Bree pointed out.

"I'm still traumatized."

"We can see that."

Kaitlynn scowled and opened her locker to switch books for the next class, so did Bree.

"You guys don't pack your stuff altogether-" Marcie stopped when a puff of green smoke went in Bree's face. She gasped and could hear laughter from beside her. She turned and saw Chase smirking triumphantly at her while walking with Danielle and dim-witted friend, Adam.

"Shame, Doodey. That green would've went great with your hair." Said Chase who was close to making Bree want to choke him.

"Oh my gosh! Bree, c'mon." said Marcie and she dragged her into the girl's bathroom where she saw that the damage was worse than it felt. She looked like a total and complete mess. Green paint was all over her face or maybe it was green powder, whatever it was Chase did a good job making sure that she missed her English class to clean up what he did.


"I'm going to get him back so badly that he'll wish he was never born." Said Bree.


"Take a seat, Ms. Dooley. So nice of you to join us." Said Ms. Grabowski sarcastically. She wanted to stick her tongue out at her for being so mean. It wasn't her fault that she suddenly looked like the hulk. It was stupid Chase's fault for making her green.


But things only got worse when she saw where she was supposed to sit.

Next to Ethan.

Greeaat. Just excellent. When she's the color of an avocado. Now he's never gonna love her and they'll never get married an-

"Bree?" asked a familiar voice and she froze. Apparently, her feet had a mind of their own because she didn't recall moving from the front of the classroom. She was in her seat and right next to her was Ethan, smiling handsomely at her.

Gosh, he was cute.


She still hadn't answered him. She's such an idiot!


Answer, genius! Her conscience screamed.

"Hi, Ethan." Bree smiled at him and blushed at her own stupidity.

"Haven't seen you lately. Well, you haven't seen me, I guess. I was in Italy." Said Ethan and the moment he said Italy, his cheeks tinted pink. Was it that great in Italy?

"Well, life here is Italy in itself."

Ethan laughed and she smiled. Today was a good day.

"Why is your face green?"

Spoke too soon.

"I fell in-the grass." Said Bree lamely. Is there any black holes available, because there is one girl who would like to go die of humiliation.

"The grass? Are you okay?"

"Yes. I'm fine. Thank you."

"No , Bree I was wondering-" He whispered and Bree bit her lip.

"Dooley, Karthy. Unless I'm boring you, you're more than welcome to take your conversation outside and not disrupt my class."

Author's Note: This first chapter might've been boring but this story is just starting up :D