There's a breeze in the air
There's a boat anchored out here
There's a calm under the waves so I choose to sink

The wind rippling through my hair felt like such a rush. The feeling of breaking through the wind, made me feel free, like nothing could stop me. Closing my eyes just for a few moments, I imagined myself being on a race track, with everyone cheering my name "Nate! Nate! Nate!". As my imagination stopped wondering, beads of sweat dripped down my face while I gripped the throttle harder, trying to go as fast as possible.

"Nate! Nate! We gotta go back!" My best friend called back to me.

Jake. Jacob Black has been my best friend since I was five. I met him on the reservation when my dad was trying to teach me how to swim. Jacob, being two years older than me and very active, he ended up teaching me. Ever since I swam my first stroke, we have been inseparable. Same is me and the other guys on the reservation, but Jacob is by far the closest to me.

"Okay!" I screamed back at him. In one swift movement, I let go of the throttle, pulled on the brakes, jerked the bike over to the side, put my foot out to help slow the bike down, and was turned to go in the opposite direction.

When I got back to Jacob's garage, I stopped the bike by jerking it sideways and sloshing gravel into Embry's face.

Embry's my brother, but he moved out after the transformation to live with Jacob. Yeah I know about the wolves and Jacob's the only one that has transformed yet. Mine and Embry's parent's wouldn't except what Embry was, so they kicked him out. Soon after he was gone, they became drug addicts and alcoholics. I always come home to them either passed out or in a fight. I haven't told anyone because I don't want to cause a problem. I only have three more years left at home though and I've been living with it for two years, I'm sure I can handle three more.

"Hey lil sis!" Embry called to me as I jumped off the bike to find Jacob next to me. Gripping the bike's handlebars, I walked the bike into the garage and hauled it into the corner. While walking over to a smiling Embry, I slipped my leather jacket off and slung it over my wrist.

"Hey big bro!" I said while he flung an arm around my shoulders and pulled me close to him, laying a sweet, brotherly kiss on my forehead. Suddenly, my stomach began to grumble. Looking down at it, I put a finger to my mouth and said "shh" to it.

"Someone hungry?" Jacob joked. Nodding my head, I remembered that I hadn't eaten breakfast or lunch that day. I slept through breakfast and was fixing up mine and Jacob's Harley Sprint motorcycle, with a V-twin motor. Jacob would buy the parts, while I built the bike. I was very handy with tools seeing as I spend almost 24/7 down at the reservation with the guys.

"Emily's done with dinner," Embry said mischievously.

"I'll race ya," I said looking at the boys with a smirk printed on my face. They both put a smile on their faces and got in a running position.

"Go!" Jacob and I yelled at the same time.

The breeze tugged through my hair as my legs ran full speed. My heart rate sped up as my feet continued to push against the ground, defeating it in the battle of speed. Looking to my right, I saw Embry a couple feet ahead of me. To my left, all I could see, was Jacob's long black hair flowing in the air as he ran at the same speed as me. Pushing myself harder, I beat Jacob, but Embry beat me.

"Damn you're werewolfness! You know if you weren't a wolf, I would whip your ass!" I explained while being bent over, trying to catch my breath.

"You'll get over it," Embry mocked while walking in the house like he had just taken a leisurely walk. Jacob and I looked at each other and laughed at him. Standing up straight, Jacob flung his arm around me.

"Ew! You're all sweaty, Jake!" I yelled at him. He chuckled at my childishness. Wiping drops of sweat from his brow, he put his hand out to wipe it on me, but I jumped away quickly. "All right, that is just down right disgusting. Stay away from me Black," I said while opening the door to Emily and Sam's place.

"Whatever you say Jacobs," Jacob said in an equally menacing tone.

Looking inside the house, I saw the usual picture I saw almost every meal. Emily was cooking over the stove making the delicious food for us. Sam had his arms wrapped around Emily's waist, whispering sweet things into her ears. Her sweet giggle always filled the room. I wish I had something as sweet as that, but no one would ever date me because I was never "pretty enough". Anyways, Jared was always shoving a bun or biscuit in his mouth, depending on what meal it was. Paul was looking down at his abs, counting how many he had which always made me laugh. Leah was standing in the corner of the room glowering at Emily and Sam. Quil was always sitting at the head of the table with his mouth watering at the amazing aroma of Emily's cooking. And sweet little Seth was laughing at everything happening in the room.

"I see you never run out of buns Emily," I said making everyone in the room look at me. She looked at me, breaking away from Sam's grip as she put out the burgers she had just made. Quickly, she backed away from the table as the boys and Leah dove for the food.

"You'd think I would with Jared eating them up," She said while whacking the back of Jared's head. He looked back at her with confusion on his face and his mouth stuffed with hamburger meat.

"Mind if I join?" I asked politely.

"Of course not!" She started. "But you might want to grab one fast before these pigs eat it all up," She said looking at the eight gorgeous bodies dove in for more food.

