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"Ahhh!"Marcie screamed once the two girls stepped off the bus on Saturday morning. For Kaitlynn, it was a relief to be away from Sammy-smells a lot. For Bree, the sight of her hometown gave her some joy. Even with the exception of seeing her annoying little brother, Leo.

Bree and Kaitlynn hugged Marcie nonetheless, happy to see their friend who had literally missed everything.

"What have you been doing without us?" asked Kaitlynn. Marcie smiled brightly and leaned forward.

"I've been helping the elderly." Said Marcie proudly. Bree was shocked, her best friend was never self-centered or cocky. She was confident and had very high self-esteem though. And the last place that anyone who knew Marcie Hill to be would be at a retirement home.

Helping people.

"Why?" Bree asked suspiciously. Marcie blushed a dark crimson and Kaitlynn smirked.

"A boy, I see. That's why you're helping people?"

"Should've known." Bree added.

"There is a guy and I would love to tell you about him, another time." Said Marcie quickly, "What happened with you girls?"

Bree knew she was changing the subject because of something important.

Or bad.

Was he a criminal?

But the subject now changed to something that Bree would not like to discuss or even think about due to the fact that he wasn't far away from her yet.

As in 'he', she met the unspeakable one which will now be his name until informed otherwise.

She could hear Kaitlynn ranting about how Lee Jenkins needs to go visit a doctor about his flatulence issues and health because the smells in her tent were unknown to mankind.


Bree wasn't going to be singled out and asked what happened so as the sneaky liar she is, she also began to complain/agree with what Kaitlynn was saying which just encouraged her to speak more about it until eventually, Bree parted with them and walked to her house with her bags.

Before she could even knock on the door, her mother opened the door and pulled her into a hug followed by another hug from a very small body.


Bree couldn't have been more happy then she was now. Unless it had to do with…

Nope. Not a happy memory. It was a horrible disgusting bet that had nothing to do with him harboring any romantic feelings for you but pleasuring himself with his boyish needs.

Ugh! She needed a shower.

A proper one that didn't have fish swimming around into her places. The memory did bring back that wonderful tingling that happened after Bree and the unspeakable's little encounter.

She enjoyed having it again because it was like reliving the kiss but refused to admit it to herself because it was too painful.

Once the three of them pulled away, her mother bombarded her with questions.

How was it?

What did you do?

Was it fun?

Did you like it?

Were you safe?


To answer all those questions mentally.

It was fun the first few hours before she was stripped of her top and practically raped by her enemy.

She just kissed him…

Hell yeah…um no. It was disgusting.


Nope because I feel like dirt between his toes that he thinks he can just walk over all the time.

He'd even cursed her with the worst thing yet. When she got off the bus, she couldn't wait to see her mom, Leo and Marcie but also wasn't in the mood to do one of her favorite passtimes on the weekend. And weekdays.

Pranking, which in her current state and at this very moment, she was in no mood to do. This was horrible, Bree loved pranking and now her body felt like eating ketchup rather than go prank Chase Davenport. Which was really just a waste of her time anyway.

"Have you eaten? I made you breakfast." Tasha said, dragging Bree into the kitchen.

Before her on the rectangular table was, a stack of whole wheat toast, a large pitcher of orange juice, a large plate of bacon and three plates set out, she could see Tasha running to the kitchen and putting an omelet on one of the plates.

Bree smiled.

"She's been freaking out all week, she thought you got eaten. I personally think that you can run really fast." Said Leo who then proceeded to add things to his plate after his mother added an omelet to his plate as well.

"I think she outdid herself, I mean this is too much." Bree tried to complain but the smell in the room made her mouth water.

She then rushed over to the table and began to dig in as Tasha set the last omelet on her own plate.

And for that hour or two, she caught up with her mother, excluding the kiss with 'him' and bickered a bit with her brother and for that moment, she felt happy and at peace with everything. His kisses being completely discarded from her mind.


On Sunday morning while Leo and Tasha went to church, Bree pretended to be sick, saying that there were many diseases in the woods that she could've caught. Tasha promised to make her soup once they got back but Bree doubted that she would even be there.

The moment they left she jumped off her bed and got dressed. It was cloudy and foggy it didn't really seem like a good day to wander around her town.

But her head felt like it was going to explode if she didn't release some sort of energy.

She finally made it to the track, she pulled of her jacket and began running. Her feet didn't stop but went even faster. Bree imagined being on the Olympic team and winning the gold medal for USA. The crowd cheering and cheering. She stopped to catch her breath and closed her eyes.

A voice broke the peaceful silence that surrounded her.


She wiped the sweat from her brow and saw the person she really didn't want to see.

Chase Davenport.

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