"We are not pigs! We are wolves!" Seth objected, making both Emily and myself laugh.

I sat down next to my brother and Quil and swiped a delicious looking burger out of Paul's grip. Peering up at a now annoyed Paul, I smirked as I took a bite out of what should be his burger. He growled and went back to grabbing two more burgers.

When we finished eating, we all ran outside to go to the bon fire we were about to make. I always collected the logs with Leah and Seth, while Quil and Embry grabbed the lighter and the rest of the boys sat on the tree stumps watching.

"Leah?" I asked when we were alone. She looked up at me with sad eyes. I knew that look. She longed for an imprint. I knew that Emily had "stolen" Sam right from underneath her, but she couldn't have done anything to stop it. And now, she has to watch them be happy when all she wants is just that; to be happy with her imprint.

"Yeah Nate?" She asked.

"I promise, you will get over Sam. You just have to find the one. You are a gorgeous girl with a great personality and I'm sure you'll find him okay? Any guy will be lucky to have you," I said trying to cheer her up. She said knowing that I was right, but she would never admit it.

"I just want to find him already so I can get over Sam!" She grunted.

"Leah, you don't need to find another guy to get over Sam. You are a strong-willed girl, you can do it on your own," I reassured.

"Whatever you say," She said annoyed.

When the bonfire started, the guys started telling scary stories trying to scary me. Paul was in the middle of telling one, while I curled up to Quil trying to warm myself up. Yeah it got pretty cold at night sometimes and tonight was definitely one of those nights.

"The third time her dog woke up, she stuck her hand under the bed and the dog licked it like every night. In the morning, she stuck her hand under the bed, but the dog didn't lick it so she thought the dog had already waken up. When the girl stood up to go get something to eat, she heard a dripping. She went downstairs and turned the sink faucet, but it was already off. So she went to the bathroom to take a shower and the dripping got louder. She turned and looked above the bathtub and screamed! There, hanging by its tail was her dog, dead. She turned to look in the mirror and written in her blood were the words "Humans can lick too" The girl didn't know who's blood it was and when she looked down, she saw blood covering her shirt. She fell right in that spot and died!" Paul finished as someone began a blood curdling scream.

I sat up quickly and saw the Jared was missing. Scared, I ran towards the scream and saw him by a tree in the dark with barely enough light. "Jared!" I called out. I ran to his body and looked him up and down making sure nothing was wrong because that story did spook me a little. I stopped looking at him, but then I read coming from his stomach. HOLY SHIT HE WAS STABBED! I started screaming and calling for the guys when they all came running at me with a ketchup bottle in their hands and started squirting it at me covering me up and down.

"Ketchup sweetheart," Jared said as he rubbed the ketchup from his stomach onto my face.

"Ugh! You guys suck!" I said whipping some ketchup off of my face. I was kinda pissed off, but I'll get over it. Walking away from the ketchup scene in front of me, I went passed the bonfire and saw Leah sitting there.

"Whoa. What happened?" She asked shocked.

"Ketchup," I said seriously. We both broke out in laughter at my seriousness. "I'll be back," I stated while continuing to walk away.

"Where you going?" She called to me.

"The water!" I yelled back.

Taking my own sweet time, I waltzed over to the water and looked at it. The water looked like it was sparkling because of the moon shining down on it. The waves pouring against the sandy beach was very calming. I could practically taste the saltiness of the water, but that only made me feel more at home. I threw my shoes over to the side of me and let the sand ooze in between my toes. Closing my eyes, I could hear the guys laughing at the bonfire putting a smile on my face. Suddenly arms wrapped around my waist and a sweet peck was placed on my cheek. Without even having to open my eyes, I knew that it was Jacob.

"Were you really mad about that?" He asked in his husky voice close to my ear, making me tingly.

"Of course not! Now that I think about it, it was actually really funny," I said making us both laugh.

Gazing up at the stars, I saw that only one was out right now. Every night when the first star was out, I knew that it was around 10 o'clock, meaning I had to go home. Sad at the fact I had to leave when me and Jacob were having a 'moment', I turned around and shoved my face in his bare chest. His arms stayed wrapped around my waist and I put mine around his. Being in the place, I knew that at least he loved me, well at least as a best friend. At home, I've never felt loved with my parents abusing me constantly.

"Jacob?" I asked sweetly. I could feel his chin being pressed against my head. Yeah, he was a good foot taller than me.

"Yeah?" He said, responding to me.

"Never let me get hurt okay?" I said sweetly in his chest. My eyes teared up knowing I had to go home to the slapping, but I wouldn't let the tears fall.

"Never," He whispered, kissing my head.

"I gotta get home," I said pulling away from him. Thank god for it being dark because he wouldn't see the tear that I just now let loose.

"See you tomorrow?" Jacob asked.

"Of course," I smiled while walking away.